Where Can You Replace A Watch Battery?

Having an issue with your watch in the middle of the day can be troublesome. It isn’t much you can do about it.

But you can check where you can replace a watch battery. Or if you are capable of changing it, how will you do it? Can you save some bucks by doing it yourself?

Well, you can change it by yourself. But if you are not an experienced person in repairing a watch, you may cost yourself more by making a mess instead of fixing it!

Let’s learnwhere you can replace a watch battery in detailed.

Can I replace my own watch battery?

If you have all the needed tools to change a battery you can easily change a watch battery. But that will take patience and concentration. Because you may make a little mistake and the set up inside the watch will go wrong.

Now, for extracting the expired battery and changing that with the fresh one, you’ll need tweezers and a little screwdriver.

To escape an electrical shock, it is recommended that you use plastic instead of metal tools. Wearing protective gear might also help to avoid damage to the interior of the watch.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about changing the battery in your watch. Several jewelers will gladly change the precious watch battery for you.

Prices for this treatment may vary based on the jeweler, so you should check with many before making a decision.

Nevertheless, once you’ve found a jeweler or watch service specialist you can rely on, we recommend returning there if you require a trustworthy fix.

How much does it cost to change a watch battery?

Generally, a large number of professionals would charge between $6 and $19 to replace a basic watch battery; nonetheless, this might vary greatly based on the brand and watch type. Water-resistant battery watches may cost between $40 and $65, while chronograph variants can cost between $65 and $100.

Popular watch retailers, such as Sears, demand $19 to change a watch battery in one of their locations. Discount shops with a history of low costs, such as Walmart, charge just $7 for their services, even though they are generally pristine.

On famous watch forums all over the internet, people reported being charged somewhere between $3 to $25 to have their battery replaced. Most of them suggested that you browse around your local jewelry store or stores like Sears, JCPenney, and Walmart.

Sufficient inquiry has enabled some users to obtain watch battery change prices as low as $2.

Can you save money while changing a watch battery?

The very first thing that you can do is take the watch to the shop you have bought it from. They may give you a low price or even a full-free service! This will reduce your total cost.

Replacing a watch battery isn’t difficult; however, if you lack the proper equipment and do not wish to risk injuring the watch, do not attempt it.

Most internet shops provide new watch battery kits for less than $10.

Some stores may have services that provide free watch replacement. This is aimed to entice you to purchase from them again in the future.

You must also keep an eye out for discounts and vouchers, which are commonly available on the internet. Some products are so inexpensive that you can buy a brand new one rather than repairing components.

Where can you replace a watch battery?

There are several alternatives for pursuing a new battery based on the type of watch you own and your preferences.

Some of the more effective ways are listed below:


You should find out who made the watch. Check if you have a service center near you are.

Battery change may still be authorized by your warranty, allowing them to assist you in getting it done for free – or at a fraction of the cost. This information is occasionally available online or in the documentation that came with your wristwatch.

The nicest part about this offer is that they know a great deal about the watch than you do because they made it in the first place. As a result, they have the proper instruments for replacing the batteries in the shortest amount of time.

To improve on this choice, your watchmaker will replace it if they make a mistake with the service. 

P.S. If you can’t find a service center of the watch company near you, look out for the return and repair policy online. They may offer one that permits you to send the watch in for repairs.

Licensed watch repairers:

It’s not an issue when you don’t have the watch brand with you.

Look around to find if there are any licensed watch retailers in the neighborhood.

Plus, it will be a bonus if you discover a repairer who is authorized by the manufacturer of your watch. They might be able to provide you with warranty services for replacing the batteries in your watch.

By Yourself:

If you have some knowledge about repairing electric devices or watches, then this is not a hard task for you.

If you can manage to get the right tools to change the battery you can do it by yourself. 

What are the steps to change a watch battery?

If you are doing it by yourself here are some steps you can follow to replace the battery-

Step 1:

Most new watches feature snap-off rear panels with tiny indentations to aid with delicately prying off the cover. Push firmly on the indentation with a tiny flathead screwdriver or knife and twist till the lid comes free. 

If the wristwatch back is held with screws, undo the screws with a little screwdriver, perhaps one meant for eyeglasses, and detach the cover.

Many watch backs include holes wide enough to accommodate the edge of a coin, that can be used to pull off the cover.

Step 2:

Detach any rubber rings or plastic coverings from the watch casing to uncover the watch’s internal functioning.

If you need help acquiring a firm grasp, use tweezers or the tip of a blade. It is suggested that you should clean the cover before reinstalling it after replacing the battery.

Step 3:

When you notice the old battery, make a note of which surface is facing up so that you can match the positioning when you install the new part.

Lift any plastic clips that are keeping the battery in position using plastic tweezers. Then, using the tweezers, gently remove the battery out of the watch casing.

Step 4:

Install the new battery in its assigned slot with the tweezers and firmly push it down to lock its place.

Step 5:

Before adding the back cover, gently turn the watch over to make sure it’s still functional. If the hands are not moving, check that the new battery was properly inserted.

If the watch does not function even now, you might just have a broken battery or a defective watch, so take it to a jeweler or watch service center for a professional check.

Step 6:

If the battery is still operational, repeat the previous two procedures in reversed order to replace all of the parts.


Changing a battery can be costly. It is sometimes tiresome also. Hence, you should always take care of your watch and use it properly so that you may not need to repair it often. But if you need to repair, always find a good place to do it.

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