Can You Put Batteries In The Freezer? (Should You Do It?)

In the community, I have heard about some myths (or not). I am talking about certain advantages of putting batteries in the refrigerator. But most importantly, can you put batteries in the freezer? Is there any risk involved?

The answer is yes, you can put your rechargeable or regular batteries in the freezer without facing any hazardous situation. However, you still need to know about the effectiveness of such an action.

In this article, I have answered all the questions regarding this matter. In the end, you will know the facts, and be a better caretaker of the batteries. Don’t skip any part, and let’s get started.

Can You Put Batteries in The Freezer?

You have already got the answer in the introduction. You can put your one-time or rechargeable batteries in the refrigerator.

But it raises some more questions. The queries involve safety concerns, performance issues, and good practice ideas.

In the following sections, I have tried to answer all of them so that you don’t believe any stupid myth around this matter.

Is It Dangerous to Keep Batteries in the Refrigerator?

In terms of safety concerns, there is no risk in keeping batteries in the freezer.

However, one should not install them after taking them out of the refrigerator right away.

Also, you need to ensure proper packaging material before putting them in the freezer.

Otherwise, wet conditions can leak the alkaline batteries and expose potassium hydroxide after the outer shell gets corroded. 

If You Put Batteries in the Freezer, Will They Recharge?

No, they don’t recharge the batteries. Actually, freezing helps the cell to slow down the rate of self-discharging.

Nevertheless, you should know that modern batteries are designed and manufactured in a very efficient way.

So, their self-discharge rate is already lower in the normal room temperature.

Indeed, it is true that a higher temperature than normal causes the batteries to lose some juice.

Let me tell you which batteries you can put in the freezer.

To summarize, batteries do not recharge in cold temperatures. Rather, the rate of losing charge by themselves gets reduced greatly.

If You Put Batteries in the Freezer, Will They Last Longer?

Here, there are two situations to consider; one is short-term and another is long-term.

If you are planning to keep the cells for a long time or use the freezer as a storage unit, you will be making a huge mistake.

When the battery temperature gets reduced below freezing, it damages the internal chemistry of the cells.

The first and most harmful thing that happens to them is corrosion. With the outer layer being destroyed by rust, toxic chemicals get released.

The main lesson from this section is that one must never keep their batteries in the freezer for a very long time.

So, Should You Put Batteries in the Freezer?

In short, I don’t recommend putting batteries in the freezer because all batteries are not the same.

You have to keep in mind that exposing the cells to very cold temperatures, beyond the level of their tolerance can be harmful.

It messes up the chemistry that is designed to operate at room temperature. The dryness will be no more when you put them in a moist condition.

Experts tell us that too much cold can condensate the batteries which leads to rust.

Also, there is a chance that they might not recover to capacity or work at all after freezing for a certain time.

Ask yourself, is it worth taking the risk? Your answer will tell you what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Batteries Last Longer In The Freezer?

If I say yes, I will be telling you the half-truth. It requires some explanation that I have given above. But I don’t recommend you do it.

Can You Put Batteries In The Freezer To Recharge Them?

No, you can’t recharge a battery just by putting them in the freezer. In cold temperatures, the rate of self-discharge gets decreases dramatically. So, it actually helps to maintain the existing charged level.

Can You Put Lithium Batteries In The Freezer?

Yes, it is possible and safe to put lithium batteries in the freezer as there is no water content in them. However, you should leave them at room temperature for some time before recharging and using them.

Can You Put Dead Batteries In The Freezer?

I have already told you that putting batteries in the freezer is not ideal. And, putting dead batteries doesn’t do any good to them; there are no additional benefits.

Can You Put Rechargeable Batteries In The Freezer?

The discussion I have done above is true for all types of batteries. Freezing rechargeable batteries can help retain the charge it has but there are hardly any more benefits to such actions.


Can you put batteries in the freezer? Lots of people ask this question out of curiosity. Also, they hear lots of magical things that refrigerators can do.

I hope that the facts I have presented in this article can help you bust the myths. Don’t fall for any stupid suggestions and keep the batteries away from freezing.

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