Can I Put A Deep Cycle Battery In My Truck?

There are different types of vehicles that use different types of batteries in their engines. For example, cars use lead-acid batteries, boats use marine batteries, RVs or electric vehicles use deep-cycle batteries, and so on.

This brings us to the question, can you put a deep cycle battery in your truck?

Yes, a deep-cycle battery can be used in your truck. But that would be bad for the truck or the batteries. That’s because the deep cycle battery is not designed to provide enough power to crank a truck engine. They must also be recharged and discharged on a regular basis, which your truck cannot do either.

That’s a pretty solid answer, isn’t it? But it still needs a bit of elaboration. So, scroll down to find a very informative article that will explain everything in detail. 

Can I Put A Deep Cycle Battery In My Truck

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Understanding Deep Cycle Battery and Truck Batteries

Basically, the batteries trucks use are much different from deep cycle batteries. That’s because your truck’s requirements are quite different from what the deep cycle battery offers. 

For this reason, we need to have a fundamental understanding of the deep cycle battery and the regular truck battery.

FactorsDeep Cycle BatteryTruck Batteries
Power generationGenerates continuous powerGenerates short bursts of power
Discharge and RechargeFrequently discharged and rechargedNever fully discharged
Cold-cranking Amps2-3 times less CCA than truck batteries2-3 times more CCA compared to  the deep cycle batteries
Reserve Capacity2-3 times more RC than truck batteries2-3 times less than deep cycle batteries
ElementsThick metal plates Thin metal plates
Surface areaSmaller surface areaLarger surface area
Used inElectric vehicleTrucks, cars, etc

Deep cycle batteries, and regular truck batteries are similar in many ways. Actually, they all have the same fundamental components. For example, the same battery terminals, the acid, etc. They even work on the same principle. 

However, the main difference between the two batteries is how they work. Truck batteries are used to create a short burst of power that is used to start the truck. The battery doesn’t have any function after that. The battery is then subsequently recharged by the alternator.

Truck batteries are never fully discharged, and they have a long life too.

Deep-cycle batteries serve the opposite function. Instead of creating a short burst of power, deep-cycle batteries provide a low but continuous power supply.  That’s why they are completely discharged and recharged on a regular basis.

Deep cycle batteries vs Truck Batteries

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Since their purpose is different, they are designed differently. Since deep batteries are supposed to provide continuous power, their metallic plates are thicker. 

On the other hand, truck batteries need a larger surface area to provide a power blast. So, their metallic plates are thinner. 

Also, deep-cycle batteries have low cold cranking amps and high reserve capacities. Cold-cranking amps indicate the number of amps the battery can provide in 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Reserve capacity means the amount of time the battery can maintain a consistent amount of load.

Deep cycle batteries have at least two times more RC and less CCA than truck batteries. That’s because they are efficient at supplying a consistent amount of power for a long time. But not enough in 30 seconds, and that too in an inhospitable environment. 

Truck batteries are completely opposite. They have a higher CCA and a lower RC compared to deep-cycle batteries.

Can I Put A Deep Cycle Battery In My Truck?

Technically, yes. You can use a deep cycle battery in your truck, but you’ll have to bend over backward to do that. 

Deep Cycle Battery In My Truck

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Deep cycle batteries are made to provide low but continuous power. But your truck needs a high power burst for a short time to start. So, deep cycle batteries are not made to provide what the truck engine needs.

Also, deep-cycle batteries must be discharged and recharged frequently, as the name suggests. But your truck won’t use enough of its power to totally discharge it. Besides, the battery is not designed to be recharged by an alternator.

So, adding deep cycle battery to truck can damage both the truck and the battery. You can definitely do it, but it’ll be like trying to kill a fly with a gun. 

But can you use a deep cycle battery in your car? That’s a whole different discussion than this.

Why Don’t We Recommend Using Deep Cycle Battery In Truck

There are quite a few reasons why you should not use a deep cycle in your truck. We have already discussed them, but only on the surface level. Allow us to dig deep and explain those reasons further.

Deep Cycle Batteries Can’t Provide Quick Disbursement

Deep cycle batteries are great for providing a continuous flow of power, but in low amounts. They can provide 20-50 amps easily, but a truck needs a lot more than that amount of current in a matter of seconds.

So, when you use deep cycle batteries for starting, it overworks them, and if you continue to do that, they might not be able to cope.  

Also, deep-cycle batteries have a low CCA. That means if you live in a cold place, the output current will be even lower. That might not be enough to start your vehicle.   

Deep Cycle Batteries Are Not Meant To Be Charged By An Alternator

Your truck’s battery is quickly recharged by the alternator while it is on standby. But deep cycle batteries are not meant to be charged by an alternator. So, the alternator cannot charge them properly. 

So, as you continue to use a deep cycle battery, the battery’s lifespan will be shortened. Additionally, this harms the system in your truck. 

To charge a deep cycle battery, you will need a proper charger and proper knowledge.

Recommended Battery To Use In A Truck

Since you cannot use a deep cycle battery in your truck, you might wonder what is the best battery to buy for your truck. 

It’s best to use an AGM battery for your truck, as they are high-performing but low maintenance. Trucks usually use AGM batteries, so your truck might already have one too. Even if you don’t, you can get an AGM battery based on your truck’s requirements.

There are also other types of batteries, such as standard flooded batteries and dual-purpose batteries.

Standard flooded batteries are cheap at first glance, but they are prone to spills. So, they need to be maintained. Also, they have a short lifespan, so you might even need to replace them after a short period. That brings up the total cost.

There are also dual-purpose batteries, which you can use for your truck and also as a deep cycle battery. 

Here are our top picks for an AGM and a dual-purpose battery for your truck.

Battery NameBattery TypeProsConsPrice
Optima Batteries – RedTop Starting BatteryAGMLow maintenance, high lifespan, high performanceSensitive to overchargingCheck Price in Amazon
Optima Batteries – YellowTop Dual Purpose BatteryDual Purpose Can be used as a starting and deep cycle batteryDoesn’t work well with dischargersCheck Price in Amazon


Are truck batteries deep cycle?

No, truck batteries are not deep-cycle. Usually, trucks use a standard flooded lead-acid battery or an AGM battery. However, you can use a deep cycle battery in your truck, but that will impact it negatively.

Does it matter what kind of battery you put in your truck?

Of course, it matters what type of battery you use in your truck. You must use a battery that fits your truck’s system and requirements. The owner’s manual contains appropriate instructions for that. If you use random batteries on your truck, that will hamper its performance. 

How long do truck batteries last?

Truck batteries usually last for three to four years. Even if they might last way longer than that, it’s routine practice to change them after a certain period of time. 

Can I run a marine battery in my truck?

Yes, you can run a marine battery in your truck. But that is highly discouraged, as marine batteries are not manufactured for use in trucks. The requirements of a truck and a boat differ a lot. So, using the marine battery in a truck will damage both the battery and the truck.


You asked us, “Can I put a deep cycle battery in my truck?” Well, you most certainly can, but that would be bad practice. 

Using a deep cycle battery in your truck will damage both your truck and the battery, so we don’t recommend doing it. 

It may just end up doing you much harm, rather than good.

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