Who Makes Champion Batteries – How Good They Are?

If you own a car or a truck or any kind of vehicle by now you know the brand Champion, right? Every vehicle owner wants to have a part in their vehicle which is crafted with a century of experience.

They make batteries for your Automotive, Commercial, Marine, Powersports, Golf Cart, and Lawn and Garden tools. Champion batteries are designed to endure both hot and cold temperatures at their extreme level, as any vehicle owner dreams of.

Here in this article, I will be going to tell you all about the brand Campion and its batteries. Read this article full to learn all about this brand and its manufacturer.

Do You Know Who Makes Champion Batteries?

Johnson Control is the maker of the batteries. Not only they are the manufacturer of the Champion Batteries but also, they market them.

Johnson Controls and Federal-Mogul Motorparts are bonded with an agreement.It manufacturers and aftermarket merchants like Wal-Mart, Sears, Toyota, and BMW with more than a third of the world’s lead-acid batteries.

Continental, OPTIMA, Heliar, LTH, Delkor, and VARTA car batteries are among the lead-acid battery brands produced by them.

To learn more about Johnson Control, read this article.

Who Owns Champion Auto?

Champion Auto is mainly an American company. It is a subsidiary wholly owned by Federal-Mogul Corporation since 1989. Champion started its journey in 1907 by manufacturing porcelain spark plugs. 80 years later it started its journey with Federal-Mogul Corporation.

History of Champion

Champion was born in 1907. A year later in 1908, they launched the Ford Model T (Tin Lizzie), the car that is considered to have introduced the automotive industry to the masses. And the Champion sparked model T became one of the most precious vehicles in history.

In 1969, The igniter of the Concorde was made by Champion, which provided it more than 38,000lbs of thrust and helped the Concorde to cruise at twice the speed of sound at the altitude of 11 miles.

On October 4, 1984, Richard Noble drove the extraordinary gold aero engined Thrust 2 and became the fastest man on earth. And the vehicle was fired by Champion ignitors and touched the 633 mph speed on the record.

10 years later Champion introduced their wiper blades which were used in Eurostar. It was the new train which hit 300kph on its journey from London to Paris.

In 2006, F1’s youngest victor Spaniard Fernando Alonso drove his Champion-sparked V10 Renault. After that he drove against Michael Schumacher and Ferrari in 2006, to retain his title again.

In 2010, Champion received a prestigious Automotive News Pace Award for their Bayonet Connection System for flat-blade wipers. It was one of the greatest milestones of Champion Auto.

By the year 2018 Champion covered almost everything in every car brand with their windshield wipers, filters, batteries, lighting, and the iconic spark blades. 

Where Are the Champion Batteries Made?

Johnson Controls has multiple facilities where the batteries are made. They are at St. Joseph, Missouri and Middletown, Delaware, and Toledo, Ohio.

Johnson Control keeps investing in technologies and industries in transportation and energy storage. They are spreading their facilities all over the world.

Last year they launched the Lithium-ion and Lead battery manufacturing and assembly facilities in Nersac, France.

Are The Champion Batteries Good?

As you already know champion batteries are designed to endure both the hot and cold temperature at its extreme level. So, we can say Champion batteries could be your best value for the money if the place you live has very bad weather.

And If you’re a travel freak and like to have a companion of a steady long-lasting durable battery, Champion is here. This battery’s cranking amps are 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and its cold-cranking amps are 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Types of Battery Champion sells

Champion sells every kind of battery you would need in your machine. They are:

TypeFeaturesDimension LWH (mm)Warranty
Automotive AGM BatteriesWeatherproof, Spill Proof and Vibration resistant315x176x19030, 36, and 48 months
Commercial AGM BatteriesMinimize Corrosion, Optimizes current flow and Weatherproof330x173x23930 months
Marine AGM BatteriesWeatherproof, Spill Proof and Vibration resistant315x176x19030, 36, and 48 months
Power sports BatteriesHigh Vibration tolerance, waterproof, last up to twice as long150x87x1456 months
Golf cart batteriesHandles extreme weather,276x182x27630 months

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long do the Champion batteries last?

Usually, they last on average 3 years. Depends on the weather and the driving condition. But with proper maintenance, it should last more than 3 years.

Are they hard to maintain?

Not. You don’t need to add water to maintain them. AGM batteries are no longer needed to add water. They are designed to handle the drainings and the charging cycles.

How to claim the warranty?

You just have to protect the sticker where the manufacture date is written. The Sticker should be stamped on the back of the case. If the date is not exceeded you can claim it through the Official Website.

How do I know the battery is dying?

If your lights start dimming, Engine takes time to start and the Alternator does not get enough power to start the engine, your battery may be dying.

Is it Okay to charge a car battery overnight?

Car batteries get charged by the car alternator. It is not recommended to leave your car engine ON overnight. It may cause problems with the battery and the alternator.

What is the alternative for Champion batteries?

As Deka has similar lineups for different types of machines, Deka is a very good alternative to the Champion battery. 

Ending Note

These Batteries are worldwide popular and well accepted. But most people are not aware of who makes the Champion batteries originally.

Hopefully, there will be no more confusion since I have already shared the background information and the history behind these batteries.

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