Rayovac Vs Duracell: Which One Should You Get?

While gathering data for Rayovac vs Duracell comparison, I came across some independent battery testers.

According to them, Rayovac lasts slightly longer than Duracell in terms of backup.

However, the shelf life of Duracell is longer. And, there are more segments where the two brands are different from each other. Let’s see what those are.

Rayovac vs Duracell: 3 Differences to Consider Before Choosing One

The 3 key factors described here will give you a clear idea of which brand to trust. Let’s talk about them in short.

Manufacturing Location

Both brands manufacture their batteries in the US ensuring the quality and performance as promised.

However, there is a slight difference. Rayovac produces some of its heavy-duty batteries in Europe. Other than that, most of their products are born in America.

From the acquisition made in 2018 by Energizer, Rayovac is no longer a brand of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc.

Now, Energizer maintains the good quality of Rayovac without increasing the price.


I have seen a tester using a battery tester device to check and compare the performance of different batteries of both brands.

According to the results, Rayovac Fusion is the clear winner with the highest backup time.

When it comes to the shelf life, both offer 10 years of guaranteed power reservation. And, they live up to their promises.


A pack of 12 AA Alkaline batteries from Rayovac costs slightly above $7. On the other hand, the same product from Duracell costs more than $9, and the pack contains only 10 pieces.

The same goes for other types of batteries. So, those who are looking for a budget option must go for Rayovac and not Duracell.

Which Brand Is Better: Rayovac or Duracell?

PriceLess ExpensiveMore Expensive
MaterialZinc, CarbonSteel, Zinc, Manganese
Backup TimeMore Than DuracellLess Than Rayovac
Storage Time10 Years (5 Years for 9V)10 Years (5 Years for 9V)
Used for WhatToys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain ElectronicsToys, Remotes, Flashlights, Wireless Devices, Clocks, Hearing Aids, and Low-drain Electronics

Both brands are good in their own way. As you know that battery performance varies based on lots of factors, it is hard to give the trophy to a particular brand.

The best practice is to know the pros and cons and choose the one that matches most of your requirements.

From the results of battery testing equipment, I can say that almost all of the top brands’ products perform almost similarly to each other.

Now, you must think about why you are not seeing many more ads from Rayovac than the other one. That gives Duracell more authority or reliability.

Well, Rayovac focuses more on quality and price. That is why you can get a pack of 10 AA batteries from Rayovac cheaper than Duracell.

For low-drain operations, both battery brands perform great. Their technologies and build quality have matured over the years.

So, no more acid leakage. Also, longer shelf life has made them more convenient to store some in the house for emergencies.

However, considering the marketing, promises, and real-life performances, I consider Rayovac to be better than Duracell.

It is because Rayovac Fusion lives up to the claim as the longest-lasting battery which is not the case for Duracell Quantum.

Furthermore, comparing the backup time and price, Rayovac batteries are the best value products.  

What Are the Best Rayovac Batteries?

Three top-rated and the most popular Rayovac battery review is the focus of this part. They are worth every penny because of their durable build quality and consistent performance.

1. Trusted Alkaline With No Leaks: RAYOVAC AA Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.8

Text Beside Product Image: Some batteries leak acid and damage the device which is not the case with Rayovac batteries. For general use on remotes, toys, flashlights, radios, you can rely on them.

The listing includes different packages ranging from 12 pieces a pack up to 72 pieces. These are Alkaline batteries suitable for everyday electronics.

The production process ensures complete sealing eliminating the chance of leaks. They are powerful and not very expensive like Energizer.

2. Great for Emergencies: Rayovac Alkaline D Cell Batteries

Rating: 4.6

Text Beside Product Image: Long shelf life of the battery is the most notable feature of it. So, you can keep some extra pairs lying around for emergencies and rely on their output even after a long idle time.

These high-energy size D batteries are very helpful in emergency situations. You can keep them stored for 5 years and still get the power like newly bought ones.

Rayovac manufactures them in the US ensuring a good build quality and performance customers expect.

3. Effective, Inexpensive, and Eco-friendly: Rayovac AAA Batteries

Rating: 4.5

Text Beside Product Image: You would appreciate the packaging which biodegradable. The batteries are economical meaning, you can stock some for emergencies without spending a lot.

Though the previous one is not suitable to use after 5 years, these AAA batteries can last up to 10 years. The company ensures no leaks at any point of its service life.

For toys, remotes, smart electronics, and frequently used low-drain devices, you can rely on their backup.

What Are the Best Duracell Batteries?

Just like the previous brand, I have 3 Duracell Battery reviews here to help you know about their best products.

1. Most Reliable and Most Popular: Duracell CopperTop AA Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.9

Text Beside Product Image: 10 years of shelf life and top-notch performance are the reasons people trust Duracell more. The AA batteries are very helpful for running different devices.

Hundreds of thousands of people like these CopperTop Alkaline Batteries for their amazing performance and shelf life.

It is the #1 trusted brand in America for lots of reasons. The production line includes batteries of different sizes and shapes to use in everyday products.

2. Genuine Batteries with Long Shelf Life: Duracell CopperTop AAA Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.8

Text Beside Product Image: No leaks and no damages make these AAA alkaline batteries very safe and reliable to use. It is not the least expensive but the convenience and performance make up for it.

AAA batteries are also very demandable. Whether you want a pair for flashlights, smoke detectors, or remotes, you can get these Alkaline batteries from Duracell.

As they are the pioneer of the Alkaline Manganese Dioxide electrochemical system, you can rely on their products.

3. Great for Regular Uses: Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries

Rating: 4.7

Text Beside Product Image: Besides some poor ratings, these 9V batteries are widely accepted as the go-to batteries. Good packaging and a fair price are the reasons I love it.

Just like Rayovac, these 9V alkaline batteries from Duracell also offer a 5-year guarantee in storage.

Remove the batteries from the devices if you don’t use them for long periods. It will keep both the battery performance and the device’s health perfect.

Just like this comparison article, I think you would also like to read Energizer vs Duracell.

Final Words

From the Rayovac vs Duracell comparison, you have probably understood which one to buy.

Rayovac is a powerful and inexpensive option. On the other hand, Duracell batteries are more popular for their long shelf life and brand authority.

Also, Duracell Alkaline batteries are slightly more expensive. Now, the decision is up to you. If you ask me, I will go for Rayovac Fusion without any doubt.

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