Can Ego Snow Blower Run On One Battery?

Like all other electrical equipment, snow blowers need a proper power source to function properly. As long as you adhere to the guidelines, the snow lower will work as it should be.

You can also use 7 Ah for extra performance gain. However, you may ask, can an ego snow blower run on one battery?

Yes, you can run ego snowblower with a single battery. It is not mandatory to install two batteries. A single battery will work as long as it has a 4 Ah capacity or higher.

So, stick with me till the end, and by then you will have substantial knowledge on how to and how not to run ego snow blower with one battery.

Can Ego Snow Blower Run on One Battery?

You can run your ego snow blower with one battery. But you will have to make it is higher than 4 Ah.

Keep in mind, to enjoy boost mode you will need to use a 7 Ah battery or higher. Otherwise, installing a single lower amp hour battery would mean you won’t be able to use modes that require extra power.

Also, it is mentioned worthy that 2.5-amp hour batteries are not recommended for this machine.

How Many Batteries Does an EGO Snowblower Take?

The recommended advice is to install two 5-amp hour batteries for optimal performance. But you can also run it with a single battery. In that case, you will have to get batteries equivalent to 7 or 10 amp-hours for best performance.

To get the best out of your snowblower you should follow the recommended instructions.

If you don’t meet the requirement and install a weaker battery you will not get the expected output. In the worst case, it can reduce the lifespan of the snowblower.

Can you mix and match EGO batteries?

Yes, you can mix and match ego batteries. You can pick any combination of batteries as EGO makes batteries with various capacities.

The general recommendation is not to go above 10-amp hour and not lower than 4-amp hour.

An interesting thing about the EGO snow blower is that it will adjust the power consumption between the two batteries.

If one battery is at 80% another at 40% then it will draw power from 80% until it comes at 40%.

How Long Does the Battery Last on The EGO Snow Blower?

If you follow the instruction manual, you will get quite a long runtime. With two 5 amp hour batteries, you will get around 45 minutes of runtime.

If you run at top throttle you will get like 15 minutes of runtime. When used in low power the runtime can climb up to 2 hours.

These are calculated with two 5 amp hour batteries. When you mix and match different batteries, you are likely to get different runtimes.

Gas Vs Electric Snow Blowers

Gas snowblowers are more powerfulElectric snow blowers are not as powerful as the gas snowblowers
These snowblowers require regular maintenanceThese are lighter in weight, easier to maintain
It can blow through a deep layer of snowCannot handle deep layer of snow
Costs more than electric snowblowersCosts less than gas snowblowers
They are very loudThey are a lot quieter
Comes with a more durable buildLess durable when compared to its counterpart
Can clear a lot more snow in one pass than an electric snowblowerIt might require double to clear the same amount

What Is A Two-Stage Snow Blower?

Two-stage snow blowers are the heavy-duty ones. Once the auger collects the snow, the collected snow is then discharged at a distance through some mechanisms. That is the reason these are called two-stage snowblowers.

These two-stage snow blowers are usually more expensive. They can cover a large area. These units can handle up to 24 inches of snow and are usually gas-operated. Two-stage snow blowers are better suited if you need to clear large areas.

What Is the Difference Between A Single-Stage And Two-Stage Snow Blower?

One stageTwo-stage
The auger just gathers snow and removes them from the pathComes with a mechanism to throw snow on the side
Can clear up to 8-inch deep snowCan clear up to 24-inch deep snow
The auger is usually rubber tippedUsually comes with an all-metal auger
Performs well only on paved surfacesPerforms on almost all kinds of surfaces
It can not handle a large amount of snowComfortably handles a large amount of snow
Less expensiveMore expensive

Can I Leave My EGO Battery on The Charger?

Yes, you can leave your ego battery on the charger. Ego batteries are made with lithium-ion technology. So, the battery won’t get over-charged or suffer from the memory effect.

These batteries have safety mechanisms in place that prevent over-charging. Also, lithium-ion battery follows different principle than older lead-acid batteries. As a result, memory effect is a foreign concept to lithium-ion batteries.

If you leave the ego battery on the charger for an extended time you won’t have to worry about it at all. Once it gets fully charged it will stop receiving more electrons and sit still.

Do Electric Snow Blowers Have Enough Power?

If your snowblower can remove the amount of snow you intend to, then you can consider it to have enough power. Otherwise, it does not.

If the pile of snow you need to clear is less than 10 inches, an electric snowblower can easily handle that.

Gas-powered blowers can clear up more per unit of time than electric blowers. Where they can clear 700 pounds per minute, electric blowers score less than that. But an electric blower offers significantly more ease of use.

Bottom Line

So, can the ego snow blower run on one battery? Yes, it does. But you will have to meet the minimum requirement. Although using two 5 amp-hour is recommended from the manufacturer and it will offer the best result. With powerful batteries, you can even clear 12 inches of snow quite easily.

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