Do Duracell Batteries Leak? How To Deal With It?

Duracell is one of the most popular brands in the world when it comes to manufacturing alkaline and rechargeable batteries. Their performance is high and long-lasting. But you may have often come across questions regarding whether Duracell batteries leak or not?

In short, yes, Duracell batteries may leak. Almost all alkaline batteries leak after their validity period is over. In some cases, the battery may leak before the deadline of their validity but that has a very low chance.

Batteries contain various chemicals which react between them to create electrical energy. There are various reasons behind the leakage of a battery. This article is going to discuss the leakage of batteries, especially Duracell batteries.

What Are Duracell Batteries Made Of?

Like other batteries, Duracell batteries are made up of a cathode and an anode as the terminals with a separator for them, then there are some other chemicals inside the battery known as electrolytes that reacts with each other to create electrical energy. The chemicals inside are-

  • Zinc
  • Manganese dioxide
  • Potassium
  • Graphite

Why Does A Duracell Battery Leak?

In short, a battery leaks due to the chemical reactions going on inside it. There are several chemicals in a battery, like- manganese dioxide, potassium hydroxide, zinc and potassium. Due to the reactions, hydrogen gas is produced. When the hydrogen is produced more than the battery can handle, it gets expanded and may leak.

Is Duracell Battery Made Leak Proof?

No, to be exact, Duracell batteries are not totally leakproof. Duracell batteries come with a limited warranty, so within that period it is very much rare to experience a battery leakage. The warranty period is set in such a way that the machine can handle the emerged pressure of the hydrogen gas for that time.

What Happens After The Warranty Period?

After the warranty period, there is a chance the battery may or may not get leaked. There is enough space inside the battery for the produced hydrogen gas. But sometimes the amount of hydrogen gas produced may exceed the expectation. It happens especially after the warranty period is over. So, there is a chance of leakage there.

Is There A Leak Warranty?

Like I said there is a limited warranty for a Duracell battery and if leakage is found in the given period the product is exchanged by the providers. Duracell is one of the leading battery manufacturers in terms of quality and service. So, the warranty provided is handled very effectively.

Is There A Leakage Guarantee?

No, there is no such guarantee in Duracell batteries. No matter how well your design is, there can always be an accident issue. So, you cannot give a guarantee on a leakage issue. But it does not mean that the battery is prone to leakage. As said earlier, Leakage in Duracell batteries is quite rare.

What Are the Consequences Of Duracell Battery Leakage?

Like all other batteries, the leakage in Duracell batteries results in different types of consequences. The consequences may vary from minor to severe damages. Let’s look at some of these.

Damage To Device:

The leakage in the battery results in the eruption of potassium hydroxide. This chemical can get your device damaged or may end of short-circuiting. So, battery leakage is often harmful to your devices.

Cause Problem While Exposure to Skin:

The potassium hydroxide is found to a large extent in Duracell batteries. Besides this, there are other chemicals as well. All these chemicals are not much corrosive but can cause redness in the skin as well as itching reactions.


The most feared thing about battery leakage is an explosion. Often, we hear that the battery of a mobile phone exploded due to leakage.

The same may happen in the case of a Duracell battery too. But the chances are very low.

Besides, the hydroxide produced in a cell is too much for the battery to handle. Due to the overheating and leakage, an explosion can cause quite serious damage to the device as well as the user.

What To Do If The Duracell Battery Is Leaked Within Warranty Period?

The answer is simple; you can file a battery leak claim to the authorities of Duracell. In this case, you will need to provide proper proof of the problem with your battery. The authority will not accept the claim if the battery was damaged due to improper usage. In case of the following facts the battery authority will not accept the claim:

  • Short circuit
  • Battery kept for too long inside the device
  • Expiration of the warranty period

After you make the claim, the authority will examine the battery to see if the proofs are okay and the battery is not damaged due to any of the above-mentioned reasons. If there is a manufacturing fault, the authority changes the battery with a new one.


The article gives a very clear perception of the leaking of Duracell batteries. It includes the relative facts that you will find important while seeking information about the leakage of Duracell batteries. So, if you were looking for a note on such things, this is the right article for you.

You may need batteries in your day to day life for light electronic devices. In such case, Duracell is a very reliable one. But it is always good to know more about the electronic things you are using. So, to know about the leakage and to save the devices from any kind of related damage, make sure to read the whole article. See you!!!

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3 thoughts on “Do Duracell Batteries Leak? How To Deal With It?”

  1. Shane S. Argraves

    My troubles are over the last 18 months, two flashlights and now a clock weather item has been damaged by AA and AAA batteries. The shelf life is 2027 on these. I have had some minor problems in the past but never this bad, all items have had to be replaced. Not very happy and when the batteries I have been used I more than likely be changing brands.

  2. I have used Duracell AA batteries for many years in wireless microphones. I have noticed in the last few years something has changed in their manufacturing process. They have started to leak causing damage to devices. I was forced to change to another brand to eliminate the issues. The 9 volt batteries do not have the leaking issue for me.

  3. I stopped using Duracell batteries because they always leaked, hundred of dollars of equipment damaged by them. but now Energizers and Rayovac also now leaks.
    Even brand new batteries not used still in packages leaked. I found old batteries expired from 2007 they did not leak but anything newer forget it. what changed, why this happening now? they never leaked this bad before.

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