Best Group 48 Battery Reviews (Buying Guide In 2022)

Neither too large nor too small, group 48 are mid-size batteries with mid-range applications. You can read the group 48 battery specs and features in my buying guide to know more about it.

There are hundreds of different products in the market but not many when you are looking for a specific group of batteries. So, I have researched to find the best model from the most reputed brands.

These are reliable, powerful, and efficient with capabilities to provide enough starting power in all weather conditions. Without further ado, let’s start the review.

My Recommended Top 7 group 48 battery at a glance:

  1. Optima Batteries DH6 – Best Overall
  2. NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM48 – Runner-up
  3. ACDelco 48AGM – Best Budget
  4. Delphi BU9048 – Superior Vibration Resistant
  5. XS Power D4800 – Powerful and Reliable
  6. Odyssey Battery 48 -720 – Durable
  7. Deka 9A48 – Great For Off-road Vehicles

How to Choose the Best Group 48 Battery? (The Buying Guide)

I have researched, gathered, and presented all available information about group size 48 batteries in a way that even people with zero knowledge can understand everything.

What Is Battery Group Size 48?

Group 48 is a specific measurement for automotive, marine, and light industrial batteries that are defined by the BCI standards. The full form of the governing body is Battery Council International. According to their set parameters, group 48 battery dimensions are 12.0625†x 6.875†x 7.5625â€, or 306 x 175 x 192 mm fall into this category.

Now, there is an interesting fact about this group size. It matches 4 other groups very closely. Let’s see what those are and what are their measurements compared to this one.

Group NameDimension
BCI Group 48306 x 175 x 192 mm
Group H6, L3, and 66L3278 x 175 x 190 mm
BCI Group 98R283 x 175 x 190 mm

So, you can see that other battery sizes would fit perfectly and be used as a group 48 battery alternative. Also, their physical dimensions have close similarities which means that you can swap between them making small or no changes in the battery compartment.

Starting or dual-purpose

Among all available battery models in this group, you can find both starting and dual-purpose type ones. Let me give you a short but clear idea about both of the types so that you can make a decision.

Comparatively, starting batteries are lightweight because they contain thinner lead plates. Also, they are not capable of deep discharging and support such appliances. Vehicles that require high power at starting with highly demanding ‘Stop & GO’ applications should have this battery type. These are also capable of charging very quickly and efficiently.

However, not all starting batteries are capable of providing all those characteristics. That is why I have researched and listed 3 such capable models so that you don’t face problems finding one.

On the other hand, dual-purpose batteries have the benefit of both worlds. It can provide high starting power as well as support deep cycle applications. Situations where the main engine is of, you need off-grip support, these are the batteries to rely on.

Compatible Vehicles

Actually, it is not possible to mention all group 48 compatible vehicle models in this article. It would be better if you check your owner manual or check online searching with the specific vehicle information.

In general, lots of American and European cars and other vehicles including top brands support this battery measurement. It includes Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Jeep, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volvo, and Mini.


It is not possible to talk about the battery capacity you need for your vehicle in short. It requires a detailed guide that you can find in another article. Cranking amps in cold weather, reserve capacity, and discharging capabilities. At the same time, make sure that it has fast-charging abilities which will make your life easier.


When it comes to checking the quality of a battery model, the first thing you have to check is the manufacturing date. Because the strength and support capabilities decrease over time no matter how good or efficient a battery is. The rate of degradation is however not the same.

Furthermore, check the construction quality and how well it performs against vibration. Also, see whether the terminal is corrosion-resistant or not. Those are the main factors to check.


Finally, set your budget, and order accordingly. Most of the models in this list have prices close to 200 bucks. There are cheaper models in the market but I won’t encourage you to buy such cheap batteries. For high-end models, you will have to spend more than 300 dollars.

Top 7 Group 48 Batteries: My Honest Review

I know that lots of you don’t have enough time to go through the whole review right now. So, have a quick look at this comparison table, select a few models, and read their product details to make the final decision.

A Quick Overview

Model NameBattery TypeAhCCA RatingReserve CapacityWeight (lbs.)DimensionPrice
Optima Batteries DH6Dual Purpose728001405410.94″ x 6.89″ x 7.48″$$$
NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM48Dual Purpose697751354810.9†x 6.9†x 7.4â€$$$
ACDelco 48AGMStarting7076012045.610.9†x 6.9†x 7.5â€$$
Delphi BU9048Starting7076012045.511†x 6.875†x 7.5â€$$
XS Power D4800Dual Purpose60815 (CA)13248.210.94†x 6.93†x 7.48â€$$$$
Odyssey Battery 48-720Dual Purpose697201304910.9†x 6.85†x 7.47â€$$$
Deka 9A48Starting7076012045.511″ x 6.875″ x +7.5″$$

1. Optima Batteries DH6 – Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Dual Purpose
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 72
  • CCA: 800
  • Reserve Capacity: 140 minutes
  • Weight: 54 lbs.
Optima Batteries DH6

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You have already seen in my buying guide that dual-purpose batteries ace the starting type. And, I have picked Optima YellowTop DH6 due to its extraordinary performance. Whether your vehicle or electrical system has or have not an alternator, and requires large electrical loads, you can completely rely on its capacity. Let’s see what are its capacities and capabilities.


The 12V battery offers impressive 800 cold-cranking amps along with deep discharging capabilities. Even after more than 300 discharge and recharge cycles, it can still perform with optimal starting power. All those data and performance indicate 3 times more longevity than traditional batteries.


Another great fact is that you can get up to 140 minutes of reserve capacity at 25 amps ensuring constant performance. Overall, the battery has huge power potential to run your vehicle in any weather condition making it a desired model for car owners in all 50 states.

Effective Design

The efficient internal design and good-quality components are the reason for its low internal resistance. As a result, it can charge faster and provide consistent output over a long period. All those benefits are possible for another reason which is its spiral cell design.

Group 48 Optima battery is both expensive and critical to manufacturing compared to the flat cell AGM models. With the help of Optima’s more than 40 years of experience in battery technology, they have perfected the design and production process.


Besides the weather, one can also depend on its performance on rough roads because the battery is 15 times more vibration-resistant. Due to its spill-proof design, it is possible to mount the DH6 in virtually any position.

As there is no requirement for checking the water level or clean the terminal, you can consider it as one of the best maintenance-free group 48 batteries.

Tip: Make sure that you have a 10 metric socket having about a 12†extension, and you will have no problem installing it. For older people, take someone else’s help to lift and place the battery as it is very heavy.

When it comes to true dual-purpose batteries, the most reputed model that experts recommend is the DH6 from Optima. Don’t think that it is an expensive model, and make a decision solely based on the price. As a high-end model, the cost is reasonable, and it is completely worth the investment.

2. NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM48 – Runner-up

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Dual Purpose
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 69
  • CCA: 775
  • Reserve Capacity: 135
  • Weight:48

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Costing slightly less than the top pick, I have placed NSB-AGM48 from NorthStar in second place. It has lots of good features and admirable specs. But due to some negligible performance issues, I couldn’t recommend it as much as the Optima YellowTop battery though it offers 1450 pulse amps at the starting in all seasons.

Easy Fit and Installation

Still, some people think it is an expensive model. But consider the CCA rating and other capabilities, and you would realize that the price is reasonable. The product dimensions are slightly larger than the standard but you won’t have any problem installing it in your car or truck.


Now, let me tell you how well it performs in harsh weather conditions. Besides the CCA rating which is 775A at 0°F, it features 880A at 32°F. As a result, starting your vehicle at a freezing cold temperature won’t be a problem ever. Another reason for that benefit is that the maximum pulse cranking Amp rating is 1450A.

According to NorthStar, the AGM 48 battery comes with a reserve capacity of 135 minutes. Moreover, the capacity at a 20-hour rate is 69Ah. All of the above features and specs match closely to the best Group 48 battery on the list.


It is not as efficient as the previous one. But still, the efficiency is more than enough to fast charge the battery and support more than 400 times charging and discharging cycles. What you would like even more is the fact that the NSB-AGM48 allows deep discharging at 80% depth.

Build Quality

In NorthStar’s state-of-the-art production facility, they produce these products using premium-quality durable plastic casings. It increases the battery’s standard for performance, durability, and provides heat resistance making it suitable for even grid applications. Due to completely sealed housing, it is mountable to the sides without worrying about any spills.

Tip: You can reliably use it for your car audio. Even when the bass notes hit, the lights won’t dim anymore. Also, it works perfectly fine in the harsh weather of Alaska.

Moreover, it is designed and manufactured in a way that vibration can’t do any damage to it. Whether you are considering it for ground, water, or air transports, you can choose it without any doubt. With their OEM-fit guarantee, I think you can give it a shot and see how it performs in real life.

3. ACDelco 48AGM – Best Budget

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Starting
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 70
  • CCA: 760
  • Reserve Capacity: 120
  • Weight: 45.6
ACDelco 48AGM

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As the best budget product, I didn’t have much expectation from it. But after completing the review, and seeing its capabilities, I saw that it can compete head-to-head with the above two batteries. You can’t find a better model than this one that costs under 200 bucks.


For improved performance and increased battery life, ACDelco uses high-density negative paste in this model. Another feature or component called enhanced life alloy or Silver Calcium stamped alloy also plays an important role.

I admit that the CCA rating of ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries is not the highest but it still can give good support in very cold temperatures. Another matter is that the reserve capacity is not as much as others. However, as a starting-expert battery, it won’t be a problem.


Inside the casings, they have designed the battery intelligently to ensure safety and security. There is a robust envelope separator along with a puncture-proof back to increase acid circulation without introducing shorts. As a result, the battery stays cool at all times which increases battery life and prevents any accident. You would also love its vent cap design which prevents acid leakage.

Great for Starting

From the product comparison table, you have probably seen the specs of the battery. ACDelco Batteries are great for a range of applications including high-demanding ‘Stop&Go’ applications. For GM owners, it is a better option than others as they are the top GM parts brand offering heavy-duty reliable performers.

Besides, the proof of its durability is in the design of the plates. Due to a well-maintained pressure on the cell plates, the reduction in the amount of active mass lost from the grid is significantly low. As a result, the battery can keep ample starting power throughout its service life.


You know that it requires no maintenance as the oxygen recombination helps reducing water loss. So, no need to check the water level. Also, the terminals have corrosion-resistant material which allows one to keep using it for years without checking for rust.

Tip: If you own a 2014 Hyundai Sonata, do not buy this model although it is a group 48 battery. Due to the different housing designs of the positive terminal, the battery does not fit properly.

Car owners who have used lead-acid batteries and decides to replace the old one with a low-cost AGM model must consider this one. You would see the difference in the starting power immediately after installing the ACDelco Group 48 Battery.

4. Delphi BU9048 – Superior Vibration Resistant

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Starting
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 70
  • CCA: 760
  • Reserve Capacity: 120
  • Weight: 45.5
Delphi BU9048

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Here, I have got another starting-type group 48 AGM battery that has a lot to offer without costing you a lot of money. Let’s talk about the features that make it worth 200 bucks.

Better CCA Rating

Compared to the previous one, it has a slightly better CCA rating (760). So, getting more cold-weather power won’t be a problem as you may have faced traditional lead-acid batteries.


This premium automotive group size 48 battery has 120 minutes of reserve capacity at 25 amps. It helps keep the cells performing in heated conditions. So, it makes the stop and starts applications in both cold and hot weather no problem at all.


So far, you have seen that the features and specs are similar to the best budget model. But here is something better than the ACDelco AGM battery. This one has 20 times more vibration resistant than conventional products. As a result, you can install it in either your truck or car, and ride on any type of road condition tension-free.

Another feature that increases its longevity is the corrosion-resistant sealed housing. For safety, it has a manifold venting system to prevent any accident from gas buildup. For more durable and reliable performance, it comes with fortified posts, straps, and welds. As the physical dimension matches with the standard, it offers an exact OEM fit which makes the installation very easy.


However, one serious complaint from its users is that it can’t hold the charge like other competitor batteries on the market. I won’t be too worried about that because the battery is intended to serve starting applications only. So, there are no requirements for deep discharge cycle applications.

Other than that, there is nothing much to complain about. With its fantastic configuration and capacities, it can provide ample power for small to mid-sized engines. The lightweight construction is also helpful to increase the vehicle’s performance.

Tip: While installing the battery, you need to know how to reset the car’s computer.

Some of the customers claim that they are using it for more than a year without facing any issue at all. So, I think that you can give it a shot if you want slightly better performance than the previous Group 48 battery model.

5. XS Power D4800 – Powerful and Reliable

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Dual Purpose
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 60
  • CA: 815
  • Reserve Capacity: 132
  • Weight: 48.2
XS Power D4800

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In the race for being the second-best battery in group 48, XS Power has had a good run but failed NorthStar in terms of capacity and performance. Also, this one has some design flaws that led to some unpleasant experiences. But let me show you the good sides of this model first.


It is one of the few models with powerful output and reliable performance in almost all weather. The battery comes with a staggering 815 CA rating. Mind that it is not cold-cranking amps. However, a maximum of 3000 amps making it suitable for large vehicles.

Other specs are also lesser in value compared to the top pick and runner-up. The amp-hour rating and reserve capacity are not as much as I expected considering its higher price tag.

Reliable Performance

This is the only category where D4800 aces. The components and materials used to make the battery are impressive. The fast-charging feature is very efficient and convenient. Also, it doesn’t drain charge when you keep it in an idle state for a long time.

Whether you need it as a primary or secondary power source for car audio or other equipment, you can rely on its consistent maintenance-free performance. People also prefer it for marine applications.


The battery has a leak-proof non-hazardous design for safe usage. Also, there is no requirement for ventilation which makes it easier and convenient to install.

Tip: Use a specific AGM battery charger to charge this battery. Otherwise, it would take too long to charge or damage it in the long term. And, charge it with a trickle charger before you are planning to let it sit for a while.

As the manufacturer does not specify the CCA rating, don’t rely too much on it if you live in a very cold region. Also, you may not like the design of the terminals as they are sunk down making it impossible to use a stinger terminal post. Other than that, it is a very well-made battery with admirable features and performance.

6. Odyssey Battery 48-720 – Durable

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Dual Purpose
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 69
  • CCA: 720
  • Reserve Capacity: 130
  • Weight: 49
Odyssey Battery 48-720

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Cheap batteries are anything but durable and reliable performers for years. Here, I have another AGM battery from Odyssey which is not cheap and it has an amazing reputation.


With great cranking amps in both hot and cold weather, you can start your vehicle without facing any issues. For the price what you are buying is durable and reliable performance. As the manufacturer uses pure plate lead, it can deliver 3 times more cranking amps at the start than the traditional ones. Even commercial trucks depend on it to perform industrial applications.


Due to the usage of 99.99% pure lead while producing the battery, it can operate with higher efficiency and perform better. Very powerful construction makes it suitable for commercial vehicles.

Tip: Fitting it in CLA45 AMG can be a little bit problematic. The positive terminal might not fit the compartment. Take the help of a mechanic and make the necessary adjustments.

If you read the reviews, you will know how satisfied the users are with its superior performance over the years of usage. So, give it a shot if you don’t have any issue spending some extra bucks buying a great group size 48 battery.

7. Deka 9A48 – Great for Off-road Vehicles

Key Features:

  • Battery Type: Starting
  • Capacity at 25 Amps: 70
  • CCA: 760
  • Reserve Capacity: 120
  • Weight: 45.5
Deka 9A48

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The last one on my list is a group 48 starting AGM battery with identical features and specs like the budget models above. Comparing the values, you will see that ACDelco, Delphi, and Deka produce similar category products.  So, I will only be focusing on the mentionable features, and not make this review unnecessarily long with feature descriptions.


The lightweight construction and a handle on the top are very helpful in carrying the battery. Replacing the previous old battery from your passenger car, van, truck, or SUV with this one is a lot easier than a lot of other batteries in the market.

Durable and Reliable

The construction of the battery includes premium material so that you can get twice more service life and a reliable ultra-premium performance over time. It can withstand the toughest road condition making it suitable for cars and trucks traveling in rural areas.

As the title suggests, it is suitable for off-road vehicles. The reason is that the battery has 20 times for resistance against vibration compared to the traditional batteries. So, it can provide continuous power even on the toughest roads in the US.

Tip: Charge the battery to 100% before installation as it is recommended for venting-required batteries.

Considering the overall enhanced performance, people who love adventure can consider it as a reliable source of dependable power for traditional vehicle applications.

For vehicles from brands such as Audi, BMW, Chevrolet, GMC, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo, or anything ranging from mid to full-size vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and vans, it can support through all seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

u003cstrongu003eIs Group 48 the same as H6?u003c/strongu003e

They are not exactly the same but their physical measurements are very close to each other. H6 battery is slightly shorter in length measuring 278 x 175 x 190 mm where the BCI group 48 standard is 306 x 175 x 192 mm.

u003cstrongu003eIs Group 48 the same as 98R?u003c/strongu003e

The same answer goes for 98R that I have given for H6. According to the standard values, 98R measures about 283 x 175 x 190 mm, and its length is slightly less than the group 48 batteries.

u003cstrongu003eHow much is a 48 AGM battery?u003c/strongu003e

As you can see from the reviews and product comparison table, the price ranges from $180 to $350. So, anyone can afford at least one model from the list.

Final Words

So, which one will it be? Would you trust my recommendation and go with the YellowTop group 48 battery from Optima or something else? There are some more affordable models too.

All you have to do is carefully select the one that meets most of your requirements. Let me know the one you have bought from the list, and share your experience with other readers. It would help us make the right decision.

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