Can I Put A Marine Battery In My Truck? (With Comparison)

Marine and automotive batteries are different even though they appear to be similar at first glance. You could be curious as to whether they are interchangeable. Or what distinguishes them from one another.

So, one day the battery in your truck stopped working. And you were thinking, can I put a marine battery in my truck?

Yes, if you want, this can be done. Make sure the marine battery you choose fits properly in your truck. The battery has to be 400 or more CCA and it must be 24 volts. It will also need 25 amps or higher reserve capacity. Although it’s possible to use a marine battery in your truck, it’s advisable not to go through the procedure.

This was just a glimpse of the whole article. Before deciding whether to put the marine battery in your truck, you need to understand the differences between marine and truck batteries. 

Understanding Battery Specs of Marine and Truck Batteries

Both of these batteries are used to do the same thing, to power something. But depending on their specs, they are usually used for different things. A marine battery is commonly used to power a boat or any watercraft. A truck battery is used to power a truck or any similar vehicle. 

They are very different from one another because of how they are used. The comparison below will help us understand the key differences between them.

FactorsMarine BatteryTruck Battery
StructureSturdier Thick Lead PlatesThinner Lead Plates
Terminals BoatsTrucks & Cars
Battery SizeBigSmall

What is A Marine Battery Like?

Boat batteries are referred to as marine batteries. Usually, they have two different uses: starter batteries and deep-cycle batteries. In specific situations, they can function as both starter and deep-cycle batteries. So marine batteries are frequently referred to as hybrid batteries. 

They might be used to start an engine or serve as standard house batteries. So many boats intended for recreational purposes use these batteries. They are primarily made to provide a constant supply of energy for extended periods of time.

Marine batteries can serve as cranking batteries as well as other purposes. They must always have enough strength to start the boat’s engine. They must also supply power for any other equipment the boat may have during this time.

Over time, marine batteries will provide a ton of energy and plenty of cranking power. Moreover, marine batteries have thicker plates than standard batteries. This makes them 15 times more vibration resistant than a regular battery.

What is A Truck Battery Like?

To ignite the truck’s engine, Truck batteries are designed to deliver massive amounts of current. Once this objective is achieved, the battery will remain inactive behind the hood. The alternator will continuously replenish the battery throughout this time.

So starter batteries are used on trucks due to the mentioned problem. These batteries are occasionally utilized to provide power for the truck’s electric components.

This will apply to the instrument panel, headlights, and brake lights. These batteries also have a thinner lead plate compared to marine batteries. This enables them to discharge more current up front, which is necessary to start an engine. 

What Is The Specification Difference?

FactorsMarine Battery -X2Power BCI 31MTruck Battery -Duracell Ultra Platinum

In terms of specifications, marine batteries are quite different from truck batteries. Marine batteries tend to have more capacity than truck batteries. It’s due to the higher energy consumption of boats and other watercraft. 

Marine batteries also have more CCA than truck batteries. CCA is a term used to define a battery’s capacity to start an engine in subfreezing conditions. Due to the extreme conditions a boat faces, more CCA is always required in a marine battery. So, a battery with a higher CCA is necessary to run a boat properly.

In terms of voltage, in many cases, a truck needs somewhat 24 volts to run. Due to this, two 12-volt batteries are necessary to run a truck properly. But 12 volts is more than enough for a boat battery.

Moreover, marine batteries tend to be bigger in terms of size than truck batteries. So, the weight of a marine battery is also more than a truck battery. Using a marine battery in a vehicle might provide issues.

Can You Use Marine Battery For A Truck?

It is possible to employ marine batteries in trucks. Marine batteries are designed specifically for the abrasive surroundings that boats must navigate. In a technical sense, you can use them to drive your truck.

If used in a truck, marine batteries won’t last as long as conventional truck batteries.  A marine battery shouldn’t be charged unless absolutely essential, otherwise, many issues will arise. Marine batteries are typically better constructed, however, not the best battery to use in your truck.

What is A Marine Battery Like

3 Reason Why You Should Not Use Marine/Boat Battery for Truck

It’s not the smartest decision to use a marine battery on a truck. Although you are free to do it, it is not advised. There are multiple reasons that dictate that using a marine battery on a truck is harmful. 

Reason 1: Decreased Battery Lifespan

Marine batteries are used for deep continuous cycling. This means that the marine batteries are meant to be charged fully on the first go. They have to be discharged to 50% and then need to be charged back up. 

If used in a truck, the alternator will charge the battery no matter what. This is very harmful to the battery. This whole procedure will dramatically shorten the lifespan of the marine battery.

Reason 2: Decreased Electronics Lifespan

Using a marine battery puts a lot of strain on the electronics of a truck. As a result, the lifespan of these electronics can decrease due to the usage of marine batteries. 

So, while using a marine battery, it’s better to be conscious about this matter.

Reason 3: Larger-Sized Batteries

In most cases, marine batteries are bigger in size than truck batteries. As a result, fitting one in a truck can be a tricky procedure. You can damage your truck if you try to fit a big battery in your truck. 

These three are the main reasons why using a marine battery in a truck isn’t a good idea. So before using one, think about the consequences it might bring.

What If You Use Marine Battery in Your Truck Anyway

A marine battery can be used on a truck if the situation calls for it. However, one must use caution when doing this. It’s because not all maritime batteries can be utilized for this purpose. 

You must fulfill certain requirements before you may do this. We’ll go into great detail regarding the matter in the following section.

Battery SizeDepends on the Truck
Cold Cranking AMP400 or more
Reserve Capacity25 Amps or higher
Voltage24 volt

Battery Size

This is one of the key matters one has to be conscious about. As marine batteries are usually bigger than truck batteries, they may not fit in the battery casing in some cases. 

Depending on the battery compartment size, the right-sized marine battery has to be picked. If not, a marine battery cannot be used. Measure the battery compartment in your truck before using a marine battery. A tape measure can be used to get the job done.

Cold Cranking Amp

A battery’s CCA is the number of amps it can produce for 30 seconds at 0°F. Any battery with 400 CCA or more can be used on a truck. This is kind of the minimum requirement. So most marine batteries can be used to do this.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity of a battery indicates how long fully charged batteries can continue to produce electricity. The alternator often performs this function in a vehicle. When the alternator is unable to do this, this depends on the reserve capacity of the battery.

 A reserve capacity of 25 Amps or higher is necessary to run a truck properly. This is the minimum requirement. In this case, the more the better. So pick your batteries carefully.


For most trucks a 24-volt battery is necessary to run them properly. Marine batteries are generally 12 volts. So, if you decide to use a marine battery, you will have to use two of them.

Recommended Batteries for Using in Trucks

A few marine batteries that are suitable to use in a truck are mentioned below.

ProductCapacityCCAReserve CapacityVoltage
X2Power BCI 31M 100AH1150220 min12
X2Power BCI 27M90AH930190 min12
X2Power BCI 24M76AH840160 min12

How To Install A Marine Battery

Depending on the underhood structure of your truck, installing a marine battery can be tricky. The first thing that you will have to see is if the battery fits in your truck properly. If it does, the easy part is done.

Then you will have to see if the terminals on the battery are on the right side. Sometimes marine battery terminals are on the other side. This makes installing them very hard. 

The positive side must be linked to the positive, and the negative side must be linked to the negative. Your vehicle might erupt if you make a mistake in this area.

In case the sides are different, you can use a quarter-inch brass plate to connect them. You must first drill holes into the brass plate on both sides in order to use it for this. You should also color them for better protection. Then you can easily connect the positive sides together. 

Apply the same strategy to the negative aspect. And after that, you can install the marine battery in your truck. However, be careful while doing this because it has a chance to shock you.

Can You Jumpstart A Truck With A Marine Battery?

It’s hazardous to jump-start your truck using a marine battery. Your truck can be exposed to certain unnecessary risks as a result. The age and characteristics of your truck might enhance the danger. 

You run a greater chance of harming the electrical system with an old vehicle.

If another vehicle is not an option, using a jump-pack is the best option. Normally, these are charged and kept in the glove compartment, ready for use in this circumstance. 

The majority of modern jump starters are compact and light. It indicates that they are portable and simple to keep on hand.


Can You Use A Trickle Charger On A Marine Battery?

Yes, you can. Using trickle chargers will help to keep the battery in your boat in good condition throughout the off-season. The more recent chargers available are fully intelligent and autonomous. As a consequence, it functions as a trickle charger, battery maintainer, and desulfator. 

Can You Use A Deep Cycle Battery On A Truck?

In a nutshell, you can get away with it in an emergency. But the enormous cranking currents required to start engines in a truck are too strong for deep cycle batteries to handle. Therefore, the alternator’s high charging currents that are used to recharge it will cause damage. As a result, the battery will rapidly degrade.

Can You Use A Marine Battery In RV?

Marine batteries and RV batteries may typically be switched out. Just make sure your marine battery has a slower discharge rate and a bigger reserve capacity. Make sure your marine battery has sufficient spare power to run your RV as well. Check the other items you intend to utilize within it as well in between charges.


Before this article you were thinking can I put a marine battery in my truck. You now understand the solution to this query. 

It’s not advisable to do this but if you have no choice, do it carefully. If you have any problems with your battery, take your car to a mechanic.

Have a nice day!

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