What Size Battery For Trolling Motor? (Ultimate Guide)

If you own an angler boat, you already know that a battery is a critical element of trolling motor system. Also, choosing the right size of the battery is a must because the accurate battery size is more efficient to use on a trolling motor and increases the battery’s life span.

But how to determine what size battery for trolling motor you need?

Trolling motor batteries are available in 12volts, 24 volts, and 36 volts sizes. The standard battery size of trolling motors is 12-volt with at least 100 amp-hours. But some trolling motor power systems require 24volt or 36-volt battery sizes with higher amp-hour rates. That’s why you need to first check on your trolling power system to determine the required voltage.

The battery size of trolling motor means how much power the chosen battery can hold and deliver. So, picking the right size of the battery will ensure the optimal performance of your trolling motor.

Now let’s learn about the battery size of trolling motor in detail below.

What Size Battery For Trolling Motor On Kayak?

Before choosing a trolling motor battery type and size, you need to consider battery type, battery’s amperage hour rate, and your budget. Usually, trolling motors rate determines by the number of thrust pounds. for example, if your trolling motor has 70 to 75 pounds of thrust, you can compare it to 1 horsepower or HP electrical power.

For all 12V trolling motors, you can use AV-line blue batteries with 35 to 140-amp hour rate. For 24Vtrolling motors, you will need AV-line white batteries with an amp hour rating of 50 to 100. But you can use an AV-line battery for all 12V electric outboard or trolling motors because the voltage matches the voltage of the outboard engine.

Now, if you are wondering how to determine your thrust pounds, let me help you-

If your boat weight is 2000lb, then (2000lb/100) X2 equals 40lb thrust pounds, and 40lb is the minimum rate for you.

Similarly, for other standard weight of boats follow the below chart where I have mentioned the number and size of battery needed for each.

Weight Of BoatRecommended Thrust Level (Minimum)Battery Size Needed (Battery quantity Included)
1500 /and less30lb12-volt battery (1)
200040-45lb12-volt battery (1)
250050-55lb12-volt battery (1)
3000 to 350070lb24-volt battery (2)
400080lb24-volt battery (2)
4500 /and more101-11236-volt battery (3)

For trolling motors, 12V and 24V batteries are the most preferred ones. In case your trolling motor generally runs for more than two hours continuously at a high-speed rate, you need a 12V or 24V battery with an amp hour rate of 100-120 Ah.

On the contrary, if your motor running speed stays low consuming about four amps, you need a 12V battery with an amp rate of 50-100 Ah.

While choosing the right size for your trolling motor, keep in mind that a higher amp hour rating offers more run time. In case you cannot get an amp hour rate, pick a deep cycle battery with at least a reverse capacity of 180 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here I will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions-

What Size Battery For 30lb Trolling Motor?

In general, while considering the type and size of the battery for any trolling motor, keep in mind that the more amp hour the battery has, the more it will run. However, for a 30lb trolling motor, a 12-volt Deep cycle marine battery with a minimum of 110 Ah is the most suitable one. This type of battery usually comes under group 27 size trolling battery.

What Size Lithium Battery For Trolling Motor?

For trolling motors, group 24volt-12volt with a 75Ah lithium battery is the ideal one. But if you are looking for the highest lifespan and runtime, lithium iron phosphate batteries will work better.

What Size Battery For Canoe Trolling Motor?

Canoe trolling motors generally come in 12volts,24volth, and 36-volt types. Also, a 12V type motor can easily handle a 12volt battery.

What Size Battery For 24V Trolling Motor?

If you have a 24V trolling motor, you have two alternative options in the battery selection. You can either use two 12-volt batteries or a single 24-volt battery.

What Group Size Battery For Trolling Motor? 

Group size mainly determines based on particular vehicle manufacture, model, and engine type. It refers to the size of the trolling motor battery that will perfectly fit with your vehicle required type. For trolling motors, a group 27 rating battery with a minimum 100Ah and reverse capacity of 175 is common and ideal.

What Size Battery For 70lb Trolling Motor?

If your trolling motor has 70lb of thrust, you can use two batteries of 24-volts each.

What Size Battery Do I Need For A 55 lb. thrust Trolling Motor?

For a 55 lb. thrust trolling motor, you need a single group 27 size battery or 12volt deep cycle battery with a minimum110 amp hour rating.

Final Words

Well, there are different categories of batteries for trolling motors or electric trolling motors, but not all of them will serve your vehicle or trolling motor to run smoothly. That means you need to pick the right battery type and size for your trolling motor to get an optimal result.

I hope, by now you already got a hold of what size battery for trolling motor that will fit you perfectly.

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