A27 Vs A23 Battery: Which Battery Should I Get?

The certain battery sizes I’m going to talk about in this article have the same voltage ratings and cell chemistry. So, what does justify the A27 vs A23 battery comparison?

Mainly, A23 batteries are slightly bigger with more capacity than A27 making their applications differ. Logically, A23 batteries are slightly larger and heavier than A27.

If you have a minute to spare, this article will prevent wasting money on the wrong kind of battery. So, let’s get started.

A27 Vs A23 Battery: Quick Comparison Table

Before the main discussion part, let’s have a quick look at the table below that summarizes their differences.

Weight4 grams8.8 grams
TypeDry CellDry Cell
Cells InsideLR732LR932
Voltage12 V12 V
Shelf Life3 years3 years
Runtime1 hour at 20mA load2.75 hours at 20mA load
Other NamesGP27A, MN27, L828, 27A, V27A, A27BP, G27A23AE, 23A, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, MN21, L1028, ANSI-1181A
CostSlightly lower than A23Slightly higher than A27

What’s the Difference Between A27 and A23 Battery Based on Features?

You have already got an idea about both batteries. But let me elaborate on that information for you to understand better.


The first major difference between 27A and 23A batteries is in their capacities. A23 batteries have almost double or more capacity than A27 batteries.

Both have a 12V rating making them interchangeable. As long as your device supports, using A23 will give longer runtime compared to the other type.

Being thicker and higher capacity coin cells inside the battery A23 can deliver more power which is 55mAh or more.

I can’t tell you the right amount of capacity because it varies depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the cells used to make it.  


The dimension of a battery is very important because device manufacturers design the battery compartments accordingly.

A larger battery does not fit in smaller ones. Though smaller batteries fit in larger compartments, you should not always do so.

I have explained this matter at the end of this comparison section. You will know why using A27 batteries is not a good alternative to AAAA batteries.

Now, let’s get back to where we were.

From the previous point, you have known that A23 batteries come with larger capacities which are possible because of their larger dimensions.

According to the specs, an A23 battery is almost 1mm longer and 2mm wider.

The importance of knowing this fact is that you can decide according to the device’s compatibility.


Due to greater capacity and larger dimensions, it is logical that A23 weighs more than A27 batteries.

Though this is not very important information in most cases, I think that you should know for certain use cases.

For example, you are going to use participate in a race where the weight of an RC car or boat plays a role.

Here, choosing the battery can be decisive in the result of the race.

Cell Composition

Both are dry cells. These are called alkaline batteries because of having an alkaline electrolyte of potassium hydroxide.

The benefit of alkaline paste is that it can store and deliver more energy than zinc carbon composition.

Also, the shelf life of alkaline batteries is much more than traditional ones.

Every year, a well-manufactured alkaline battery loses only about 5% of its capacity. However, it is not the case for all alkaline batteries.

Lifetime and Warranty

The shelf life or lifetime of A23 and A27 are the same; 3 years. These batteries don’t contain toxic materials. So, they are environmentally friendly.

And, no brands provide a warranty for either A27 or A23 batteries. Some eCommerce websites cover these batteries under their own warranty policy.

For example, Battery Junction provides a 30-day limited warranty. You can check the product and its warranty conditions.

It does not include fitment issues, and damages caused by accidents, misuse, or negligence.

Durability and Runtime

You have already got the shelf life of these battery types from the previous point. And, you don’t have to worry about their durability too.

As the batteries don’t usually leak for at least 10 years, you can store them and use them at your convenience within 3 years from mfg. date.

Now, let’s talk about the runtime of A23 and A27 alkaline batteries. The questions customers usually ask are:

The answers to those questions contain two parts. One is about their durability and the other is about their runtime.

I have already explained the durability part. Calculating the runtime is easy.

You can get it from their capacity. But let me explain it to those who can’t figure it out.

Usually, A27 alkaline batteries come with 20mAh and A23 alkaline batteries come with 55mAh capacity ratings.

Check the electronic device’s specifications that are intended for these batteries. It should mention the current rating such as 5mA, 10mA, or something similar.

Assuming the device draws 20mA current continuously, an A27 battery can power it for up to 1 hour.

For the same setup, an A23 battery can power it up for up to 2.75 hours. These are rough estimations that can vary slightly in real life.

Nonetheless, you have got the idea. The calculation here is simple. Divide the capacity of the battery by the current consumption rating of the device.

And, you will get the runtime.

Leakage Issue

Over time, alkaline batteries’ outer shell gets corroded and leaked. But it doesn’t happen too quickly.

It may take 10 years or more to see paste getting out of the battery shell.

Nevertheless, asking users, you will hear that most of them haven’t seen A23 or A27 batteries getting leaked.


The cost of these batteries is almost identical. The difference is marginal.

One piece of A27 Energizer battery costs around $1.56 whereas an A23 Energizer battery costs around $1.66.

A mere 10-cent difference; however, it varies from brand to brand. But you won’t see much deviation from the average data shown here.


From the size and the capacity, you must have understood that small electronic devices in need of higher voltage are the application of A23 and A27 batteries.

Give you the example of devices that use A23 and A27 can overlap because they have lots of similarities.

The best approach is to measure the dimension of the battery compartment and choose one accordingly.

A27 or A23 Battery: Which One to Choose, Finally?

After analyzing every piece of information in A27 vs A23 battery comparison, the time has come to choose one winner over the other.

It seems that A23 is the best choice considering its larger capacity than A27. I’m not talking about other parameters because of their close similarities.

But you have to think about the dimension too before making a final decision. A23 is slightly larger than A27 making it not suitable for certain devices.

It would be better if you measured the battery compartment of the target device, and decided accordingly.

The performance and longevity vary based on the manufacturer.

After knowing which type (A23 or A27) suits your device, you can research brands or choose one from my recommendation list above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can A23 replace the A27 battery?

Yes, A23 and A27 batteries are interchangeable as both of them have the same voltage rating. But you should check the fit.

What is the equivalent of an A27 battery?

Standard AAA batteries can be equivalent to A27 batteries but keep in mind that A27 batteries are thinner.

What is equivalent to an A23 battery?

I have already told you the other names of the A23 batteries above. Check out the comparison table, and search with those names. 

What are A27 batteries used for?

Small devices such as key fob remote controls, GPS trackers, wireless alarms, and photographic devices requiring high pulse current need batteries like A27.

What are A23 batteries used for?

Small remote control or similar devices in need of occasional pulses but higher voltages need batteries like A23. Check this thread for more clarification.

Fitting AAAA Battery Compartment, Should I Use A27?

No, you must not interchange AAAA and A27 batteries because of their huge difference in voltage rating.
Where AAAA batteries provide 1.5V, an A27 can provide 12V which can be destructive to some sensitive electronic devices.
Fitment is not the only criterion to decide whether you should use a certain battery type in certain devices.

What Should I Do with a Dead A23 or A27 Battery?

You can either send these simple household alkaline batteries to a recycler or your local solid waste authority for proper disposal.
As the cell chemistry of both A23 and A27 does not contain harmful components, you can simply put them in a trash can.
However, the EPA recommendation is to send used or dead alkaline batteries to the right authority mentioned in the first line.


Things must be clear to you now after this detailed A27 vs A23 comparison.

The first criterion in choosing a battery between the two concerned types is the fitment.

If possible, you should go with the A23 for its larger capacity making the electronic devices run longer than the A27.

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