Why Do Batteries Leak: What Causes The Leakage?

Batteries are a very common electrical item that you all use one way or another. You may use them in the remotes of your electronic home or office appliances, in the toys of the children of your house, in many applicable devices etc. Batteries are needed almost everywhere you do not have a direct power supply. Then you must have seen a battery leakage. Have you ever thought why does this happen?

Well, battery leakage happens due to a very simple phenomenon. The chemical used inside the battery (alkaline) creates a kind of gas in the process. When the gas is produced in more quantities than the battery shell can handle, it leaks out.

There are several reasons behind the fact of excessive gas creation inside a battery. Here in this article, our prime concern is to discuss what leaks the battery and why such incident happens. I will also provide some solutions to avoid battery leakage and damaging your components.

How A Battery Works?

A battery is made up of some chemicals, which reacts between themselves to create ions. These ions are gathered in the electrodes of the battery to act as the electrical power for the devices where you connect it. The chemicals inside the battery are-

  • Zinc
  • Manganese dioxide
  • Potassium
  • Graphite

Why Does A Battery Expands?

A battery expands due to the excessive pressure of the hydrogen gas that is produced during the reaction of the chemicals. Generally, a battery is designed in such a way that it can handle the pressure that is generated. But sometimes the gas is created much more than expected. In such cases, the shell of the battery expands and may result in leakage.

What Causes Batteries To Leak?

The same answer goes for the question too, the pressure created by the hydrogen gas is the root cause of the leakage. Then there are other reasons behind this that acts as a catalyst for the leakage of batteries. Like-

  • Using batteries for too long after the warranty period is reason for battery leakage
  • Batteries that are kept connected in a device for too long can result in battery leakage, especially when the device is not used.
  • While using multiple batteries in a device, the use of batteries from various brands or power rating can affect the battery

How To Prevent Battery Leakage?

Battery leakage can be prevented up to an extent by following some cautions. Though leakage due to manufacturing fault is non-preventable. You can follow the following steps to prevent battery leakage that happens due to the faults of user:

  • Do not keep batteries in the device if you are not planning to use the device for a while. Keeping the batteries connected in the unused devices creates pressure on the batteries.
  • Do not use batteries of various brands or power together. If the batteries connected together are different in power ratings, the higher power ones will create stress on the lower power ones.
  • Keep an eye on the warranty period of the batteries. Batteries that are way past the warranty period have a good chance of becoming faulty.

What To Do If You Notice Battery Leakage?

If you find a battery that is leaked in your device, immediately try to take it out. In that case, you must take some precautions.

  • Make sure to power off the device.
  • Use gloves to avoid skin contact with the leakage chemicals.
  • Do no heat the battery or remove it beside fire.
  • After removal of the faulty battery, do not forget to wash your hands.

If your battery has a valid warranty period at that time, you can file a complain and claim for an exchange. If the battery is not damaged due to a short circuit or user error, the authority will probably exchange the battery.

What Are The Risks Of Battery Leakage?

Battery leakage can result in device damage as well as minor to major accidents. Batteries used in remotes or other small appliances normally creates no major damages. But sometimes it may damage the device or an IC in the circuit.

Batteries used in mobiles are often dangerous. Due to the excess hydrogen gases, the batteries seem to expand in many cases. Those batteries can detonate like a little bomb if not handled carefully. In such cases, the device is totally damaged and result in injuries to the user. So, it is very important to handle a leak battery.


I have articulated all the things related to the facts that cause battery leakage. If you want to learn about it, then this is the right article for you. Read it whole, to learn about what causes battery leakage, how to deal with it and how to prevent it.

The article also gives hindsight on the damages it can cause. So, learning about it is very essential for your daily life since you will need to use batteries every day. I hope you find this really helpful. Good luck!!

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