Should I Replace My Car Battery Before It Dies?

When it comes to car batteries, you’ll get all kinds of conflicting information. And if you’re not an expert you might not be sure what to listen to. 

One of the main concerns with car batteries is the time to replace them. Should I replace my car battery before it dies? If you’re not careful about whom you’re listening to, then the answers you get for this question might end up being more confusing. 

Some people will advise that you replace the battery while it still working. While other people will tell you to replace the battery only when it dies. The latter support their argument with the money you would save by using your battery until it can’t function anymore. 

So! Should I Replace My Battery Before It Dies?

It’s highly recommended to replace your car battery before it dies. This gives you a better and optimal performance. At no point will you have issues with a dying battery. 

If you use your car oftenly or for heavy work, we recommend that you change the battery every 2 years. But if you use your car once in a while, we recommend that you change the battery every 3 years.  

If you continue using a dying battery, it might end up causing other problems in the car. A dying battery damages other car components that are directly connected to the battery. 

So, it’s not safe at all to use a battery for more than 3 years. You will be putting your car at risk. And even worse, you might incur a lot of money in repairing other destroyed parts in the car. 

The expiration date of the battery is likely to be imprinted on it. But remember that date is a general estimation. It does not account for the factors like summer or cold season, let alone your driving style.

The life cycle of the battery depends on the driving temperature, driving style, car equipment, etc.

For example, in hot temperatures reaction rate inside the battery increases which speeds up the battery decline. So. for optimal performance, changing the battery between 2 to 3 years is recommended.

Replace My Car Battery Before It Dies
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How Long Can A Car Battery Last Without Driving?

When the car is not in use, it still consumes charge from the battery. Internal equipment like clocks, computers, and a few other pieces require a constant power supply. So even if you don’t drive the car for long periods, it will still discharge the battery.

Besides, the car battery will self-discharge even when it is not connected to any circuit. Normally a battery takes about 3 months to fully self-discharge. But if you remove it from the car, it might take up to 6 months before discharges fully. 

How To Know If A Car Battery Needs To Be Replaced

Using your car battery for 2 to 3 years is the most ideal way to ensure you don’t end up with issues. But sometimes, you might need to replace the battery earlier or later than that standard time. That’s why you should always look out for some specific signs that signal problems in the car battery. The following are things to pay attention to at all times. 

  1. Corrosion

Look out for corrosion on the connector regularly. Corrosion and rust set in on the connectors over time. This can mess with voltage and create issues when starting the vehicle.

So, when you notice that your car battery is corroding, clean it immediately. But if the corrosion is massive and can’t be removed, replace the battery. 

  1. Dimmed Lights

Once the battery gets old enough, it will no longer be able to run electrical equipment at full power. This will result in dimmed cabin light, radio, and dashboard. So, the moment you begin noticing dimmed lights, it could be time to replace your battery. 

  1. Slow Starting

If starting takes long, then the battery could be an issue. It takes the battery longer to accumulate the necessary charge when it needs replacing. This happens due to wear and tear inside the battery over the course of time.

  1. Bad Smell

When the components inside the battery get old, unwanted reactions might take place. It can produce a weird smell in one case. The battery can get swollen. This is because as the battery goes bad, it releases some gases that smell like rotten eggs. 

Bottom Line

With no doubt the best way to keep your car running optimally is by replacing the battery on time. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get it done.

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