How to Open Camaro Trunk With Dead Battery: 3 Simple Methods

how to open camaro trunk with dead battery

The Camaro is a very popular car right now having an automatic control system. The system also works for the trunk as well. 

However, this system only works with a battery. If the battery is dead, the trunk will not open in this way. 

So, how to open Camaro trunk with dead battery?

There are several methods to open a Camaro trunk with a dead battery. The easiest way is to use the key. Then there is also the emergency release lever. The trunk will open by pulling it. A new battery can be used for this purpose too. Pushing the safety latch can be another way to open the trunk.

This is only the starting. There is much more useful information to accomplish this task. So come with me to know everything you need!

Can You Open a Camaro Trunk Without Battery?

Yes, it is possible to open a Camaro Trunk without a battery. Nowadays almost all cars offer automatic unlocking of the trunk by pressing the switch. Camaro also provides the same service. However, the service of the switch depends on the battery. 

how to open camaro trunk with dead battery


If the battery is dead, automatic unlocking is not possible. But you do not have to be worried about such a condition. Because there are several ways of opening the trunk in this case. And some of these methods are willingly given by the manufacturers. 

But you must follow the correct methods while opening the Camaro trunk. Otherwise, some errors might occur. I will show you all the possible methods of unlocking the trunk in detail. So please stay with me!

3 Methods to Open Camaro Trunk Without Battery

There are 3 major methods for opening the Camaro trunk without a battery. Here I have shown all the methods in a single table. Have a look at the table.

FactorsUsing The Back Hole KeyWith the Trunk Release LeverWith the Trunk Release Latch
DifficultyEasyMediumSemi Hard 
Time Required5 minutes 5 to 10 minutes1 to 2 minutes 
Tools RequiredKeyNoneNone

These are only the minor details about the opening methods. Just like storing car batteries, unlocking the car trunk is also easy with proper guidance. So I’ll present you with step-by-step guidelines for all these methods. Please keep scrolling!

Method 1: Using The Back Key

Do you know – how to open the trunk manually when the battery is disconnected? Well, you can always use the key. This is the simplest method of opening the trunk of the Camarao with a dead battery. This method can be regarded as the manual method. 

3 Methods to Open Camaro Trunk Without Battery


However, there is an important condition for performing this method.  And that is the presence of the keyhole for the trunk. Not all models of Camaro have this feature. Generally, Camaro Convertibles have a key slot for opening the trunk.

Let’s see the tools required for this method.

Tools Required

The only tool necessary for this method is the key of the Camaro. Without it, you can not start the process. Anyway, you have to find the key slot for using the key. Now let’s go through the methods of using the key after locating the slot.

Steps to Follow

This is a very easy method of opening the trunk. Follow the given steps for successfully performing the task.

  • First you have to get inside the car. The keyhole is situated at the driver’s side in the back seat.
  • Locate the hole carefully. If needed, fold the headrest of the seat.
  • Insert the key inside the hole and rotate it. Now the trunk will open.

These are the simple steps of opening the Trunk manually. Now let’s pay attention to the pros and cons of this method.


  • There is no need for extra tools in this method.
  • The process of opening the trunk in this method is straightforward.
  • The trunk will open within a short time.


  • This method does not apply to all the models of the Camaro. 

How Long Does It Take To Open Trunk Using The Back Key?

The time needed to open the trunk using the back is not more than five minutes. The method is very quick and easy. The lengthiest part of the process is to find the key slot. And that will not take more than 2 to three minutes.

Method 2: With the Trunk Release Lever

Now let’s move on to the second process of opening the trunk. This is another method that needs to be performed from the inside of the Camaro. This method is dependent on the back seat mechanism of the car. 

Method 2: With the Trunk Release Lever


So how to open the Camaro trunk manually with the back seat mechanism? Well, manually pulling the trunk release lever will do the job. I will disclose the exact ways of doing this job below.

Tools Required

There is no need for any special tool for this job. 

Steps to Follow

This method is almost as simple as the previous method. Check out the following guideline to clear all your doubts.

  • Just like the previous method, you have to go to the back seat of your Camaro.
  • Now the trunk release lever is to be located. This lever can be located in any part of the back seat. 
  • Look at the car manual if you cannot find the lever. 
  • Once you locate the lever, pull it. Make sure to pull it all the way.
  • Now the trunk will open.

These are the simple steps of opening the trunk by pulling the release lever.


  • No tools are needed for the job.
  • Anyone without experience can open the trunk in this method.


  • This method can not be performed if the car doors are locked.

How Long Does It Take to Open the Trunk With the Trunk Release Lever?

It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to open the trunk with the trunk release lever. The main job here is to locate the lever. This can be hard for some cars, especially for newer models. The work after locating the lever is simple and won’t take much time.

Method 3: With the Trunk Release Latch

Now let’s see the last method of opening the Camaro trunk with a dead battery. This process is performed from the inside of the trunk. If anyone is stuck inside the trunk, this method can be followed. In some models, this technique can be applied from the back seat of the car too.

Tools Required

No tools are necessary for unlocking the trunk in this technique.


The procedures of this technique are not so complex. Have a look at these steps to understand clearly. 

  • The first step is to be calm if the person is stuck inside the Camaro trunk. Or else, he will not be able to locate the latch easily.
  • First adequate light is to be ensured. The light shouldn’t be a problem in the daytime. If it’s night, use a torch light or mobile flash.
  • Then find the release latch. It is located at the connecting point of the trunk lid and car floor. 
  • Now press the release latch hard. The latch can get jammed if it is not in use for a long time. So make sure to apply enough strength.
  • I have mentioned that this method can be performed from the backseat too. For that, a person has to lean forward between the seats. Then press the latch. 
  • The trunk will open now.

Follow this guideline carefully to locate the release latch and open the trunk.


  • No tools are needed for this job.
  • The process is very useful during emergencies. 


  • The backseat can get damaged while performing this process.

How Long Does It Take to Open the Trunk With the Trunk Release Latch?

It will take about a minute if someone is stuck inside the trunk. If the process is performed from the back seat, it will require some extra time. A thin person will get the job done faster than a healthy person.

Bonus Method: Opening the Trunk Using A New Battery

Now let’s look at a bonus method. This method is performed from the outside of the Camaro. It is a very useful technique the car doors are locked out. An external battery is needed for unlocking in this method. Let’s see the detailed instructions below.

Tools Required

This process requires some tools, unlike the previous methods. Make sure to collect the following tools before starting the work.

These two things will be enough to open the trunk using the battery.


This method can be performed easily if you know the correct procedure. Follow the instructions given below to avoid any errors. 

  • First open the front hood of the Camaro and locate the battery. 
  • Then take the new battery and push it near the hood.
  • Connect the battery to the jump lug and chassis of the car.
  • Then press the trunk opening button and it will open.

These are the simple steps you have to follow to successfully unlock the trunk in this method.


  • The trunk can be opened from the outside of the car.
  • This system is handy in times of emergencies. 


  • A battery is a must for this method. Getting the battery can be tough.

How Long Does It Take to Open the Trunk with A New Battery?

It will take about 15 to 30 minutes to open the trunk with a new battery. Opening the trunk and locating the battery will take some time. But the real work is to connect the new battery to the car. A pair of experienced hands will do the job much faster.

Is It Recommended to Open Camaro Trunk With Dead Battery?

Is It Recommended to Open Camaro Trunk With Dead Battery

No, it is not recommended to open a Camaro trunk with a dead battery. Letting the battery die often might cause severe problems in the battery. Due to this you might face other troubles like stuck car windows besides the locked trunk.

However, the trunk can be opened in case of emergencies. But correct methods must be followed while opening the trunk.

Taking care of the battery is a must to avoid this type of situation. Make sure that the battery is charged at frequent intervals. Doing this will also increase the life expectancy of the battery.

How to Open a Camaro Trunk and Jump Start With a Dead Battery?

Tools Required

The tools required for jump-starting the battery are given below.

You must collect these tools beforehand to jump-start the Camaro Battery. 


Jump starting the dead battery helps open the trunk. Also, this will make the battery run again. As a result, you will be enabled to perform other battery-related activities. 

I will present the method of jump-starting a dead battery of the Camaro in this section. 

  • First you will need a jump starter kit. Choose a jump starter kit carefully. Join the blue and red clamp with the starter’s negative and positive terminals.
  • You might not have a jump starter. Find a helping car in such a condition. Open its front hood. Then connect the clamps in a similar way to the jump starter.
  • Open the hood of your Camaro and find the battery. Then join the clamp’s red end with the positive terminal.
  • Now connect the blue clamp with an unpainted bolt.
  • Turn on the jump starter. If you are using a helping car, power the car.
  • The battery will jump start at this stage. Press the automatic switch of the Camaro to open the trunk.
  • Now remove all the clamps and close the hood.

You can jump-start the battery of your Camaro by following the above steps. However, don’t jump-start the battery too many times because there is a limit to jump-starting.


  • The battery becomes usable again.


  • It is hard to jump-start the battery without a proper kit.

How Long Does It Take to Jump-Start a Dead Battery?

It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to jump-start a dead battery. Some connections are to be given properly for the success of the work. These will require some time. Also, inexperienced users will face trouble in doing the job. It is better to get help from someone with experience. 


  • Do Camaros Have Batteries In the Trunk?

Yes, Camaros have batteries in the trunk. Nowadays most cars have batteries in their trunk. Batteries are installed there for some special purposes. To get the benefits Camaros also have batteries there. They are usually located on the passenger side of the trunk which is behind the door.

  • How Do You Force To Open A Camaro Trunk?

You can open a Camaro trunk by applying force. But that can break the trunk. So use the emergency lever or the safety latch to open the trunk. If there is no but to apply force, you have to push the trunk hard. Then lift the bottom edge and keep pushing. If it’s not opening, get a professional.

  • Is There a Trunk Release Button for Emergency?

Yes, there is a trunk release button in almost all cars for emergency purposes. Moreover, providing the trunk release button has been made mandatory in many countries. If there is trouble with the battery, the trunk release button saves the day. By pushing this button the trunk is opened easily.


This is all I have on how to open Camaro trunk with dead battery. I think that now you will be able to unlock the trunk easily.

Always check the battery voltage every three to six months. Then you can ensure that the voltage is alright. 

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