Everything You Need To Know About lr44 Battery Size

Everyone is familiar with LED flashlights, remote controls, digital thermometers, watches, toys, clocks, calculators, and other similar battery-powered regular used gadgets.

However, how many of them know that lr44 batteries use in most modern gadgets?

Undoubtedly, not many of them are aware of this button cell lr44 battery. And if you are one of them, today’s article is for readers like you because it will reveal everything you need to know about the lr44 battery. So that, next time you need a spare battery for any of those devices, you can choose the right lr44 button battery size without any doubt in mind.

Now, let’s find out the lr44 battery size equivalent:

The lr44 button battery size in diameter is 11.6 mm, and height 5.4 mm, and the most common Battery equivalent lr44 batteries are alkaline AG13, G13, A76, L1154, LR1154, 157. Let’s have a glance at the tech specification of a lr44 battery:

SizeLR44 button cell
WeightApprox. 1.95g
Shelf lifeMinimum 3 years

In addition to these, there are other lr44 batteries equivalent, but before going into that detailing, let’s have a precise overview of these lr44 batteries-

LR44 Batteries:

As I have already mentioned that lr44 batteries are commonly and widely used in small weightless modern gadgets, so you already know the use. But what you may not know is the definition. 

The starting letter “L” from LR44 defines the battery’s chemistry type, which consists of an alkaline electrolyte, a negative zinc electrode, and a manganese dioxide positive electrode.

The Llr44 batteries are also known as the primary alkaline button cell battery because these batteries use alkaline technology means using zinc and manganese dioxide.

An lr44 battery has a 1.5 Voltage and (150-240)mAh capacity. This is a non-rechargeable type of battery with a 0°C to 60°C operating temperature range, but the optimal temperature is 20°C. That’s why it is also called an Alkaline Zinc Manganese button cell battery with long-lasting power for those low-drain devices such as Christmas tree lights, calculators, or watches.

The compact design of a lr44 battery makes it perfect for keeping and storing it in travels.

Generally, a lr44 button cell or coin battery offers a long shelf life and can even last several years in storage with a low discharge rate. That means these batteries allow you to store them for future use.

What Is The Equivalent To A lr44 Battery? 

After getting a better understanding of the lr44 battery type, let move to the main topic again and figure out other possible equivalents of lrr44 batteries.

LR44G, LR44GD, LR44H, L1154C, L1154F, L1154G, L1154H, 1166A, A613, 6135011748057, AG14, AG-14, G13-A, 303, 357, AG76, GDA76, GP76A, GPA7, GPA75, GPA76, GPS76A, 1128MP, 208-904, A-76, A76, CA18, CA19, CR44, D76A, KA, KA76, MS76H, PX76A, PX675A, RPX675, RW82, SB-F9, V13GA are also consider as the equivalents of Button cell battery sizes lr44. Also, these are the possible sizes that you can use to replace your LR44 battery. Remember, Other batteries such as silver oxide button cells may seem similar based on the lr44 battery size comparison. But the major difference between them is in composition chemistry.

While choosing a battery alternative for your gadget, instead of going with the identical one, prioritize the type, size, and voltage feature of the battery to avoid over or under-discharge issues.

LR44 Battery Size Comparison With Silver-oxide Batteries:

People often get confused between these two types of batteries because silver-oxide batteries look identically the same. As I already mentioned earlier, these two are different, and now I will be explaining the comparison to help you understand the difference more clearly.

First of all, the starting letters “L” & “S” indicate the electrochemical process used in batteries. Here, “L” stands for Zinc, and simultaneously “S” stands for Silver.

In case you replace an SR battery with a similar-sized LR battery, it will not damage your device and fit correctly. But it will surely reduce performance and lifespan faster than a usual SR battery.

Basically, the core difference between these two types of button cell batteries is the voltage, lifespan, and pricing. The alkaline LR series batteries are cheap, have a shorter lifespan than Silver-oxide equivalent batteries, and voltage also decreases with battery life. On the contrary, SR series batteries have a longer lifespan, maintain voltage with time and use, but they are expensive.

Some electrical devices will run and perform better when you choose the particular battery equivalent. For example, If your gadget requires a certain voltage range, choosing a silver oxide battery will be a better deal. But if you are looking for a battery equivalent for flashlights, toys, or a calculator, an lr44 battery or its other alkaline equivalent will be a better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What size battery is compatible with lr44 batteries? 

357X battery is the exact same size as the lr44 battery and also has the same composition chemistry. So, 357 can be the compatible replacement of the lr44 battery and other lr44 battery size equivalents

Is LR44 a lithium battery?

No, LR44 is not a lithium battery; it is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery.

Is a SR44 battery similar as a LR44 battery?

If you consider the physical appearance or size of lr44 and sr44, they are similar. But if you notice the terminal voltage and capacity of a sr44 battery, it is visibly higher than any lr44 equivalent batteries.

Ending Notes

There are different types of button cell batteries, and lr44 alkaline batteries are one of the popular types and widely use in most modern small-sized gadgets. That’s why I tried to cover as much relevant information as possible to explain here, and I hope next time you go to purchase a spare lr44 battery, you will not get confused on lr44 battery sizes and equivalents.

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