Can I Use A Deep Cycle Battery In My Car?

Deep-cycle batteries, unlike typical automotive batteries, give a lengthy, consistent supply of power. It can offer a brief burst of power, but not in the same way that a car battery can.

So can I use a deep cycle battery in my car?

Yes, it is possible. However, some people will tell you that it is feasible, while others will tell you that it is not.

If you don’t have any other options for batteries, it will suffice. Driving an automobile will keep you busy for a long time. An alternator, on the other hand, will not fully charge a deep cycle battery.

What Is a Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries can be used as either starter batteries or marine batteries, or as a mix of the two in some cases. These batteries are also referred to as marine batteries.

Deep cycle batteries are regarded as hybrid batteries in many quarters. They can be used to start an engine or to serve as a conventional home battery.

Many recreational boats use these batteries, which are intended to provide a constant flow of energy over a long length of time.

Cranking batteries, on the other hand, will offer lots of power right away. Deep cycle batteries may be used as a cranking battery as well as other things.

As a result, they must have enough power to start the boat’s motor while also delivering energy for whatever extras it may have. Over time, deep cycle batteries will provide a lot of cranking power and a lot of energy.

Deep cycle batteries are further distinguished by their bigger plates as compared to standard batteries. Deep cycle batteries are also more expensive.

Can I Use a Deep Cycle Battery Instead of a Car Battery?

If you wish to utilize your deep cycle battery to power your car’s engine, this will provide enough cranking power to get the engine started. Moreover, you must also consider the voltage.

You may utilize the deep cycle battery for your automobile if it is a 12-volt battery. It will be able to function as both a starting and a deep cycle battery as a result of this.

Another factor to take into account is the capacity of the deep cycle battery.

Be sure the connections are in the same position as a standard car battery and that any measurements are the same.

You should also consider the fact that vehicles do not require a lot of deep cycle power from deep cycle batteries.

Cars utilize starting batteries since they are the ones that are most suited for the job.

Deep cycle batteries are generally not appropriate for long-term vehicle power. They may potentially shorten the life of your car’s electrical components.

Differences Between Car and Deep Cycle Batteries

The power and current output are the primary differences between a deep cycle battery and a vehicle battery.

1. Starting and Driving Power

Automotive batteries are made up of a lot of thin plates. This enables them to discharge a larger initial power to the crank engine and the motor. For cars, this is a more important necessity than for watercraft.

It becomes clearer how the somewhat lower initial current released by deep cycle batteries is adapted to function for boats in this way.

As a result, automotive batteries tend to discharge large currents over brief periods before being recharged by the alternator. Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, emit lesser currents for longer periods.

2. The durability of the Battery

Another important distinction to examine is the lifetime of the battery. Deep cycle batteries have thicker plates, which allow for a longer power drain than other types.

This is a necessary need since a boat’s engine, lights, gauges, pumps, and other equipment must all remain operational.

3. Price of the Battery

When compared to simpler vehicle batteries, deep cycle batteries are more expensive. However, given the sturdiness of maritime batteries, most of this is warranted. They’re made to withstand all kinds of boat vibrations.

What Are The Conditions For Using A Deep Cycle Battery?

If a deep cycle battery fits the following specifications for voltage, CCA rate, size, and terminal locations, it can be used to replace a vehicle battery:

  1. The alternator recharges the deep cycle battery, which is a 12V battery.
  2. For cranking the motor, the deep cycle battery requires a high CCA rate of 650 CCA or 800 CCA.
  3. The deep cycle battery is the correct size: 65, 59, 58R, 58, 52, 51R, 51, 35, 64, 25, 24F, and 24 are the most popular automotive battery sizes. The size of the deep cycle battery you purchase should fall into one of these categories.
  4. The deep cycle battery has appropriate terminal locations. However, you may need to adjust the battery hold down and maybe replace the terminal ends.

Is It Safe To Use a Deep Cycle Battery?

People sometimes wonder, “Can I use a deep cycle battery in my car safely?†The answer is easy.

The cranking deep cycle batteries do not normally function in cold weather below -10°C, as they require considerably more power. It even causes significant damage to the alternator voltage regulator.

However, when deep cycle batteries do work out in such situations, it is not suggested that you employ them.

The reason for this is simple. Deep cycle batteries are not meant for use in cars, and if they are, their lifetime is drastically reduced.

How to Choose a Battery for My Car?

Choosing a battery that is particularly suited for your vehicle makes more sense. This is because batteries go through a rigorous procedure to guarantee that they are of the highest quality and best fit.

Before purchasing a battery, you should consider several variables to ensure that you make the best decision possible.

The size of the battery group, the cold cranking amp, and the reserve capacity are the most important considerations when selecting a battery.

Some Best Deep Cycle Batteries:

  1. Battle Born LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

These have an extended battery life and a built-in rechargeable battery mechanism is included.

Cars and off-road applications all benefit from this product with its small and compact construction. The design is both solid and dependable.

T2 Technology is used to improve power efficiency with a a small footprint.

The battery is simple to maintain and diagnose. In comparison to others, it is inexpensive.

It has a maximum power capacity of 10 hours and the installation is just done once. The batteries are simple yet user-friendly.

The battery box is made of non-conductive ABS plastic. There is no need for upkeep.


So, that answer the question whether you can use a deep cycly battery in your car or not. It can offer a brief surge of energy, but not in the same way that a car battery can.

Although deep cycle batteries may be used to substitute a car battery, they are not a wise decision when considering the potential implications.

The ideal approach to make use of a deep cycle battery is to use it to power your car’s music system or other comparable accessories.

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