Can You Use Porter Cable Batteries In Craftsman Tools?

Most craftsman tools come with a flexible design. Many of them allow using different batteries alongside the craftsman batteries. So, you will have multiple options at your disposal when it comes to powering these tools.

You may ask, can you use porter cable batteries in craftsman tools?

Yes, you can use porter cable batteries in craftsman tools. Porter-cable batteries are also supported by most craftsman tools.

Although the power cell spec might not be the same between porter cable and craftsman battery. But they follow the same system inside the device to set up the battery.

Can You Use Porter Cable Batteries in Craftsman Tools?

It depends on the battery system installed in the craftsman tool. In layman’s terms, if the battery fits into a system, it can power that system too.

Almost all companies have an understanding between them to use the standardized battery system in their machine.

So, if the specs of the porter battery align with the standard setup, then you can use that to power the craftsman tool. Also, you can make use of other batteries too if they match the power input system.

The stand includes battery dimension, capacity, bolt, and most of all connector positioning.

If the porter battery can put a tick mark on these criteria, then it can the user not only in craftsman tools but also in other tools that support it.

What Batteries are Compatible with Craftsman?

Batteries that are compatible with craftsman tools include renowned names like Dewalt, Black & Decker, Makita, hart, Milwaukee and etc. But, make sure the battery adheres to the system in the craftsman tool to make sure they work flawlessly.

Before purchasing a battery for your craftsman tool make sure it fits in the spec of your tool. Fitting the specs ensures that the battery will fit the machine.

Although there are ways to modify batteries if they don’t fit initially. If you are going to use such a battery then I would recommend trying using an adapter first.

Are Craftsman and Porter Cable the Same?

The answer might seem a little bit complicated as they are the same and not. But how so? They are the same in the sense that both companies have the same parent company.

Stanley Black and Decker is the company that owns them. So, from this perspective, they are the same company. On the other hand, these two sub-brands work independently without intervention from others. So, in that sense craftsman and porter cable are different brands.

The reason they are not assimilated into one brand is that they have appeal to the different user base and have expertise in a specialized domain. For this reason, after acquiring them, Stanley Black and Decker kept them separated and let them run independently.

Are Porter-Cable 20V Max tools Compatible with the CRAFTSMAN 20v?

Sadly, they are not cross-compatible. You won’t be able to make work with porter cable 20v max tools with craftsman 20v battery by default. If you are desperate for a such pair, then getting an adapter could be a viable option.

Though there are ways to tweak them, for safety reasons, I cannot recommend them. These tools and batteries won’t fit because they are from different series altogether.

There also has been a shift in companies to make tool-specific batteries. This practice cuts both ways as the battery becomes more efficient but in turn, loses flexibility.

In past, these tools with similar series were cross-compatible batteries. But that is no longer the case. As technology is advancing, the compatibility between different brands seems to be diminishing little by little.

Can you Interchange Porter Cable Batteries?

Although cross-compatibility have been diminishing, it is not entirely gone. You can interchange porter cable batter with black and decker. Some DeWalt and porter cable batteries are also interchangeable.

We can take Powerextra 2 pack 5 Ah 20 volt max lithium battery for example. This battery can be used interchangeably with Porter cable PCC680L and PCC685L. Similarly, Black and decker batteries also can be interchanged with porter cable batteries.

It is good to know that many battery pairs are still interchangeable nowadays. It gives you extra flexibility as you will be able to switch batteries between your tools. Having the know-how of which one can be used instead of the other is likely to make your life a lot easier.

Are Porter Cable Batteries Interchangeable with DeWalt?

An interesting thing is both porter cable and DeWalt batteries are owned by Black and Decker. Having the same parent company these two brands often share technology and deploy similar systems. Very often, you will find equivalent one or the other.

So, if your craftsman tool can work with a porter cable battery then an equivalent DeWalt battery will also work, vice versa. So, in a sense they are interchangeable. But keep in mind that they have to be of the same type.

But you will have to make sure the battery specs are a match. To avoid accidents, look for battery connector, capacity, volts and see if they support your craftsman tool.

Bottom Line

So, can you use porter cable batteries in craftsman tools? It depends on the battery specs and the deployment system of your craftsman tool. But there are many options if you look at interchange porter cable batteries with something else.

But you will have to extra effort to make sure the specs match in both batteries. As black & decker, porter cable, DeWalt, and a few others work under the same parent company. So, you are most likely to find an alternate match between them.

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