How Long Do Batteries Last In Schlage Locks: Answered!

Changing the batteries timely in your smart locks can be a hassle. And some factors make the battery drains fasters than usual. 

So, a common confusion often occurs, how long do batteries last in Schlage locks?

Batteries in Schlage Connect and Sense Smart Deadbolt last for almost 1 year. For Schlage electronic locks, the batteries perform well for around 2 years. However, Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolts have a shorter runtime of only 6 months. Anything shorter than these runtimes can be a sign of a problem. 

There’s more to it. To know fully about your smart lock’s battery runtime and ways to increase it, keep reading. 

Understanding Schlage Locks and Their Battery Requirements

Schlage offers a wide range of locks with various features and battery requirements. Those locks have different battery life depending on the features. 

For this, it is important to understand the types before drawing any conclusions concerning the battery’s lifespan.

Here are some basic types of Schlage locks. 

  • Encode Smart deadbolt 
  • Sense Smart deadbolt
  • Connect Smart deadbolt
  • Electric deadbolt
Schlage LocksBattery Type RequiredNumber of Batteries
Encode Smart deadboltAA Alkaline Battery4
Sense Smart deadboltAA Alkaline Battery4
Connect Smart deadboltAA Alkaline Battery4
Electric deadbolt9V Alkaline Battery 1

There are four categories of Schlage smart deadbolts according to the compatibility with other smart devices and connectivity. However, all the smart deadbolts typically run with 4 AA alkaline batteries. 

Schlage also has both keypads and touchscreen electric deadbolts. They run on a 9V alkaline battery. 

How Long Do Batteries Last In Schlage Locks

How Long Do Schlage Batteries Last

Types of Schlage LocksConnectivityLongevity/Runtime
Encode Smart deadbolt Wi-Fi6 months
Sense Smart deadboltBluetooth 1 year
Connect Smart deadboltZ-wave1 year
Electric deadbolt2 years

How Long Does Schlage Encode Battery Last??

Schlage Encode smart deadbolt batteries last around 6 months. This is a downside of these locks.

Encode Smart Deadbolts doesn’t need any external hub for connectivity. It has its own built-in Wi-Fi. This built-in Wi-Fi takes power directly from the batteries and which causes batteries to drain faster. 

How Long Does Schlage Sense Battery Last?

Batteries last around a year in Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt depending on its usage. There is no built-in Wi-Fi in this lock rather it uses Bluetooth as connectivity. That’s why the battery of the Sense Smart deadbolt lasts longer than that of the Encode deadbolt. 

Sense smart deadbolts can be only operated by Siri and Apple’s Home app. To use it with Alexa or Wink Hub instead of just Apple, you need an additional Wi-Fi adapter. 

However, this additional Wi-Fi adapter won’t affect the internal battery life of the lock as it will be connected separately. 

How Long Does Schlage Connect Battery Last?

In Connect Smart Deadbolt, batteries last for a year Just like the Sense deadbolt. It uses Z-wave for connectivity. Z-wave is a radio technology that allows all devices inside the network to communicate with one another. 

There is an external hub for using devices via Z-wave. Therefore, it doesn’t deplete your smart lock’s external batteries as quickly as Encode smart deadbolts do.

How Long Does Schlage Electric Battery Last?

Among all the Schlage deadbolts, batteries last the longest In Schlage electronic deadbolts. The manufacturer claims that the battery should last around 3 years. 

However, my experience and Amazon customer reviews beg to differ from that. The battery in Schlage electric lock actually lasts around 2 years if you use it all the time. 

Batteries in electric deadbolts go longest because there are no other smart devices connected with them. The battery is just used to operate the lock and keypad. 

What Makes The Schlage Lock Batteries Have Lower Runtime

The runtime I’ve discussed above is the standard runtime for Schlage lock batteries. However, the batteries can get drained way earlier than that because of some reasons stated below. 


Reason 1: Using The Wrong Battery

Schlage specifically mentions which batteries to use in their locks. Using batteries other than that in your Schlage locks may cause the lock to drain the battery faster. 

Solution: Don’t use lithium or rechargeable batteries in your Schlage locks. So, what are the best batteries for Schlage Locks? 

Schlage Smart Deadbolts including Encode, Sense, and Connect require 4 AA Alkaline batteries. Schlage electronic deadbolts require 9V Alkaline batteries. And you have to use non-rechargeable batteries. 

Moreover, using good quality batteries ensure maximum longevity on your battery life.  You can check out these good-quality batteries.  

AA batteries are different from D batteries and other batteries. That’s why you should strictly follow the battery recommendation of the manufacturer. 

Reason 2: Weak Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If a Schlage Encode battery dies fast, a weak Wi-Fi signal can be a reason for the quick battery drain. When your Schlage smart lock can’t connect to the Wi-Fi network, it keeps looking for connectivity continuously, which uses up a lot of battery power. And your battery drains faster than usual. 

Solution: With the Schlage home app, you can monitor the Wi-Fi signal and whether it’s strong enough or not. If not, bringing your router closer to the lock typically solves the problem. 

Use a Wi-Fi extender to elevate the signal range if you are unable to relocate the router. If you monitor a weak signal even after the router is close to the lock, perhaps it’s a network problem so contact your internet provider. 

Reason 3: Bug in The System

If you are using the right batteries and your Wi-Fi signal is also alright, it can be a bug problem. The system of the lock can get faulty because of a bug attack which causes the battery to drain fast. 

Solution: You have to reset the setting of the lock here’s how to do it. 

  1. Remove the batteries from the case, there you will notice a “Reset Button” or “Schlage Button” depending on the model. 
  2. Press that button, and a red light will flash. Reinstall the batteries then press and hold the button until you notice the flash turning green. 
  3. In the case of Schlage Encode and Schlage Connect, after removing the battery, press and hold the “Schlage button” and re-install the batteries while doing that. The light of the lock will turn green after you re-install the batteries. 
  4. Press the “Schlage” button again, then input one of the pre-programmed User Codes to verify that the reset was successful. After that, if the bolt moves, the reset is complete.

Remember, after resetting, all the saved programming will be erased and you have to reprogram them including changing the 4-digit code. After doing that, your battery drainage issue should be solved. 

Reason 4: Internal Wiring Problem

Sometimes, faulty or damaged wiring inside the lock can cause quick battery drainage. So, if the battery drains quickly even after resetting the system, this might be the problem. 

Solution: You have to open up and reinstall the battery. Check your Schlage lock manual before attempting to do it. Or, you can call a professional for the installation. 

Reason 5: Cold weather  

Cold weather is a reason for quick battery drainage. If your region is freezing cold, you may face this problem. 

Solution: There is no definite solution to it. Due to chili wind exposure, the batteries of all devices drain quickly. That’s why keeping batteries in the freezer is also not recommended as some people do. 

If your Schlage locks are exposed to cold weather, you have to keep changing those batteries. Or, if possible, use the lock manually in extremely cold weather. 

These should solve your Schlage Lock eating batteries problem. If not, it is better to consult with a technician. 

How Do You Tell If Schlage Lock Battery Is Low?

All the Schlage locks have a feature called Schlage low battery warning. It will keep warning you if the battery runs low for 2 weeks prior to the battery completely dying. 

First, you will notice a yellow circle flashing on the keypad every time you press the “Schlage button” or enter a code. That means the battery is running low. So, it may be a good time to change the battery at this stage. 

If you ignore it, after a few days you will notice the flashing light turns into a red cross, which indicates the battery is critically low and it will die anytime.

What Happens If Schlage Lock Battery Dies?

Sometimes batteries in your Schlage lock can die before you could get a chance to replace them. Here is what you can do if the Schlage lock battery dies. 

Use Physical Key

Majority of the Schlage locks have a cylindrical hole for using a physical key. You can use the key to unlock the door. Remember, once you unlock the door using a physical key, the Schlage deadbolt won’t lock again. So, replace the batteries immediately. 

Perform a Jump Start

It’s common to forget to carry a key with you when you are using a smart lock. Moreover, a few Schlage locks don’t have a keyhole. In this case, jump-starting the Schlage locks comes in handy. 

Most Schlage locks should have two circular terminals for jump-starting the lock if the battery is dead. Here is how you jump-start the Schlage lock. 

  1. Take a new 9V battery.
  2. Connect the battery with the jump-start terminals of the Schlage lock. The terminals should be somewhere below the keypad. 
  3. Hold the battery for a few moments, you will hear a long beep. 
  4. At this point, enter the code you use to unlock the deadbolt while placing the battery in the terminal. 
  5. Remove the battery from the terminal after you successfully open the door. 
  6. The Schlage deadbolt won’t lock again if you don’t change the battery. So make sure you change the batteries immediately. 

Some Schlage deadbolts including BE365 don’t have a jump start terminal. In that case, if you forget to carry the key, call a locksmith. 


Can I Use Lithium Batteries In Schlage Lock?

No, you should not use lithium batteries in Schlage locks. In most cases, the lock won’t work if you use a lithium battery. Even if it works, it will drain charge quicker than the lock should. So, use premium alkaline batteries as suggested by the manufacturer. 

When Should I Replace My Schlage Battery?

You should replace the Schlage battery as soon as it flashes yellow dots when you use the keypad. And before the battery completely dies, it will flash a red cross. So, don’t delay replacing your Schlage battery longer than that. 

Can You Use Rechargeable Batteries In Schlage Lock?

No, you should not use rechargeable batteries in the Schlage lock. Home locks have limited power-taking capacity and anything other than the required power can cause your lock to stop working or excess battery drainage. Use non-rechargeable batteries. 


Here ends our discussion on how long do batteries last in Schlage locks. Change the batteries timely and if you notice any unnecessary battery drainage take action. Schlage provides fantastic customer service so you can contact them with all your queries. 

That’s all for now. Stay safe and have a great day!

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