How Do I Know If My Battery Is AGM?

Owning a car or golf cart or anything similar comes with the burden of their maintenance. Batteries happen to be a big part of that. There are different types of batteries that you can use on these machines under different circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to batteries.

As there are different types of batteries you can choose from, I’ll be covering all about AGM batteries. If you are confused, how do I know if my battery is AGM, don’t worry! Once you have reached the end, you will have profound knowledge of your battery is AGM, how to treat it, does it suit your vehicle, and everything in between.

What Is An AGM Battery?

The word AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This is a type of sealed lead-acid battery. The technology became popular in the 1980s through military applications. The main problem of lead-acid power cells is friction. The electrolytes are very prone to friction and that reduces the expected battery life.

The spongy absorbent glass mat came as a solution. It holds the solution of sulfuric acid and water like a sponge with fiberglass making sure the even distribution. The glass mats cushion the lead plates so manufacturers can squeeze more lead and glass mats into a single battery. Since the glass mat absorbs the mixture inside hence, the name.

Charging Chart

Let’s look at the voltage to charge level charts. It will give you a better understanding of how much charge is left.


How Do I Know If My Battery Is AGM?

If you have a question like, how do I know if my battery is Lithium or AGM, this is time to end all the confusion. There are mainly two methods to check what type of battery you have at hand. I’ll go through it one by one.

The first method is simple. You have to study the labels on the battery. how to tell if a battery is sealed or standard? The labels will tell you. You will find the labels relay different types of information to you. The AGM batteries normally have stickers or labels that would state something like “AGM” or “Absorbed Glass Mat”. The manufacturers might also use the term “sealed regulated valve”, “dry cell”, “non-spill” or “regulated valve”. If you have difficulty finding the information you could check the model number and manufacturer’s information on the internet. After all these inquiries, hopefully, you will get answer to the question of what type of battery is in my car.

As for the second method, you will have to look for removable caps which will have “sealed” written on them. The AGM batteries have flat tops from where the negative and positive endpoints emerge. If you shake the battery and they don’t wiggle afterward then it is either AGM or Gel-filled battery. Once you have successfully gone through one or both methods, you will have your question how do I know if my battery is AGM or lithium, answered.

Benefits Of AGM Battery

There are quite a few advantages when it comes to AGM power cells. The first and foremost plus point is that these batteries are spill-proof. It does not deteriorate performance over constant vibration. The internal resistance is low so the user can enjoy high power output.

These batteries also charge up faster than the normal flooded technology. The life cycle is also better than the flooded systems. The use of less electrolyte and lead makes it very efficient. They can withstand cold temperatures very well making them ideal for cold weather.

When the fast charging and high power output is combined with a longer life cycle, this becomes the best battery when it comes to lead-acid. On top of all these, they are very durable and less prone to Sulfation.

Are AGM Batteries Worth The Money?

In my opinion, yes they are worth the extra money. What they take up in cash, gives a return in several folds over its lifetime. Their performance is significantly better than the flooded version. Also, as they are sealed, you won’t have to worry about leaking. The longevity, performance, and low maintenance make them worth the money they cost.

Where To Use AGM Batteries?

In short, you can use AGM batteries wherever lead-acid batteries can work. To be frank, it is just the better version of regular flooded lead-acid power cells. Cars, golf carts can be greatly benefited by this power cell’s performance. Other electric vehicles that run by battery can also use AGM batteries. It has plenty of other applications as well. The list of applications includes an ignition power source, UPS systems, starting automobiles, grid-scale power systems, and many more. These power cells have a very wide range of applications. If you have proper knowledge of how they work and how to use them, you can get creative with them to a certain extent.

Some Best AGM Batteries I Should Recommend

XS Power D4800: This 12 volts AGM battery is better suitable for SUV and automobiles. The max ampere can go up to 3000 amps. It can serve very well even the vehicle that demands excessive electricity supply.

Optima Batteries 8025-160: Longevity is the game when it comes to this battery. 90 minutes of reserve capacity provides constant performance. Also, it lasts up to three times longer than its counterparts.

ACDelco ACDB24R: The durable design allows it to withstand all kinds of abuse. Thanks to the durability it can be used in industrial, automotive, professional even recreational activities. They are both laboratory tested and well-proven.

You can check the full guide on AGM Batteries here in this article.

Bottom Line

With the answer to the question, how do I know if my battery is AGM, now you know everything important there is to know about these power cells. These are a far better alternative than the flooded lead-acid cells. They even outperform GEL batteries if the temperature is not too hot. So, you can go with these without any second thought if the particular area you will be operating on is not too hot.

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