Who Makes DieHard Batteries – How Good Are They?

When it comes to choosing your car battery, selecting a car battery brand is important as there’re numbers of them and some of them are better than others.

You should compare different features such as the battery life, maintenance, amp-hours, rate of charge and discharge, and many more. People love DieHard batteries for their long-lasting performance and eliminating corrosion.

But who makes DieHard batteries?

Well, many people are confused about the owner and manufacturer of the popular DieHard batteries. DieHard car battery brand is owned by Advance Auto Parts which is an American automotive aftermarket parts provider. Advance Auto Parts bought the DieHard battery brand from Sears in late 2019 for $200 million.

Who Owns Diehard Batteries?

DieHard batteries had been developed by Globe Union Battery for Sears since its starting in 1967. Globe Union was later bought out by another American giant company named Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls continued to produce DieHard batteries for Sears until 2019 when they sold the battery division to Clarios. Clarios also manufactures Duralast, Varta, AC Delco, and many other batteries.

Later, on December 23, 2019, Advanced Auto Parts bought the DieHard battery brand from Sears.

Are Diehard Batteries Good?

DieHard batteries are marketed to last forever. While it might not be quite true but they last a lot longer than other batteries. The brand offers a wide range of car batteries to choose from a heavy-duty type, medium to light-duty type, and premium type car batteries.

While the brand is mostly known for manufacturing high-quality car batteries, DieHard also manufactures battery chargers, boosters, cables, and batteries for non-automotive vehicles.

Best DieHard AGM Battery

As I mentioned that DieHard makes great AGM and lead-acid batteries while the AGM batteries are superior. If you want the best AGM DieHard battery, I recommend using the Group 34 Platinum AGM battery.

The battery is great for vehicles with start and stops technology or that are packed with electrical accessories such as backup cameras, heated seats, navigation, plug-in accessories.

The battery is engineered with Stamped Grid technology that ensures its durability with a stronger positive and negative grid design. The smart grid manufacturing process uses 20% less energy than usual and releases 20% fewer greenhouse gases.

With the high CA and CCA rating, the Platinum AGM DieHard battery comes with a three-year warranty.

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Who Sells DieHard batteries?

Even though Advanced Auto Parts have bought the DieHard battery brand from Sears, they still sell the batteries in their stores. You’ll also find the batteries in Carquest stores.

However, the best place to find a DieHard battery is Advance Auto Parts. They usually offer coupon codes that provide around 15-30% discount on online or direct shopping from the store.

Best DieHard Non-AGM Battery

Well, if you don’t want an AGM battery for your vehicle, DieHard Platinum Battery of BCI Group Size H7 would be the best non-AGM battery. The battery is engineered to provide more resistance to deterioration with an increased density of the fluid. This also improves the cycling life.

The battery is designed with DieHard’s signature Stamped Grid technology that boosts up its durability. The battery is the best choice for conventional vehicles with medium power demands and electrical accessories.

The Lead-acid battery provides a maintenance-free service for your maximum convenience and carries a four-year warranty.

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Where to Buy Diehard Batteries

You can buy DieHard automobile batteries from any physical stores of Advance Auto Parts throughout the United States. So, the best place to buy a DieHard battery is to visit any Advance Auto Parts retail showroom near you.

You can also order the batteries from Advance Auto Parts online platform. They will be delivered anytime soon. Apart from the Advanced Auto Parts, you can buy DieHard batteries from Carquest and Sears outlet.

Important: You may get DieHard batteries elsewhere but the warranty won’t be guaranteed. So, try to buy from those authentic stores.

All DieHard Batteries Comparison: A Quick Comparison

Well, you’ll find DieHard batteries in five grades mainly while each grade of batteries has unique features, usability, warranty, and price. Here I bring a brief comparison among the grades of batteries so that you can easily find out the right type of battery you need.

 DieHard Platinum AGM BatteryDiehard Platinum BatteryDiehard Gold BatteryDiehard Silver BatteryDiehard Red Battery
Battery TypeAGMLead-AcidLead-AcidLead-AcidLead-Acid
Amp Hour70 AH70 AHN/AN/AN/A
CCA710 A710 A750 A610 A550 A
Reserve Capacity120 Minute130 Minute130 Minute130 Minute85 Minute
Cranking Amperage885 A885 A935 A810 A685 A
Warranty3 years4 years3 years2 years1 year

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is DieHard Battery Any Good?

Well, it is hard to say whether DieHard produces the best car batteries or not, but it surely is the most popular brand to make long-lasting batteries. In fact, DieHard batteries are widely known to be the most lasted batteries in the States.
So, certainly, DieHard batteries are of good quality.

How Long Does Diehard Battery Last?

DieHard batteries are known to be longer lasting than other car batteries. In the early days, the company used to provide a life-long guarantee for their products. However, even though the policy is changed now, you will still have an excellent experience with the batteries.
DieHard provides a three-year free replaceable warranty for its car batteries. So, you are guaranteed that the battery will run for at least three years or even more than that.

Who Honors Diehard Battery Warranty?

Previously, Sears used to honor the warranty of any DieHard battery. But, now as Advance Auto Parts has bought the battery brand, it honors DieHard battery warranty. You can claim a replacement using the warranty card from any physical store of Advance Auto Parts or contact on their website as well.

Does Warranty Cover All DieHard Batteries?

Yes, all DieHard batteries come with a warranty period. However, the warranty period may be different based on the type of battery you purchase.
For example, DieHard silver battery has a two-year warranty, while DieHard Gold has three years of warranty. Again, DieHard Platinum comes with a four-year warranty.

Final Words

So, now you know who owns diehard batteries and who honors diehard battery warranty. Keep in mind that DieHard batteries are very good for your car and should last long until you don’t buy them from the wrong place. If you do, be sure not to get the warranty service.

I think that sums up everything about DieHard batteries. Thanks for reading up to this.

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