Napa Vs Interstate Battery: The Ultimate Comparison

Key Points:

  • Third-party manufacturers produce batteries for both Napa and Interstate brands.
  • For longer service life and warranty period, one should choose Napa regardless of their expensive price tags.
  • At reasonable and affordable pricing, Interstate is the best choice for both on-road and marine applications.  

For cars, RV, and marine batteries, you will find lots of brans in the market. Among all, Napa and Interstate are very popular.

Customers often get confused and can’t decide which one to choose between Napa vs Interstate battery.

Both of them are good and lots of mechanics or experts recommend them. In this article, you will get to know about them, and won’t have any confusion in choosing the right brand for your vehicle.

About Napa Batteries

According to the official information, the East Penn manufacturing company is the sole producer of Napa batteries since 2009.

Though Napa batteries are the responsibility of East Penn Manufacturing for not very long, the company has had a good reputation for making lead-acid batteries for over 70 years.

Now, don’t think that Napa is a new brand as it is serving its customers since 1925. They come with impressive build quality and a good warranty period.

Some will recognize East Penn through their popular brand Deka. Napa owns almost 6000 stores across the US and it is one of the largest in North America.

Among different car battery models, NAPA Legend Premium 8424F is the best for its high reserve capacity and reliable performance for a long time.

Benefits of Napa Batteries

  • With its build quality and real-life performance, Napa has managed to get a high rating from Consumer Reports.
  • Napa promises reliable power delivery over a longer period compared to the competitors.
  • Its calcium-calcium alloy prevents water loss and gassing offering a true maintenance-free battery.
  • Because of having lots of retail shops along with online stores, anyone from any location in the US can get Napa batteries easily.

About Interstate Batteries

Another very popular car or marine battery brand is Interstate because of its long-time reputation.

Complying with the industry standards, the brand provides robust performance along with very good reserve capacity.

Because of maintaining a standard quality over the years, Interstate has become the number one replacement battery in North America.

Different independent manufacturers produce batteries for the Interstate brand. Among them, Brookfield Business Partners, and Exide Technologies are the most notable ones.

Benefits of Interstate Batteries

  • Interstate batteries come with thick plastic casings so that there are no accidents due to acid spillage.
  • They produced 100% sealed maintenance-free batteries for the users’ convenience.
  • Comparing the prices, Interstate batteries come at a fairly low price making them affordable for everyone.

Napa vs Interstate Battery: What Are the Main Differences?

Before you jump into the detailed comparison, let’s have a quick look at the table below for an overview.

CapacitySlightly HigherLess than Napa
Vibration ResistanceYesYes
PriceSlightly ExpensiveAffordable

Key Factors Before Choosing Between Napa and Interstate Battery

Now, let’s dive deep into the comparison of Interstate and Napa batteries.


I have noticed a slight difference between these two battery brands in the same category. After a side-by-side comparison, you will notice that Napa batteries are slightly heavier and longer than Interstate batteries.


In real-life testing, Napa batteries have shown utmost durability compared to Interstate batteries. In the toughest road and weather conditions, you can rely on Napa for its excellent build quality and use of premium components. However, both brands offer an average life of 3 to 5 years.


Napa batteries are priced at a higher point compared to its counterpart Interstate. The probable reasons for that are better build quality and a longer warranty period.

Eco-friendly Manufacturing

One good thing that is common for both brands is in their business policy to help establish sustainable development. Both Napa and Interstate recycles used batteries to reduce plastic and chemical waste globally. As a user, all you have to do is not throw the dead battery in the trash and hand them to the manufacturer for recycling.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Who Makes Napa Batteries?

I have looked through Napa’s official website and East Penn is the manufacturer of its batteries.  

Who Makes Interstate Batteries?

Though Interstate batteries are owned by Brookfield and Exide Technologies, Johnson Controls make most of the Interstate batteries.

Are Napa Batteries Good?

Napa batteries are a good mid-range product with reasonable pricing and a decent warranty period.

Are Interstate Batteries Good?

After doing some market research, you will know that Interstate batteries have high ratings making them one of the most reputed brands in the market.

Are NAPA Batteries Made In China?

According to some sources, NAPA batteries are not made in China; they are an associated brand of East Penn and Johnson Controls with production facilities in the US.

Finally, Napa Or Interstate Battery, Which One to Buy?

Now, the time to take a decision has come. Seeing the price difference, I can say that having a very tight budget to replace your vehicle’s battery leaves no other choice but to go for Interstate.

On the other hand, those who have to drive to remote areas in bad road and weather conditions should choose Napa.

Though the price of Napa batteries is a bit higher, you are getting a longer warranty period and durability.

I hope that you have got the difference you were looking for in Napa vs Interstate battery comparison.

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