Energizer Vs Duracell: Which One Should You Get?

Being a market leader, you may not think of anything else other than Duracell. But check out what Energizer has to offer.

In this detailed Energizer vs Duracell comparison, you will get to know which brand is perfect for your frequently used electronic devices.

Without further ado, let’s get started. And, have a quick look at the comparison chart below.

Energizer Vs Duracell
PriceMore ExpensiveLess Expensive
MaterialSteel, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, GraphiteSteel, Zinc, Manganese
Backup TimeMore Than DuracellLess Than Energizer
Sealing TechnologyPowerSealDuralock Power Preserve
Storage Time10 Years for All10 Years (5 Years for 9V)
Used for WhatToys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain ElectronicsToys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain Electronics

Energizer vs Duracell: 3 Differences to Consider Before Choosing One

After some digging and reading expert opinions, I have found out differences in 3 categories. Let’s check them out.


For sealing and protecting the battery from leakage, both brands use their proprietary technology.

Duralock Power Preserve Technology is in action among Ultra, CopperTop, Rechargeable, Hearing Aid, and Coin Button models.

On the other hand, Energizer cells have PowerSeal technology.

Both of the sealing technologies are very effective. I like PowerSeal more because it can keep the cells safe for up to 2 years inside a device even after completely drained.

We often forget about changing the old batteries and this feature can be a lifesaver.


Both are great at offering longer service life compared to other competitor brands in the market.

However, their NiMH rechargeable batteries have slight differences. Energizer cells rate at 2200 mAh where Duracell rates at 2000 mAh.

Now, those are not official data. So, don’t trust them blindly. With constant consumption by low-current devices, you can expect longer backup from Energizer.

According to some other testers, Energizer Max shows 8% more capacity than Duracell Ultra.


After a side-by-side comparison, you will notice that Energizer batteries are slightly more expensive than Duracell.

Now, I have seen some customers complaining about battery leakage issues with Duracell. Both brands have the same accusation but Energizer has less.

Keeping the longevity aside, it would be wiser to put the bet on Energizer and help keep the devices safe for long time operations.

Which Brand Is Better: Energizer or Duracell?

I think that the winner is clear in this Energizer vs Duracell battle. From independent testers, Energizer shows almost three times longer backup than Duracell.

Indeed, it costs a bit higher. But the investment is worth every penny for the performance, durability, and reliability.

However, there are some exceptional cases where Duracell beats Energizer.

What the test results mean is that both are top-quality products with good shelf life and performance.

In flashlights, Duracell outperforms Energizer. But the opposite is true when you are testing them in a clock.

When it comes to brand awareness and trust, Duracell wins that battle.

What Are the Best Energizer Batteries?

Reading the comparison, you might be interested in buying one from Energizer. That is why this Energizer battery review will help you find the best products from the brand.

1. The Best of All: Energizer Max AA Batteries

Energizer Max AA Batteries

For running low-current devices, you won’t see a match of these Max Alkaline batteries. People love it more than other brands because of no single incident of leakage or corrosion.

Please don’t freak out seeing a pack of 44 pieces from the listing. There are other pack sizes to choose from. People buy it in large quantities because of its 50% higher long-lasting performance than normal batteries.

Also, the cells are capable of holding the charge for up to 10 years. Store them for emergency situations and get the expected backup whenever you need it.

2. Preferred for PowerSeal Safety Feature: Energizer Max AAA Batteries

Energizer AAA Batteries

Due to PowerSeal, the battery will never be prone to leakage. So, your devices stay secure under harsh conditions or too frequent uses. You can rely on them without any doubt.

What I like about these Energizer batteries is that they feature Powerseal. As a result, the cells don’t leak in any normal situation keeping the devices safe. Even the fully used batteries kept in the electronics for 2 years won’t be harmful.

No other brand in the market offer such reliability. One can use them in toys, remotes, digital cameras, or other valuable devices. Once you have seen their performance, you won’t be able to turn to other battery brands.

3. Powerful and Long-lasting: Energizer Max D Batteries

Energizer Max D Batteries

Grills or med-sized devices suitable for D-size batteries run perfectly for a longer time with these Max Alkaline cells from Energizer. It performs so well that you won’t think of anything else.

The main difference between Energizer 9V batteries from the others is the longer shelf life. It has twice the storage time than Rayovac or Duracell.

Besides the high density of power, it has a solid build quality. As a result, you won’t ever have to worry about acid leakage or any sort of damage.

What Are the Best Duracell Batteries?

Reading the Duracell battery review, you will know how they perform. Also, you can find the right product for your tasks.

1. Most Popular and Most Reliable: Duracell CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries

Duracell - CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries

As lots of low-drain devices require AA batteries, you can try these. Also, it is possible to keep them in stores for up to 10 years, and still have the same performance.

The CopperTop AA Alkaline batteries are very popular among customers. The reasons behind such popularity are the long shelf life and the high brand value.

Click on the link and you would see different battery and package sizes for your convenience. Because of premium build quality, you won’t have to worry about leaks.

2. Longer Storage Period: Duracell CopperTop AAA Alkaline Batteries

Duracell - CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries

AAA batteries have also high demand like the AA. These Alkaline batteries are quite safe and reliable because of their build quality and cutting-edge technology.

Those who are looking for a good pair of batteries for some frequently used electronic devices should buy a pack from Duracell.

Due to advancements in the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide electrochemical system, Duracell promises better performance over its competitors’ batteries.

3. Great for Everyday Electronics: Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

Duracell - CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

While reading the customer feedback, you may see some negative reviews about the 9V alkaline battery. But the overall performance and build quality are decent enough to invest in it.

These 9V batteries have only half of the storage life of the previous two models but it is common among other competitor models. They are perfectly sealed so that longer storage or usage doesn’t cause leaks.

Both brands in this comparison article offer slightly expensive batteries for everyday uses. If you are looking for a good-quality battery without spending a lot, you can choose Rayovac.

Also, don’t forget to read the Rayovac vs Duracell comparison for a clear overview of the brand. It will help eliminate hesitations about their batteries’ performance.

Final Words

I hope that the detailed Energizer vs Duracell comparison has given you the necessary information to choose one brand over the other.

My recommendation goes with Energizer for the obvious reasons mentioned above. Yet, brand reputation matters a lot for some people.

If you want to go with a Duracell battery, that will be okay. Because it also has great capabilities that low-cost batteries don’t. Whichever you choose, stick with Alkaline cells for the best service life.

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