How Many Volts In A Double-A Battery?

Key Points:

  • Most alkaline AA batteries come with 1.5 volts of energy initially. It drops down with time and usage.
  • The end voltage is the one where the battery fails to work properly and is needed to be replaced.
  • You can check the voltage level with a voltmeter or multimeter.

The AA batteries, also known as the “Double-A” batteries are the most common power cells that are portable electronic devices. Most AA batteries are dry cells that are made of an electrolyte that conducts electricity. As it conducts electricity, there’s a certain voltage in it. How many volts are in a AA battery?

Well, most AA batteries come with 1.5 volts of energy. However, as time passes by and depending upon the usage, the voltage drops by gradually. Once the voltage falls below 1.35 volts, it is considered to be dead and you need to replace or charge it anyway. 

This article will discuss the voltage level of the AA batteries in detail and how to measure the volts with the help of a voltmeter in detail.

So, let’s get started!

How Many Volts Are in a AA Battery?

Double-A batteries are available in different types. Lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used AA batteries, even though the rechargeable AA batteries are becoming more familiar because of their long period of service.

The minimum voltage that an alkaline battery is typically 1.5 Volts when it is fresh and brand new. The voltage level drops with time and usage. Most AA batteries have the same dimensions that are about 1.988 inches in height and 0.57 inches in diameter.

AA batteries are widely used to run most of the small-sized electronics of your house. Its usage starts from remote controls, watches, radios, portable TVs, alarm clocks to flashlights, and many more. We simply can’t imagine how much we are dependent on these small electronic bodies.

How to Check Voltage of an AA Battery?

Most AA batteries are of the same voltage but if your curious mind wants to check it physically, a voltmeter is probably all you need. The basic double Alkaline battery comes with a 1.5 voltage when the rechargeable one has 1.25 volts. Once you know the theoretical value, you can turn the voltmeter on and look at it by yourself to see if there’s any variation.

At first, place the red probe of the voltmeter to the battery’s positive terminal which is denoted as the positive (+) sign. Similarly, place the black probe to the negative terminal which is denoted as the negative (-) sign. Set the voltmeter setting at DCV and you will see the voltage reading on the monitor.

The reading should be more than 1.4 volts unless it is a rechargeable AA battery. If the reading is lower than that, then the battery has only a few juices left. So, you need to change it soon. An AA battery should power a remote control for at least 240 minutes, 90 minutes to a small speaker, and 40 minutes to a small toy.

Even though there are different types of alkaline cells that come with different voltages but 1.5V is the most commonly used. On the other side, NiMH with NiCd cells have 1.2 volts and NiZn cells provide 1.6 volts.

At What Voltage Is an AA Battery Dead?

Each of the batteries has a limited voltage that starts to decay with time and usage. It reaches an end voltage where it becomes dead. When the battery voltage drops to a certain level where it is not capable of storing the required amount of charge. So, it fails again. This is where the battery is called a dead battery.

While many batteries are yet rechargeable, you probably don’t charge them as many times as they need. They may be dead due to the numerous drainages as well. Again, electronics are designed to work with a particular voltage.

When a battery’s voltage level drops below a certain voltage level, it fails to provide the required amount of voltage. Now the question is, at what voltage an AA battery is considered dead.  

If you have a new AA battery, it will have around 1.65 volts depending on the quality of the battery. It indicates the battery is fully charged. However, it also has an end voltage. It is considered dead when reaching 1.3 volts.

If the battery is a rechargeable one, the nominal voltage will be 1.25 volts. The dead voltage depends on the chemistry of the batteries and the devices, they are used.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Many Amps Are In A AA Battery?

A typical alkaline 1.5V AA battery provides about 2000 to 3000 mAh of amperes.

How Many Volts Are In A AAA Battery?

Typically, most AAA batteries come with an initial voltage of 1.2V. Devices that are designed to work with AAA batteries operate from 0.9 to 1.5 voltage.

At What Voltage Should A 1.5 Volts Battery Be Replaced?

If the voltage of a 1.5 volts battery drops down below 1.3 volts, it means that the battery has reached a discharged state. The battery is considered dead and fails to work properly. So, you should replace it soon.

Final Words

So, the article regarding how many volts is in a AA battery ends here. This article briefly discussed the initial voltage of an AA battery, how to measure the voltage with a voltmeter, and the end voltage as well.

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