Do You Know How Long Does Battery Reconditioning Take?

Maybe you are planning to recondition your vehicle’s battery by yourself but are afraid of the technicality and time. That is why I want to answer the questions, how long does battery reconditioning take, and how to do it properly?

After the preparation, battery reconditioning usually requires 4 hours to complete. But the time varies depending on the charger and a few other factors.

Both owners and the environment get benefitted from battery reconditioning. Without further ado, let’s get to know how much time you have to spend on it.

What Is Battery Reconditioning on Charger?

The process of restoring the health of a battery is called battery reconditioning.

It recharges the cells to their maximum capacity and solves some issues that occur over time.

Among the problems, low charge and acid stratification are the most common ones.

If you know how batteries work, you will know that discharging creates lead sulfate crystals around the plates.

With too much buildup, the battery can’t recharge or discharge efficiently. Reading this article, you will be able to maintain a healthy battery all the time.

How Long Does Battery Reconditioning Take?

You have already got an oversimplified answer in the introduction. Now, I am going to tell you the time requirements for different use cases.

How Long Does Car Battery Reconditioning Take?

If you are using a fast charger, it won’t take more than 4.5 or 5 hours to recondition your car battery.

On the other hand, using a trickle charger takes way more time than fast chargers.

It will probably take 24 or 25 hours to complete the reconditioning process.

The main factor to consider for estimating the time is the condition of the battery.

I have told you the average period depending on the charger type. But battery size, type, and condition also play a vital role in the process.

For a 24V battery, the time for reconditioning will naturally be doubled.

How Long Does It Take to Recondition a 12-Volt Battery?

After getting the time estimation for car batteries, you can guess the answer for 12V batteries. It is the same.

With a slow charger, it should be done within 24 hours or so. I am talking about chargers with 2Amp output here.

Logically, a 3A charger will take less than 24 hours. However, one must keep in mind that reconditioning is no magic.

It certainly improves the performance. But you must not expect it to make your battery new again.

Does Battery Reconditioning Worth My Time?

The first question to answer here is, does battery reconditioning really work?

Yes, it works and saves you money in the long run. Reconditioning makes a battery operate longer than it is supposed to be.

You have already got an idea about the time it takes. And, I can confidently tell you that it takes no more than 48 hours regardless of the charger and battery.

Maybe you have the money to replace the old battery any time you want. But it won’t be environmentally friendly.

The main purpose is to both save money and the environment by increasing the service life of the vehicle batteries.

There are some controversies about reconditioning effectiveness that you can find by reading this Quora thread.

However, consider my argument here and think about the whole picture. You will know that battery reconditioning is worth your time and effort.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should you recondition a battery?

After taking the necessary precautions, you can let the targeted battery charge for about 36 hours. The safety measurements include removing the battery caps and placing the charger far away.

Do reconditioning batteries really work?

Knowing how battery reconditioning works will let you know that it really works. The process cleanses the sulfates and refills the electrolyte solution internally. 

How long does it take for a battery charger to recondition a battery?

Depending on the output specs of the charger, it may take somewhere between 24 and 36 hours to recondition a battery properly.

Does reconditioning a battery charge it?

Yes, reconditioning recharges a battery. it brings back health by cleaning off sulfates, charging to its full capacity, and maintaining the electrolyte level. 

How long does it take to recondition a 12-volt battery?

If you are using a 12V/2Amp charger, it will take almost 36 hours to recondition a 12V battery.


Now, you know the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions, how long does battery reconditioning take?

Before you start doing the reconditioning, you should know that there are different methods.

Search the web to find out the best way to do it according to your battery type and size.

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