Best Group 35 Battery (Review And Buying Guide 2022)

You can’t simply buy any battery for your car. The terminal has certain measurements that can house a specific group of batteries. If you read the owner manual, you will know the right group name.

In this article, I am going to talk about the best group 35 battery for the respective car owners. Before we jump into the detailed review, let’s take a quick look at the product comparison table below.

At a Glance: Top 5 Recommended Group 35 Battery

  1. Arc-Angel LiFePO4 Battery – Best Overall
  2. NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM35 – Runner-up
  3. Delphi BU9035 MaxStart – Best Budget
  4. Optima Batteries 8020-164 – Great for Starting Applications
  5. Optima Batteries 8040-218 – Affordable and Durable

Group 35 Batteries Dimensions, Weight, Chemistry, Features

Those who are going to buy a group size 35 battery from their local store can benefit from my buying guide. It contains all the necessary factors to find the best battery for their vehicle.

However, car owners who are going to order one from Amazon can skip this part, read the product review, and choose one immediately. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is A Group 35 Battery?

Group 35 indicates a specific dimension that fits a limited number of car models. It is a BCI (Battery Council International) standard. Check your vehicle’s owner manual and see whether it has a group 35 battery tray or not.

Usually, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Acura, and some older American Cars follow this standard. It is also found in ordinary cars, trucks, and RVs. However, measuring the battery compartments by yourself can be reassuring.

According to BCI, the battery size should be around 9.0625 x 6.875 x 8.875 inches, or 230 x 175 x 225 mm. The final product can be a few mm off which is perfectly fine. These are medium-sized batteries that are capable of supporting a wide range of applications. Now, you know which batteries fall into this category. Let’s continue to the rest of the parameters.

Lithium Iron Phosphate, AGM, or Lead Acid?

When it comes to group 35 AGM battery or LiFePO4 battery, lead-acid battery, lithium wins the battle. It is due to its increased efficiency, longer runtime, more durability, greater cycle-life, and very lightweight construction.

See the product comparison chart above to see the proof. The top pick model weighs almost half of other competitor batteries. Likewise, lead-acid models lose by a mile, and that is why there are no lead-acid batteries are reviewed in this article.

Starting or Dual Purpose?

The decision to either go with high CCA-rated starting batteries or less powerful dual-purpose ones depends on the amount of power draw. If the engine requires a lot of power in the beginning and not much afterward, you should go with the starting type. In my list, Arc-Angel and Optima offer two such products. On the other hand, there are 3 dual-purpose batteries.

Battery Prices

Lastly, think about the budget. Carefully considering the specific type from the above parameters, select one from my list, and see whether you can afford it. starting around 200 dollars, I have reviewed

several models with a wide price range.

How Did I Pick?

If you search on Amazon with the term “Group 35 Batteryâ€, you will see lots of models on the result page. But I faced a problem while selecting this specific group of batteries. Lots of batteries listed on the page do not match the group 35 battery dimensions.

Those who are not careful enough can easily get deceived by the confusing reviews. So, I cross-checked every model’s dimension with the BCI standards and picked 5 models. There are also some other models besides my selection but I haven’t selected them due to their unavailability.

Modern vehicles have lots of appliances that require lots of battery power. Here, only AGM or LiFePO4 batteries can handle a wide range of applications. That is why you won’t see any lead-acid model in my final selection.

Top 7 Group 35 Batteries: My Honest Picks

Model NameBattery TypeAhCCA RatingReserve CapacityWeight (lbs.)DimensionPrice
Arc-Angel LiFePO4 BatteryStarting409008015.999.37†x 6.77†x 8.70â€$$$$
NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM35Dual Purpose6074011548.99.45†x 6.77†x 8.54â€$$$
Delphi BU9035 MaxStartDual Purpose3568010039.49.56†x 6.75†x 7.75â€$$
Optima Batteries 8020-164Starting447209031.79.3†x 6.8†x 7.6â€$$
Optima Batteries 8040-218Dual Purpose486209836.49.38†x 6.75†x 7.69â€$$

Lithium-ion batteries outperform AGM ones in terms of delivering exceptional starting power. However, it can’t provide enough juice over a long time. Let’s get started with the reviews.

1. Arc-Angel LiFePO4 Battery – Best Overall

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and maintenance-free construction
  • High CCA rating compared to other AGM batteries
  • Better starting performance than others
  • Lasts longer than 10 years
Arc-Angel LiFePO4 Battery

Check Latest Price

I have picked the most powerful starting battery with the highest CCA rating as the best group 35 compatible battery. Although its outer case measures slightly larger than the standard values, you won’t have issues installing it.


What you would love about this battery other than the exceptional low-temperature performance is the weight. Due to the advanced battery chemistry and better design, Arc-Angel LiFePO4 Battery weighs almost half of what other AGM batteries weigh.


Moreover, there is no off-gassing issue which is common in lead-acid batteries. So, LiFePO4 is eco-friendly too. After replacing your old battery with this one, you will notice the difference right after starting the engine.


The longevity is without any doubt more than one expects from a traditional one. Also, Arc-Angel is capable of providing four or five times more charging cycles ensuring longer service life. The cells are housed in a durable plastic box with tight sealing so that nothing can come out even on bumpy roads.

Tip: According to the manufacturer, the battery is not much self-discharging as others, which means that it can maintain the voltage even after sitting idly for a long time.

Quick Charging

Take note that this battery technology is comparatively new and users have less experience. So far, the feedbacks are positive, and you can rely on it. One issue that might bother you is the fact that the battery needs a special charger. However, it can be charged using the onboard alternators like the other models.

Due to the charging efficiency, it draws less horsepower from the alternator. Faster starting, consistent power, and improved audio fidelity are worth the high price. So, order one from the link here with the best available online price.

2. NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM35 – Runner-up

Key Features:

  • Very good CA, MCA, and CCA ratings
  • Quick starting time
  • Faster recharge time with 900-time cycling capabilities
  • Durable plastic body with heat-resistant feature

Check Latest Price

Having less CCA rating and inferior battery technology are the only reasons I chose NSB-AGM35 as my runner-up model. Other than that, there are no downsides to this battery. It even costs less.

High Capacity

740 CCA, 60 nominal capacity, and 110 reserve capacity can ensure faster starting and provide consistent power without any problem. In harsh weather or road conditions, anyone can rely on its performance.

Versatile Usability

Compared to group-35 AGM batteries, it costs more but the extra money is worth the features, performance, and durability. Due to its wide range of capabilities, one can use it on trucks, buses, pickups, fifth-wheel vehicles, and RVs.

Zero Maintenance

The top portion of the battery is sealed perfectly making it spill-proof, and vibration-resistant. As there is no need to check the water level from time to time like lead-acid batteries, you would love the non-spillable, maintenance-free design features. Considering the NorthStar NSB-AGM35 physical dimensions, it is a big battery with high capacity. But those who want more power can go for a larger battery of different group sizes.

Improved Efficiency

Moreover, efficient design and better build quality are the reasons, it has fast charging capabilities. As the manufacturer uses pure lead plates, it can be used for deep cycle applications.


Overall, you will be satisfied with its long service life that promises over 900 charging/discharging cycles at 50 depth of discharge.

Tip: Lots of not-compatible car owners like this one for its performance and features. Even if your car doesn’t support it, you can make some changes in the tray size and house it easily. However, more power requires higher group sizes.

Despite the cost and weight, there is nothing much to complain about this model from NorthStar. But it won’t be logical to get in trouble due to the poor performance of a cheap group 35 battery. So, order one now for your group 35 compatible vehicle.

3. Delphi BU9035 MaxStart – Best Budget

Key Features:

  • More vibration resistant than conventional models
  • Corrosion-resistant sealed housing
  • Durable construction with fortified posts, straps, and welds
  • OEM-fit replacement for easy installation
Delphi BU9035 MaxStart

Check Latest Price

Better reserve capacity than the top pick costing almost half of it is the reason lots of people love this group 35 battery from Delphi. Indeed, the CCA, rating may not seem sufficient but still, 680 cold-cranking amps can provide enough starting power in very cold weather conditions.

Good Capacity

Moreover, 100 minutes of reserve capacity at 25 amps is good enough to run several car electronics without making the battery die. Powering up accessories ranging from heated seats to DVD players, it is a highly capable AGM battery. Another really interesting claim from the manufacturer is about its build quality.

Stronger Build

Due to a stronger outer shell and better internal design, Delphi BU9035 MaxStart can withstand 20 times more vibration than a traditional car battery. That information should be enough to make you worry less about the bumpy roads you have to travel more frequently.

Easy Installation

According to the specs, the battery measurement matches the BCI standards closely. As a result, it fits most of the compatible vehicles but there might be some exceptions. It would be better if you measure the tray in your vehicle by yourself, and make sure it matches the description before ordering the battery online.

Tip: From the user feedback, I have seen that it has longevity issues which means that the cells tend to die within a short time. So, be careful before going for this low-budget model.


Corrosion or vibration, nothing can affect its performance on the road making it very reliable. Despite the issues I have told you about the service life, you won’t have anything to worry about.

However, such downsides come with low-cost models. As it doesn’t cost way less than other AGM batteries on the list, you should consider one from Optima.

4. Optima Batteries 8020-164 – Great for Starting Applications

Key Features:

  • Unique design ensuring more power and durability
  • Good reserve capacity with constant performance
  • Well-sealed with vibration-resistant properties
  • Fast recharging capabilities and maintenance-free construction
Optima Batteries 8020-164

Check Latest Price

8020-164 is an Optima RedTop battery that is suitable for applications where starting the engine is the primary function. What I mean is that vehicles without lots of aftermarket electronics can get ultra-premium performance from this battery. The battery offers the same type of services as the top pick model.

Durable and Reliable

It has the specs close to the runner-up model without what NorthStar costs. This high-performance AGM battery is unique in design. The benefit is that you are getting a more efficient battery with spill-proof, corrosion-resistant, and vibration-resistant build quality. According to the manufacturer, Optima 8020-164 is 15 times more vibration resistant than lots of competitor models.

Any-position Mount

Another advantage of the unique battery design is that you can mount it in virtually any position without affecting anything. This maintenance-free AGM battery has twice more durability with fast-charging capabilities.

Better Design

If you are having trouble starting the engine in extreme weather conditions, this AGM battery will save the day. Its spiral-wound cell design is not only helpful for production but also ensures more efficiency. Moreover, as it requires no maintenance, you won’t have to look for the water level or corrosion regularly.

Tip: For 2004 Turbo PT Cruiser owners, it is advised to take the help of a mechanic because the battery may not fit easily.


After unboxing the battery, you will find a plastic tray. Don’t throw it away if you own a Frontier, it will help raise it and fit the model. Also, use an electrical-conducting gel, a wire brush while, and battery terminal cleaner to clean the clamps while installation.

Versatile Application

It supports a wide range of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, hot rods, or street performance cars, you can rely on its race-proven track in terms of performances. Those who are on a tight budget but lives in colder regions must get this one for mainly starting applications.

5. Optima Batteries 8040-218 – Affordable and Durable

Key Features:

  • A good amount of charge-discharge cycles
  • Durable battery with great CCA rating
  • 15 times more vibration resistant than ordinary models
  • Capable of supporting multiple electronics
Optima Batteries 8040-218

Check Latest Price

For the price, you are sacrificing cold-cranking amps in 8040-218 Optima YellowTop AGM battery. Though the CCA rating is the lowest in this list, other features make up for it. compared to the RedTop one reviewed above, this one is perfect for vehicles with multiple electronics.

Better Service Life

The reason I have declared it as a durable model is that the manufacturer claims its longevity up to 3 times more than the competitor models. Also, it has 15 times more vibration resistance making it suitable for harsh road conditions.

Increased Charging/Discharging Cycle

Its spill-proof and uniquely balanced design make it possible to mount in virtually any position. With fast charging capabilities, the battery can withstand more than 300 charging and discharging cycles.

Powerful Dual-purpose

The deep cycle capabilities let you run lots of car accessories such as running lights, high-performance stereo/AV systems, winches, or hydraulics. If you are looking for a true dual-purpose AGM battery, this is the one.

Seasonal Usability

Furthermore, due to its very low self-discharge rate, you can use it after keeping it idle for a long time. From the Optima YellowTop D35 reviews, I have seen that lots of customers are saying it is not a perfect fit. It is true because the physical dimensions run a little bit shorter than the standards.


It requires no maintenance, hence no worries, and you can use this dependable power for years. The price of D35 keeps changing a lot. So, go to the link given here to see the best available price you can get ordering the AGM battery online.

Tip: You can use group 35 Optima battery for marine applications but make sure that the battery can be changed regularly.

Overall, the durable construction, and intelligent battery design philosophy make it very efficient and the second-most popular AGM battery on the list. Even if your car has no alternator, you can use it. In short, deep cycling applications where discharge cycle is more, this is the model to go for.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs):

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the best group 35 car battery?u003c/strongu003e

Both my top pick and runner-up model respectively from Arc-Angel and NorthStar are the best group 35 batteries. One can also go for an Optima if he or she doesn’t have enough budget.

u003cstrongu003eWhat cars take a 35 battery?u003c/strongu003e

As I have already mentioned in the buying guide, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Acura, some ordinary cars, and RVs, use a group 35 auto battery.

u003cstrongu003eHow many amp-hours is a group 35 battery?u003c/strongu003e

The amount of amp-hours varies by Factory battery models. So, there are no exact answers to that question.

u003cstrongu003eWhat are the dimensions of a group 35 car battery?u003c/strongu003e

According to the BCI standards, it should be around 9.0625 x 6.875 x 8.875 inches, or 230 x 175 x 225 mm.

u003cstrongu003eHow much does a group 35 battery weigh?u003c/strongu003e

Like the 20h capacity and CCA rating, the weight of AGMs and other batteries also vary from model to model. The most lightweight one is the top pick from Arc-Angel which has the LiFePO4 formula.

Final Words

According to the comparison chart and review, which one do you think the best group 35 battery? Both Arc-Angel LiFePO4 and NORTHSTAR NSB-AGM35 are worth your consideration. But the RedTop and YellowTop automotive batteries from Optima are the most popular ones with hundreds of positive feedbacks.

On the other hand, Delphi makes the most affordable group size 35 batteries. Let me know in the comments about the model you are going to buy. If you have found a better power source, feel free to share it with us.

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