C4 Vs C8 Batteries: A Full Comparison

C4 and C8 batteries have different uses. In most cases, the battery slot in the device is likely to work with one or the other, not both. However, you can combine them, or use one or the other in your personal projects.

To make the best of these batteries, you will have to understand the distinction between C4 & C8 batteries. I will elaborately explain the differences between them in this article. Together we will examine all the uses, advantages and disadvantages.

Once you reach the end, you will have greater understanding of which battery to use, when it comes to C4 vs C8 batteries.

What Are C-type Batteries?

C type battery is a standard size dry cell battery having 1.5 V nominal voltage, lasts for more than 18 hours. And generally used in portable devices like torches, cameras, radios, intruder alarms, musical instruments, walkie-talkies, toys, etc.

These types of batteries can be Alkaline or Zinc-carbon or Lithium-based batteries.

They are also known as ‘R14’ designated by IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

These are cylindrically shaped about 50×26.2 mm in dimensions. C type battery is also known as MN1400, MX1400, 343, U11, LR14, R14, 14A, 14D, E93, etc. these batteries can be both primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable).

What Are C4 Batteries?

Here C4 means the package of 4 units of C-type batteries. C4 batteries are the same as C batteries as their single unit is just the same as a C-type battery.

A C4-type battery provides 1Ah capacity and a maximum output of 4A. Generally, they are 50 mm in length and 26.2 mm in width.

C4 batteries are used in which devices where a set of 4 C type batteries are needed like toys, portable radios, clocks, etc.

A battery’s life span depends on the application of the battery, chemistry, and manufacturers.

Generally, a C4 battery lasts for 3 hours when it is used in a device that drains up to 10mA like remote controls, wireless computer mice, etc.

But they are designated to provide 5 years lifetime once opened. C4 battery needs only 15 minutes to charge and 15 minutes to discharge.

Advantages of C4 batteries

  • C4 takes less time to charge than C2 type.
  • C4 provides more capacity than A, AA, AAA type batteries.
  • As the C4 battery is larger than A, AA, AAA batteries, it can store more power.
  • For some devices like toys, clocks, portable radios a set of C-type batteries is needed. For these devices, the C4 battery is the perfect match.
  • Provides more lifetime than C2 batteries.

Disadvantages of C4 batteries

  • C4 takes more time to charge than the C8 battery.
  • C4 provides less capacity than C8 batteries.
  • C4 battery’s life span is shorter than C8 batteries.
  • C4 batteries are more expensive than C2 batteries

What Are C8 Batteries?

Like C4 batteries C8 batteries are also the package of 8 C type batteries. C8 batteries are dry cell batteries and are a package of 8 units of C-type battery. C8 is the same as C-type batteries and C8’s unit is a C-type battery.

It provides more capacity than the C4 batteries and is larger than C4. It can hold more charges than C4. Furthermore, it discharges more slowly than C4 batteries so these suit better high-drain devices like digital cameras or gaming consoles.

Advantages of C8 batteries

The advantages of C8 batteries are-

  • C8 provides more life span than C4 batteries.
  • C8 also provides high capacity than C4 batteries.
  • C8 discharges more slowly than C4, for this, it is best suited for high voltage drain devices.

Disadvantages of C8 batteries

  • Generally, C8 batteries are expensive.
  • C8 (alkaline-based) are primary which means they can’t be reused.
  • C8 batteries are not so available in the market.
  • If battery leakage occurs it may be harmful.

The Differences between C4 and C8 Batteries

C4 and C8 batteries are two different varieties of C batteries, each with its unique set of characteristics and ratings.

The main distinction is the rate at which the batteries are charged and discharged.

The primary distinction between C4 and C8 batteries is that C8 batteries have a higher capacity. That means they can carry more charges.

C4s, on the other hand, have a shorter lifespan than C8s. Finally, C8s discharge more slowly than C4s, making them more suitable for high-drain equipment such as digital cameras and game consoles.

A comparison table is provided below to show which one you require based on your requirements.

C4 BatteryC8 Battery
4A Maximum Output8A Maximum Output
C8 has a shorter lifespan.C4 has a shorter lifetime.
The capacity to store a charge is reduced.Increased ability to maintain a charge
Moderately dischargeDischarge Slowly
Suitable for devices with a high drain rateDevices with a high drain rate are more suited.
Cost-effectiveA higher price

C4 Batteries Vs C8 Batteries: Which One Is Better?

There is no single rule to choosing a battery cause each battery is unique.

Each type of battery is built for either low or high drain applications and comes with other characteristics. Every battery has a different price tag.

So, there is no single rule to help you in getting the greatest battery in the world.

C8 batteries have a higher capacity and lifespan than C4 batteries and the cost is also higher than C4s.

So, choose the most appropriate battery for your device. It will not only extend the life of your battery but also the performance of your gadget.

Bottom Line

It’s crucial to understand the many aspects involved with a battery’s operation when choosing one for an application.

Though C4 and C8 batteries are both C-type batteries, there are several distinctions between them.

Some are better suited to specific applications than others. And some will last longer when utilized in everyday situations.

We’ve gone over the discussion of C4 vs C8 batteries and presented some comparisons. So now it’s up to you to decide.

If you desire a higher current and money isn’t an issue, you should use C8 batteries.

If you wish to use your batteries in low-current applications like toys, remote controls, radios, and clocks, you should use C4 cells.

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