Will A Bad Ignition Switch Drain A Battery?

An ignition switch is a crucial part of your car. If it gets faulty then there can be many problems like battery drain, starting problem, etc. 

You must be wondering then what is an ignition key? What role does it play in the car?

It’s one of the most crucial electronic components present in many automobiles and trucks. It’s typically found on the steering column, right behind the ignition lock cylinder, where you insert your key to start the car. To switch on and start the car, the two collaborate.

Does Ignition Switch Drain Battery?

An ignition key is a crucial part of your car’s engine. It works by enabling electricity to flow smoothly throughout the car by opening and shutting circuits. 

A majority of current automobiles will not start or even turn on without an ignition switch. If your ignition is malfunctioning, you may have trouble starting your automobile while it is cold as there is not enough energy to start the engine.

The battery life of a car will be affected if the ignition switch is malfunctioning. In addition, it may entirely deplete and cease to function.

Other electrical parts that rely on the battery for electricity may also stop operating as a result of this. The wipers will stop working, the radio will fall silent, and if you keep your lights on, the battery will be fully depleted.

What Problems Can A Bad Ignition Switch Cause?

Because an ignition switch is so critical, it’s necessary to be aware of it if there are problems with the car, particularly if the car battery keeps dying or your headlights look dimmer than normal, even after they’ve been replaced. Ignition switches can deteriorate over time as a result of repeated usage and exposure to the environment. 

This can lead them to deteriorate, malfunction, or even shatter. Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need to replace your ignition cylinder or perhaps your entire steering column if you have a damaged switch.

If a car’s ignition switch fails, it can lead to a slew of additional issues. Certain electrical devices may not perform properly or may behave unpredictably.

At low speeds, while entering traffic or rounding bends, it might cause stumbling. Under strong acceleration, the engine might override the brakes, causing your automobile to jolt forward.

If you don’t fully compress the clutch before turning off the engine, it might stall and injure an unprepared driver. If you detect this problem arising, please call your technician as quickly as possible so that any required repairs may be completed before the situation worsens.

Is The Faulty Ignition Switch Draining My Car Battery When It Is Off?

Yes! If you have a faulty ignition switch it may cause the battery, to get drained very fast. When the switch is bad or broken, it will cause the connection to get problematic and may keep some devices connected even when you switch it off. 

This way it will drain the battery really quick and in the long run, it will cause the battery to go bad.

What Are The Signs Of A Faulty Ignition Switch?

Failure to start the car, diminished power when maintaining speed, and inadequate engine performance is all signs of a defective ignition switch.

Slower acceleration, worse fuel efficiency, difficulties coasting to a halt, and difficulty starting from a complete stop are all indicators that your vehicle’s ignition is expected to fail. If you observe these signs, have your automobile evaluated as quickly as possible since messing with the car’s electronics may be costly.

How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?

All of these devices are powered by the battery, and if the ignition is kept on without the motor running, the battery will grow hot, potentially causing a fire or failure, well before the battery dies, which might take 6 to 8 hours based on the battery state.

Can You Bypass The Ignition Switch To Start A Car?

If the car’s ignition switch breaks, either you take it to a repair or do it manually, changing an ignition switch may be expensive. Many individuals are left wondering how to start their automobile without using an ignition switch, which is a difficult task.

Bypassing a damaged ignition switch is a rather complicated technique that will need a little more than a handbook and a strong desire to study. The best-case situation is to get your automobile serviced by a professional or just change the switch.


Ignition switches are among the most commonly utilized switches in a car, and like other electrical switches, they can wear out and need to be replaced. Bring your car to a reputable shop or repair centre if you detect a problem with the ignition switch. They may be able to assist you with bypassing or changing the switch.

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