Will Disconnecting The Battery Reset Mykey?

If your vehicle was manufactured after 2012, the disconnecting battery should reset Mykey. However, if your vehicle was manufactured before 2008, this may not work at all because older models did not include an immobilizer system capable of detecting engine activities such as fuel injection or ignition.

Disabling the battery cannot reset Ford MyKey if your car has an immobilizer technology that can automatically identify fuel injection and/or ignition.

However, your car’s engine might likewise be disabled as a result of this. This can be an issue in some cases, such as when you have to drive but can’t because the key fob is disabled. If your MyKey system isn’t dependent on the engine, unplugging the battery will reboot it, allowing you to use your key fob once more.

How Do You Reset Mykey?

You might like to reset the MyKey for a variety of reasons. Maybe the battery has expired, and the automobile will no longer start. Perhaps you’re planning to sell your automobile but want to erase all of its data for a sense of security.

Ford eventually unveiled their long-awaited MyKey technology in 2010 after years of development. The concept was simple: offer parents more control over how much their children may do while driving by limiting key features like peak speeds and smartphone use. 

This would be accomplished using a key fob that could be configured with time limits. This not only allows families to keep the children protected on the street, but it also provides them peace of mind in knowing that these limits will be followed even if their automobile is borrowed by someone else.

There is currently no official way to reset or erase your MyKey system. This is frequently due to the fact that newer automobiles still have this technology and require you to visit a shop to have it reset. However, you may do the procedure yourself on older vehicles.

Let’s take a 2006 Ford with the MyKey system in this scenario. To start, unplug your battery by pulling the negative connector from the battery terminal, then rejoining after around ten minutes to guarantee that the computer is completely powered down. Disconnecting and reconnecting your car’s MyKey technology works as a hard reboot, erasing anything that can be erased.

If you completed everything correctly, it should read “Mykey Activation Required” on the dash when you try to start the car.

How Do You Turn Off Mykey Instructions?

Now if you need to disable the instruction for many reasons here is how you do it. start the automobile with your admin key in hand. Then, to remove all MyKey configurations and restore each MyKey’s original state, follow the instructions below.

Wait till the onboard computer activates upon starting the automobile. Using the buttons on the steering wheel, navigate to the main menu of the screen. By hitting “OK,” choose “Settings.” Select “MyKey” from the drop-down menu and click “OK.” Look for “Clear MyKey” in the drop-down menu. Pick this option by hitting and pressing “OK” till the message “All MyKeys Cleared” shows on the screen.

How To Reprogram Your Ford Key?

If you wish to reprogram MyKey afterward, or if you’re providing a new MyKey to the scene, you’ll have to know how to configure the device. Here’s how to go about it:

In the ignition, but the key which you want to program. Put the key in the backup slot if your car has a push-button start. Go to “Settings” from the main menu on your computer. Choose “Create MyKey” from the “MyKey” drop-down menu. To mark the key in the ignition as a MyKey, choose “OK.”

What Is A Ford Admin Key?

A Ford Admin key is a physical key that can be used to power and unlock a Ford vehicle. The key has a certain form that enables it to slide into the Ford car’s specialized ignition and smart locks. A transponder is also included inside the key, which transmits a signal to the car’s computer, authorizing it to start.

How Do You Reset Mykey Without an Administrator Key?

For Ford automobiles, MyKey is a theft deterrence system. MyKey may be customized to set limits on your car’s peak speed, acceleration, and music volume. 

The concept is that you will have a key for yourself and a second key with security features for a new driver or a guest rider who needs some assistance learning about safe driving. The following are three techniques for resetting MyKey without the need for an admin key:

  • The service menu can be used to reset the device.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Using a suitable tool kit, remove the item from the car 

Will Removing the Negative Battery Cable Reset The Computer?

Now, if you have a Ford and your key doesn’t work, the battery has most likely been unplugged. This frequently occurs when someone attempts to steal a car or when the airbags deploy during an accident.

Did you realize, though, that disconnecting the negative battery connector can reset Ford MyKey? 

That’s correct! For this purpose, you can deactivate it at any moment. People frequently wonder what would happen if they disconnect the battery wire from their car: should all of the settings be lost? No, when you reconnect it to power, all of the settings must be restored as they were before, even if you don’t do anything else.


Ford MyKey is a clever and logical security program established by Ford automobiles to safeguard its consumers. It was created with three objectives in mind: to safeguard your vehicle, to save you bucks, and to keep kids safe.

However, in case of need or emergency, you may need to reset Mykey or maybe you are cautious about it when you are disconnecting the battery. But rest assured, your Mykey won’t reset due to battery disconnecting.

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