How To Connect A Wall Plug To A Car Battery?

In many emergencies or other occasions, it may become necessary to charge your car battery immediately. But it is not possible to always find a battery charger or any car servicing centers around. 

Then how can you charge the car battery? Can you use the electric lines of your house to charge it? If you can, what do you need to do it? 

Well, you can use the wall plug of your house to charge the car battery. However, you can’t just go and plug to charge the battery! 

There are some technical issues that you need to consider before using the wall plug for charging. You will need some equipment to set up the system. 

If you want to know how to connect a wall plug to a car battery then read this article.

Things You Need:

  • You will need some instruments to connect the battery to your wall plug. You should have a toolbox with you for removing the battery of the car.
  • Get a safety glass for safety purposes. You will also need distilled water for the battery.
  • Another thing that you need is connectors for the battery and wall plug.

If you have all the things ready now you can use the wall plug for charging your car battery.

Charging A Car Battery From A Wall Plug:

Now let’s get straight to the process of how to connect a wall plug to a car battery for charging.

Step 1

Take the necessary precautions. You should use eyeglasses or safety glasses. Make sure to protect your face and hands with clothes.

Also, ensure sure there is no fuel or combustible materials such as rags or paper around the automobile battery. The exterior of the automobile battery should be dry and clean.

Step 2

After you’ve taken all of the necessary safety precautions, fill your vehicle batteries with distilled water until the water completely covers the interior plates. 

Fill the battery just fully with pure water. If you overfill it, clean it right away. Make sure the connections are completely dry.

Step 3

The connection between the car battery and the battery charger must be done correctly. Connect the red connection of the battery charger to the positive pole of the battery. 

Connect the black cable of the battery charger to the battery’s negative pole. To ensure that the connection is operating correctly and securely, jiggle it a few times.

Step 4

All you have to do now is connect the charger to a power socket. And don’t forget to charge your battery.

Keep in mind that the link between the automobile battery and the battery charger is critical. As a result, be careful to follow the directions to the point.

Other Ways Of Charging A Car Battery

Other than this you can also charge your battery in different ways.

Using a Home Inverter:

A home inverter may be used to charge your automobile battery. A house inverter is a gadget that allows electric appliances to be powered. 

A domestic inverter, also known as a home inverter, works similarly to a battery in that it consumes electricity and then transmits it when needed.

Inverters for the house have grown significantly more cheap and powerful in recent years. 

A 12V lead-acid battery is usually found in a home inverter. Even though the home inverter is 12V, it may work with a wide range of voltages.

Surprisingly, using a home inverter to recharge a vehicle’s battery cells takes less time than using a battery charger to fully charge the car battery. 

However, keep in mind that home inventors or household inverters are not built or manufactured to charge vehicle batteries.

Using a Car Battery Charger:

You should acquire a suitable vehicle battery charger every time you buy a car battery or an automobile. And, of course, be certain you choose a car battery charger that is appropriate for your vehicle’s battery type.

Battery charger suggestions and the reading procedure of battery chargers will be provided by car manufacturers when you purchase a vehicle. 

So, there’s no reason to be concerned. Modern automobile battery chargers are increasingly sophisticated and feature-rich.

One benefit you’ll like about a contemporary vehicle battery charger is that it will automatically discharge your battery when it has been fully charged. 

You may overload your vehicle battery by using a contemporary battery charger.

Safety Tips Of Charging Car Batteries With Home Electricity

Today most cars use a lead-acid battery. A lead-acid vehicle battery is the most popular type of automotive battery. 

The hydrogen-oxygen gases in a lead-acid automobile battery have the potential to explode. Sulfuric acid, which may cause serious burns, is another component of your automobile battery. 

It’s also a good idea to neutralize battery acid before starting operations. When working around your car battery, I’m sure you don’t want to get into any risky or serious situations. As a result, you should take appropriate precautions.

Wearing safety glasses or goggles is recommended. To protect your face, hands, and body, you’ll also need to dress appropriately. Accidents can be avoided by placing a wet towel on top of the battery.

Another thing to check is if the battery vent covers are secure enough not to fall off. If it is not put properly and falls, it can create a variety of issues, including combustion.

Next, make absolutely sure that the space where you store your car battery has a good ventilation system.

Finally, remember to keep the batteries out of reach of youngsters.


Taking good care of car batteries and charging it regularly helps them to have a longer life. In case of emergency, you can obviously use the home electric lines to charge it. But it is dangerous if you do not know how to do it.

So, if you have read this article, you have an idea of how to connect a wall plug to a car battery. And always take safety measures while working with electricity.

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