Who Makes EBL Batteries? A Brief Discussion

If you are looking for a battery worth your money in terms of rechargeable and sustainability, EBL does it all single-handed. EBL Mall is a leading battery and charger manufacturer specializing in AA, C, D, 9V, EBL AAA rechargeable batteries, 18650 batteries, and related battery chargers. But do you know who makes EBL batteries?

To answer this question, you would need to go through several other questions like- Where are these batteries made? Why are they different from other brands? Well, in this article, we will walk you through all those queries and a few others!

So, to have a clear idea and understanding on EBL, stay with us!

Who Makes EBL Batteries?

EBL mall, headquartered in the US, is the brand who owns EBL batteries. EBL batteries have grown in popularity as a result of their long battery life and improved rechargeability and stability.

EBL was founded in 1906 and got its name in 1998 with a single dry cell battery for consumers and quickly became a household name. Products such as the EBL Max AA and AAA Battery Combo Pack and the Rechargeable AA and AAA Batteries with Charger are now standouts.

Their batteries will save you money in the long run, provide better value per use, and can reduce your overall environmental impact by allowing you to use a single battery for longer periods of time.

About The EBL Batteries Manufacturer

EBL was founded as the French Battery Company and has a long history in the battery industry. Since then, the brand has evolved and merged with others. However, the EBL brand and its illustrious products, such as Alkaline D Cell Batteries, remain popular among those looking for household or everyday batteries.

In 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor sparked the United States’ entry into WWII, and RAYOVAC® leak-proof batteries are in high demand to power field telephones, mine detectors, radio communications, flashlights, and other equipment. 

From then, they established seven new manufacturing facilities and scours the country for nearly 14,000 new employees, many of whom were women and elderly men. Nearly 500,000,000 batteries are supplied to the US military. The company was given eight Army-Navy “E” awards for major contributions to victory by the end of the war.

EBL batteries customer service are obsessed with creating high-performance systems. 110 years of battery perfecting experience, two production floor reliability tests, and seven strict qualification protocols ensure that every powerful battery they sell is reliable.


  • Brand name- EBL
  • Manufacturer- EBL Mall
  • Established- 1998
  • Experience- 110 years
  • Production Country- China, USA

Where are EBL Batteries Made?

Having 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, the customer-fanned brand has its main headquarter in the US. But now, almost all of its products have been shifted to the Chinese territory.

High energy density batteries of EBL can provide more potential energy and be more powerful. The potential energy inside a battery in relation to its weight is referred to as its energy density.

Are EBL Batteries any Good?

One of the most inconvenient aspects of using batteries is how many you’ll go through as they quickly deplete. Consider using rechargeable batteries instead of buying new batteries every time you need them. And it is here that EBL distinguishes itself. 


Small batteries with a high energy density will pack a powerful punch, delivering high energy and potential. 

Batteries with low energy density are physically larger and heavier, and they have less total available power. Higher energy density may lead to improved overall performance.


The more versatile a battery is, the more applications it has. You’ll get more value and capability if you choose an EBL battery that can be used in a variety of applications. Some batteries, such as AA and AAA batteries, are more widely used, whereas others have more limited applications and use.


Power density, like energy density, is an important metric for battery performance. The power density of an EBL battery is essentially its current availability — a higher power density means the battery can sustain high current draws for longer periods of time. 

In essence, higher power density is another factor that can help a battery perform better with the appropriate amount of power.

What Type Of Batteries Are Available On EBL?


Primary cell batteries are the most common type of battery you will encounter in EBL. These batteries, also known as non-rechargeable batteries, are galvanic cells that are designed to be used once and then discarded when the power is depleted. 

These single-use batteries are available in a variety of sizes, including the common AA, AAA, C, and D sizes, and are made of various materials. They can power a wide range of devices, toys, tools, and other items.


Secondary cell batteries can be used instead of primary cell batteries. A secondary cell battery is rechargeable, whereas a primary cell battery is not. These batteries can be discharged or used up all of their available power before being recharged to full capacity. 

These are more cost-effective because they can be recharged and reused numerous times. They, like primary cell batteries, come in a variety of sizes and are an excellent choice for items that deplete batteries quickly.


Specific application batteries, also known by a variety of specialized names, are batteries that have a single purpose and are popular on EBL. Automotive batteries, wet cell batteries, Zamboni batteries, and bio batteries are examples of these batteries. 

They’re less common and come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and designs. Each application battery is designed specifically for a specific task.

How Long Do EBL Batteries Last?

When fully or partially drained, EBL batteries can be recharged up to 1200 times. Its improved low self-discharge allows it to retain 75 percent of capacity even after three years of inactivity.

If you buy in bulk or prefer larger, higher-quality name brands, new batteries will likely cost between $10 and $30. Within this range, you can also find mixed packs with various battery types and sizes, as well as rechargeable batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where are EBL batteries made?

They are made in China.

Are EBL batteries precharged?

Those EBL batteries are labeled as “Pre-Charged,” but they are NOT low-self-discharge batteries like the Sanyo Eneloop.

Are EBL battery chargers reliable?

These are a good value and work well, with a much longer run-time than store-bought dry-cells.

How long does it take to recharge EBL batteries?

The EBL 808A has a very low charging current of 200mA. So it will take at least 14 hours to recharge a pair of 2800mAh batteries at 200mA.

Who makes EBL Batteries?

EBL mall is the manufacturer and owner of EBL batteries.


It was our responsibility to hand over our thoughts to you for clarifying your confusion. We know that it’s not possible for you to blindly trust something and buy these products. But as we have discussed all the major aspects regarding who makes EBL batteries, we hope it’s your way to start now!

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