7 Things You Should Know About Black & Decker 18v Battery

Are you planning to buy a Black and Decker battery 18V for your power tool?

If the answer is yes, you can go for it as the product has a good reputation and positive customer feedback.

In this article, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions on the 18V battery from Black & Decker. Let’s get started.

Are Black and Decker 18V and 20V Batteries Interchangeable?

An 18V power tool needs an 18V battery to run. No other voltage rating will do the job and there is no exception. So, the answer here is no, 18V and 20V battery from Black and Decker is not interchangeable.

Port compatibility is also an issue. You may notice that the shape and dimension of battery packs with different voltages don’t match.

So, read the spec sheet of the battery and check whether it supports your power tool before buying.

How Long Does A Black and Decker 18v Battery Last?

Several parameters decide how long your Black & Decker battery will last. Generally, a range of 700 to 1000 charging cycles is their life expectancy.

Professionals have to use their power tools in tougher conditions with a heavy load than DIYers or homeowners.

Based on the use case, weather conditions, and charging, the life of the battery varies from user to user.

But if you are asking about the runtime of the battery, I can’t give you a specific answer.

The capacity of the battery (ex. 3600 mAh or 6000 mAh) and the load are the deciding parameters.

For example, a power tool with a load of 1000 mA can be run approximately 3.5 hours with a 3600 mAh battery.

Can I Recharge Black and Decker 18V With Any Charger?

Discussions in some forums show us that 18V and 20V basically give the same output in the US.

So, you can use a 20V charger to charge an 18V Black and Decker battery.

But you have to confirm that the charging dock accepts this particular model.

Is It Possible to Rebuild Black and Decker 18V Batteries?

When the rechargeable battery pack can’t run the tool long enough, what do you do with it? Do you through it away and buy a new one?

The answer is probably yes. But do you know that it is possible to rebuild the pack which costs less than a new one?

After some deep research, I have found a NiCad rechargeable rebuild battery kit that is compatible with Black and Decker.

Doing some research, you can find battery packs with higher capacity than the existing ones.

Watch this video to see how one can rebuild a Black and Decker battery pack.

Are Black & Decker Any Good?

Researching power tools will tell you how popular and reputed the brand Black and Decker is. And, yes, it is a very good company.

The company was merged with Stanley in 2010. The quality of their power tools is the ambassador of the company.

DIYers, homeowners, and professionals like Black & Decker tools. Reliable performance, affordability, and durability are the main reasons behind such fame.

It is a 100-year old company. So, there is no doubt about their craftsmanship.

What Customers Say About Black and Decker Battery 18V?

Customers are happy with the overall performance of the company’s rechargeable battery pack.

The first thing they love is how easy it is to attach and detach the battery. Also, the battery can hold the charge like no other alternative third-party 18V packs.

One can get it for under 40 bucks from anywhere which is a good bargain considering the specs and robust build quality.

Some users are using it for more than two years, and they are happy with its consistent performance.  

Secondly, you will love the sleek design and lightweight construction of the pack. As a result, the battery doesn’t make the tool bulky or too heavy.

In real life, Li-ion batteries like this one perform way better than traditional nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries. 

What Are Some of The Best Black and Decker 18v Battery Replacements?

It is always better to buy the original battery replacement from the manufacturer (Black & Decker).

But other companies make compatible 18V rechargeable batteries. Here, I have listed some to save your time on research.

The list includes 3 different types of rechargeable batteries. One has the battery chemistry of NiCad, one has Ni-MH, and the last one has Lithium-ion.

  1. Biswaye offers the most affordable NiCad 18V rechargeable batteries.
  2. ORHFS and Enermall offer affordable Ni-MH 18V rechargeable batteries.
  3. ORHFS also has a very popular Li-ion battery model for Black and Decker tools.

Knowing the basic difference between these cells will help you decide which one to buy.

First of all, professionals working in tough weather conditions should choose Ni-Cd or NiCad batteries because of their robust build quality and performance.

They also offer more cycle life than the other two on the list. Whether it is too cold or too hot, you will get reliable power from NiCad cells.

For temperature tolerance, affordable pricing, and deep discharging ability, NiCad has huge popularity.

Secondly, Ni-MH batteries are right in the middle with some benefits from both sides. But it is heavier than the other two.

If the ‘memory effect’ problem of NiCad batteries is a deal-breaker for you, you will love Ni-MH cells. They have a higher capacity too; but less than Li-ion.

Thirdly, Li-ion batteries are suitable for heavy-duty tasks. If you are working a room temperature, these cells will give you the best performance of all.

Lightweight construction, and having the highest capacity are Li-Ion strengths. But safety and low-temperature tolerance make them not suitable for some jobs.  

Final Words

Getting the original Black and Decker battery 18V or its replacement revives the power tools.

In case the existing pack is not giving enough runtime, don’t wait and buy a new battery without hesitation.

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