Can You Put Batteries In The Freezer?

You probably have heard that cold temperatures prolong battery life. And you might also have heard people recommend putting the batteries in the freezer. But is it safe? Can you actually put the battery in the freezer and preserve it? 

To answer this question, you must first understand how a battery works. And how cold temperatures affect them. 

How Batteries Work 

All batteries release electricity through a chemical reaction of the components stored inside. During the reaction, electrons flow from one terminal to power the device connected to the battery. However, the electrons can still move even when the batteries are not connected. The chemical reaction happens at a very slow speed. But eventually, the battery gets drained in a process commonly called self-discharge. 

The Idea Behind Storing Batteries in the Freezer 

When batteries are not in use, they still get depleted. This happens because the chemical reaction doesn’t stop once the battery is unplugged. So, the idea of storing the batteries in the freezer is to slow down the reaction. The idea is mainly obtained from the fact that batteries in colder temperatures last longer than batteries in warmer climates. 

Should You Put Batteries in the Freezer? 

You shouldn’t store your batteries in the freezer. This is because even though you will slow down the chemical reaction in the battery, you’ll expose the battery to more serious dangers. Batteries should be kept in a dry, clean, and room-temperature environment. That means the moist environment in the freezer won’t be safe for the battery. They will lead to battery rusting and other damages. Again, putting the batteries under extreme temperatures is not a good idea. Your battery should, at all times, be stored at room temperature. 

Alternative Ways To Store Your Batteries 

It’s a myth that batteries will last longer when stored in a freezer. At all times, ensure that you store your batteries at normal room temperatures. Ensure you store the batteries in dry places. Avoid humid, hot, or damp areas. All the above conditions will cause more reaction on your battery. Humidity would lead to rusting and eventually damaging the battery. 

Also, store your batteries in the upright position. But most importantly, keep the batteries far away from children and pets. This is especially for small batteries babies or pets can put in their mouths. 

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Parting Shot 

It’s a myth that storing batteries in the freezer will last longer. The idea behind this myth is the fact that low temperatures slow the battery reaction. Their lifespan is extended. However, the condition of a freezer will cause more damage to the battery. So, always store your battery in a dry and room temperature condition.

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