Do Gas Stations Sell Batteries? Know the Details

Key Points:

  • Not all gas stations sell batteries as these aren’t much profitable and buyers are very rare.
  • You may only find AA or AAA batteries at the stores of the stations. Apart from that, they may sell power banks as well.

While we look for new batteries in the hardware stores, is it possible to find them somewhere in the middle of the journey from your house, for example, a gas station? Do gas stations sell batteries? Which batteries are available in the gas stations?

Well, even though not all gas stations sell batteries in their stores, you’ll find many American gas stations selling different types of batteries in their stores. You are probably going to get AA and AAA batteries there mostly. However, if you are looking for 9V, C, or D cell batteries, gas stations aren’t the right place. They are only available in hardware stores.

In this article, I’ll discuss whether gas stations sell batteries and if so, which type of batteries are available there.

So, let’s get started!!

Do All Gas Stations Sell Batteries?

Okay, not all the gas stations sell batteries and other hardware stuff. Different gas stations may sell different types of products depending on the locality. For example, some stations sell drinks to the passengers, while some sell various motor service parts to the motorists and drivers that are known as the service stations.

Some of the gas stations include convenience stores where batteries and other lightweight hardware items may be available. So, you don’t take it for granted for all gas stations that they all should sell batteries.

What Type of Batteries Gas Stations Sell?

Well, now that you know that many gas stations sell batteries, it is time to know which type of batteries are available there. Even though people visit gas stations with their vehicles, the stations usually don’t sell car batteries or other electrical gadgets. Rather, you are probably going to get AA or AAA batteries in a gas station as they are inexpensive and come in a bulk amount.

Apart from the alkaline batteries, other types of batteries such as power banks may also be available in the convenient stores of the gas stations. While you are traveling a long way, the battery of your phone may go down.

In this case, a gas station with a convenient store may be the only way to get a power bank for the device. Also, some stores keep rechargeable AA and AAA batteries to sell.

However, a gas station’s convenient store should not be the first place to find a suitable battery. The battery is most likely be available at dedicated hardware stores as not all gas stations sell batteries and even if they do, they don’t sell all types of batteries.

Why Gas Stations Sell All Batteries?

As we know that gas stations only sell AA and AAA-sized batteries and power banks mostly, why aren’t they selling others as well?

The answer is pretty clear. Most people who come to gas stations, don’t visit here to look for batteries. In fact, they mostly want convenience stores to get food and drinks so that they can feed their stomach.

While stopping for foods and drinks, they may be interested in visiting nearby stores and checking out products like batteries. So, batteries are never the first choice to sell to the customers as they aren’t as profitable as items like chips and drinks.

There’s an exception as well. When it appears to be the only gas station convenient store in the area and there aren’t a lot of stores around, you may find different handy kinds of stuff at the store.

This type of location is the best place to find batteries, at least the chance of getting them is more than usual.

However, finding such areas is now quite unusual that have no other convenient stores or hardware stores. So, if you are looking for batteries of any specific, it is better to find those at any hardware store. That’s the right place to buy those.

Moreover, batteries, such as car batteries take up a lot of space which may be unwise to store for a gas station as people looking for car batteries shouldn’t visit a gas station. So, those won’t be profitable at all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do Gas Stations Carry AA Batteries?

Not all gas stations have AA batteries to sell. Some of them sell batteries in their convenient stores apart from foods and drinks.

Can I Buy Car Batteries In Gas Station?

It is very unlikely to have a car battery at the gas station to buy. Stations typically don’t store large-sized car batteries as these are not the places where people come to buy car batteries.

Are Batteries Cheaper In Gas Station?

It doesn’t seem so. The reality is rather the opposite. As gas stations aren’t the usual place to buy batteries, the price is higher than regular stores sometimes.

Final Words

This article comes to an end here. I discussed, in brief, do gas stations sell batteries in their convenient stores in the article. Even though some of the gas stations sell those but only a few types are available there.

I hope you find the article interesting and helpful. Don’t forget to share it with the others. Thanks for the reading.

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