How To Reset Honda Civic After Battery Change – Full Guide!

For some reason, you had to replace the battery in your Honda Civic. You notice your car computer is acting weird, your car radio and some other things are not working. 

You may wonder if something went wrong when fixing the car. After you replace the battery in your Honda Civic, you must reset your car’s components. 

But, how to reset Honda Civic after battery change?  

First of all, you must reset the car by driving it for some time. This will help the car detect if something is wrong. Then comes the car’s ECU, you can reset it by disconnecting and reconnecting the fuse. There are also other parts, like the radio, the clock, the security system, etc. 

To know all the processes, you have to read the rest of the article. We will explain everything thoroughly in the next few parts.

How To Reset Honda Civic After Battery Change

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Why Reset Honda Civic After Battery Change?

We will tell you how to reset Honda Civic after battery replacement. But before that, allow us to tell you why it’s needed. 

Reason 1: Some Features Won’t Work

When you replace your battery, you’ll notice some or all of the car’s components are not working. Also, you’ll find all warning lights on in car after changing battery. 

Resetting the components will turn off the warning lights, and the components will start to work properly again.

Why Reset Honda Civic After Battery Change

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Reason 2: Battery Life Will Decrease

The new battery might be under or overcharged if you don’t reset your car and/or its components. This will affect your car’s performance, and it will reduce your new battery’s lifespan.

How To Reset Honda Civic After Battery Change: Part-by-Part Guide

There are quite a few components to reset after you change your battery. Let’s take a look at them and get a brief summary on how to fix them.

Part to ResetWhy It’s ImportantHow to Reset
CarIt needs to be recalibrated to determine if the replacement was done correctly or not.Drive around for a few minutes.
GPSProper navigation and locationPark the car in an empty space without trees or tall buildings
Audio SystemRemoving the battery disables the audio systemEnter the key code in the manual
ECUTo apply settings appropriate for the new batteryDisconnect and reconnect the ECU fuse
ClockThe clock will give wrong timeAdjust the time
Immobilizer System IndicatorThe engine will not turn onPress and hold the brake after turning off the vehicle, then restart it.
Security SystemAlarm won’t go offIt should reset automatically

Reset the Car

After replacing the battery, your car needs at least 10 minutes to adjust and calibrate to the new battery. You will notice that all the warning lights are on at this time. That’s because the car is checking if everything is up to par with the car.

To reset car after battery change, follow the procedure below-

  1. Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes then reconnect it.
  2. Start and drive the car for a short distance, a couple of miles should suffice. 
  3. Make sure you drive at a speed of at least 20 km/h for the entirety of the drive.

After you’ve done that, all the warning signs should turn off. If that happens, your car is good to go. If some or all of the dashboard lights are still on, there is something wrong, and you should go get expert help.

Reset the ECU

When you replace your Honda Civic battery, the car’s ECU memory is cleared. When that happens, the ECU loses the recorded values it has accumulated from the data gathered by the car sensors. Then it goes back to the baseline parameters.

For this reason, it’s important to perform the idle learn procedure after battery replacement. These are the steps to follow for performing this,

  1. Drive around in your car for a short while to warm up your car.
  2. Shut your car off, and make sure all the accessories are off as well.
  3. Open the hood, then the fuse box.
  4. When you open the fuse box, find a fuse labeled ECU.  
  5. Take out the fuse, then put it back in.
  6. Let the car sit idle for 10-15 minutes, do not press the gas or brake or anything.
  7. After the suggested time, drive normally.
Reset the ECU

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This should reset the previous memory of the ECU, and it will get accustomed to the new part, the battery. Usually, it takes one tank of fuel to relearn the fuel trims. 

Reset the Immobilizer System Indicator

When you replace the battery in your Honda Civic, the immobilizer system indicator is disabled and needs to be reset. Note that this only happens to Honda Civic models sold in Canada.

You cannot turn on your engine when this indicator is blinking. So, it must be reset. 

First, turn your vehicle off. Then, before you turn it on, depress and hold the brakes for at least 10 seconds.

After this process, if your car won’t start with a charged battery, there might be some other issues.          

Reset the GPS

When you start your car after replacing the battery, you will see a screen that says, “The system has lost power.” It will also tell you to press and hold the power button for more than two seconds in order to activate the system.

When you do that, you will see a message and another set of instructions. The message says, “The system lost power and is acquiring its location from GPS satellites. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.”

Here is the set of instructions,

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Place the car in a clear space far from trees, electricity lines, and tall structures.
  3. Take away any loose objects, cell phones, or electrical equipment that are close to the GPS antenna.
  4. Consult your dealer if the screen repeatedly appears when the car is started. 

Reset the Audio System

Disconnecting or replacing the battery in your Honda Civic will disable the audio system. So, when you’re done replacing the battery, you need to enable the audio system again.

Here is how you can enable the Honda Civic sound system,

  1. Turn on your car’s audio system.
  2.  Press and hold the volume/power button for at least three seconds.
  3. Then the screen will want a code, put the code in. You will find the code in your owner’s manual.

Putting in the code should enable the audio system again.  

Reset the Clock

After replacing the battery, you might find the car’s clock is not giving you the exact time. On the latest models, the time is set automatically if the “automatic time” feature is on. The car should fix it automatically after the GPS is reset. If not, you need to adjust it yourself.

To adjust the time, here’s what you can do,

For the Honda Civic models that use a 9-inch color touchscreen, 

  1. Press the button labeled “Menu” then select “Clock Settings”.
  2. Set the “Automatic Time” option off.
  3. Select the “Set Time” option.

From here, you can either choose a 12- or 24-hour clock system. After that, adjust the time and select “Set” to save.

For the Honda Civic models that use a 7-inch color touchscreen, press the home button. From there, select General Settings > System > Date & Time > Set Date & Time.

Turn the “Automatic Date & Time” option off. Then choose “Set Time.” From here, you can adjust the time. When you’re done, select “Save” to save the changes. 

Reset The Security System

If you had the security system on before you disconnected the battery, it would reactivate automatically. When that happens, you can reset the security alarm by opening a door using the remote.

So, disconnecting the battery does not deactivate the security system. But does it reset the airbags? What do you think? 

When You Need A Mechanic’s Concern?

If anything does not work as we have described it or if something seems off, do not hesitate to call a mechanic. 

For example, if the warning lights aren’t turning off, the GPS isn’t getting the location, or entering the code isn’t enabling the audio system. You can also use an OBD scanner to figure out what’s wrong with the car.

Replacing a battery is a very sensitive process. When you’re going to do it by yourself, many things can go wrong. So, we would recommend you go to a dealer, but if you’re determined to do it yourself, make sure you know everything about replacing a Honda Civic battery.


Why will my car not start after changing the battery?

The most common culprit would be the alternator. If your alternator is not working, your battery will not get charged. Other than that, it could be a faulty spark plug, defective fuel injector, or fuel pump. So, you’d better get some expert opinion.

Why is my car acting weird after a new battery?

Your car might seem a little off after changing the battery because its VRAM has been reset. VRAM means volatile random access memory, which stores your car’s habits and patterns. Driving your car for 40–50 miles should fix this issue.

How can I get my Honda radio code online?

To get your Honda radio code online, you need to get to the RadioNavi-code website. On that website, you have to put in your VIN, radio serial number, and other information. When you fulfill all the requirements, you will get your Honda Civic radio code.

Which terminal do I disconnect first when changing a car battery?

If you would like to change your battery, always disconnect the negative terminal first. Do the opposite when connecting it, which means connecting the positive terminal.


Resetting a car after a battery replacement can get confusing. That’s why knowing all the bits and pieces of how to reset Honda Civic after battery change is vital. 

Although the steps are fairly simple, get an expert’s help whenever necessary. That’s it from us today.

See you next time!

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