Who Makes Quantum Glass Battery for Electric Vehicles?

Quantum glass batteries, also known as “glass batteries,” are the next step in the evolution of electric vehicles. It employs a glass electrolyte as well as lithium or sodium metal electrodes. But have you wondered who makes quantum glass battery? Well, most probably not!

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Who makes quantum glass Battery?

A glass battery is a solid-state battery. It employs a glass electrolyte as well as lithium or sodium metal electrodes. John Goodenough, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, and professor at the University of Texas at Austin invented the battery.

Three stocks that seem well-positioned to be called as the manufacturers are-

  • Panasonic Corporation.
  • Samsung SDI.
  • QuantumScape Corporation. 

According to the manufacturer, the battery discharges by stripping the alkali metal from the anode and re-depositing it at the cathode. The battery voltage is determined by the redox-active component and the capacity is determined by the amount of the alkali metal anode. 

This operating mechanism is fundamentally different from the insertion mechanism used in the majority of conventional Li-ion battery materials.

About the Manufacturer

We have always known Tesla as the leading brand of Quantum Glass Battery. Other than Tesla, here are three quantum glass battery stocks that could skyrocket as quantum glass batteries become a reality and propel the electric vehicle market forward-

Panasonic Corporation (PCRFY)

The company is a market leader in the global battery market for electric vehicles. Panasonic stands to benefit if quantum glass batteries become a reality.

Panasonic held a 19.2 percent market share in the EV battery market from January to August 2020. LG Chemicals (OTCMKTS: LGCLF) led the market with a 24.6 percent share. It’s worth noting that LG has now spun off its battery division as LG Energy Solution.

Samsung SDI (SSDIY)

Samsung SDI is ranked fourth in the global EV battery market, with a 6.3 percent market share. The company is an innovator, which is why we’re talking about SSDIY stock with a bullish outlook.

If quantum glass batteries become a reality, Samsung SDI will be one of the big winners.

In March 2020, Samsung SDI unveiled all-solid-state battery technology. It’s worth noting that Samsung has already been supplying Tesla with ESS batteries. Any potential order for EV batteries may cause SSDIY stock to rise. 

They expect market share growth in the coming years as a result of the company’s innovative approach.

QuantumScape Corporation (QS)

Another intriguing play in the electric vehicle battery segment is QS stock. After skyrocketing to $132.7, QS stock has experienced a steep correction and now trades at $57.

QuantumScape is working on a lithium-metal solid-state battery for electric vehicles. With features such as a 15-minute charge to 80 percent capacity, the battery has the potential to be a game-changer in the EV industry. If the quantum glass EV battery becomes a reality, QuantumScape will be one of the key players to watch.

Is the Quantum Glass Battery Real?

The quantum glass battery, despite its recent discovery, is real. Researchers create them to address two critical operational issues for EVs:

  • Slow-charging and;
  • Limited battery use. 

John B. Goodenough, a co-inventor of the quantum glass battery, also invented the lithium iron phosphate and lithium cobalt oxide materials used in the currently popular rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery. He and Maria Braga, an associate professor at the University of Porto, created a battery that, unlike other batteries, does not require voltage to operate.

According to The Driven, Professor Goodenough was also a co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work as a co-inventor of the Li-ion battery, which is now the primary power source for EVs.

How Does the Glass Battery Work?

In a nutshell, this is how the glass battery works:

  • Scientists add lithium or sodium to the glass, forming an electrode within the battery. According to scientists, this upgrade triples the energy storage capacity of Li-ion batteries.
  • The glass battery is non-flammable and safer than Li-ion batteries because it does not promote the growth of lithium dendrites. Dendrite formation can cause circuitry problems or pose a safety risk.

The use of the new quantum glass battery moves car manufacturers away from using traditional combustion engines to power vehicles.

The Patenting of the Glass Battery

The glass battery patent includes several features that will make investors sit up and take notice, including:

1. Glass rechargeable batteries provide a low-cost, safe, and simple way to store a large amount of electrical energy.

2. As the temperature range for operating the battery can maintain lower limits at less expense, the battery can feed off a grid or, through storage, supply electricity to an EV.

3. It is possible to operate an EV in a wide range of temperatures by using a glass battery and portable recharging.

The development of the quantum glass battery may aid in the production of EVs that are competitively priced with cars powered by internal combustion engines.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs):

What company makes the Quantum glass battery?

Quantum Glass Stocks: Panasonic Corporation (PCRFY).

What is the stock symbol for a Quantum glass battery?

QMC Quantum Minerals Corp.

Are glass batteries real?

A glass battery is a solid-state battery. It employs a glass electrolyte and metal electrodes made of lithium or sodium.

What did Goodenough invent?

Lithium-ion battery and Quantum glass battery.

What Company Makes the New Quantum Battery?

Samsung is first in the row in the making of the quantum glass battery.


The term “quantum battery” refers to a glass quantum battery. The technology, which promises better results in operating electric vehicles (EVs), also promises a future of excellent returns for investors. 

Quantum Glass Battery has been the new evolution and demanding topic in the automobile sector. If you still want to know anything, do let us know!

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