Can You Use 60V DeWalt Battery On 20V Tool?

Over the last few years, DeWalt has developed a bunch of new batteries. For their large cordless tools, they now use two voltage platforms: 20 volts and 60 volts.

But DeWalt battery compatibility can be a pain. Which batteries are interchangeable? What does the battery series by DeWalt mean? Can You Use 60V DeWalt Battery on 20V Tool?

Yes, you can use their 60V batteries on the 20V tools. However, there is a powering difference between these two batteries that you should be aware of.

I’ve got you covered in this article. Read the article below to find out!

What is the difference Between DeWalt MAX XR,  FlexVolt, Atomic, and Powerstack Batteries?


DeWalt 20V MAX XR batteries perform similarly to conventional 20-volt batteries. But they last longer due to their smaller size.

The XR stands for Extended Runtime, which means you get more use out of them before they die.


The Atomic Compact Series is a cordless power tool with a 20V max brushless motor and small profiles.

It is designed to provide you with more power (up to 13% more). It is also more compact (25% more). The series is famous for power with durability.


In comparison to the DCB203, the new compact battery provides 50% greater power and a 25% smaller size.

The battery also has twice the lifespan of the DCB203 and an LED Fuel Gauge. All 20V MAX tools are compatible with the Powerstack.


It is a revolution for cordless power tools since 2016. It was the first-ever multi-volt battery system. They usually operate at 60 volts.

FlexVolt batteries step down and run at 20 volts when attached to lower-power tools.


This lithium-ion system of slider batteries is compact, rugged, and made for jobs needing moderate power.

What is the Difference Between 20V and 60V Batteries?

20V tools and batteries are best for low to medium demand applications. This is because of their size and amp/hour rating. They function in all applications, but have a shorter run time and lower strength than 60V. 60V battery manages a lot of power and runs cool.

Can You Use a 60V Battery in a 20V Tool?

To answer if can you use a 60V DeWalt battery on a 20V tool, the answer is ‘yes’.

The 60V battery packs can power a 60V tool as well as a 20V tool. You can also link two together to power a 120V tool. With the higher voltage, you will have more flexibility.

Some claim that 60V batteries supposedly ‘overpower’ the 20V tools. This opinion is simply garbage. But it doesn’t “overpower” them in the way you may imagine.

A 60V FlexVolt pack consists of three 20-volt units packed into one case. It alternates between all three 20-volt packs in parallel or series, depending on the tool you use to insert it.

You still only have 20 volts in parallel, but more AH. You get 60 volts when the two wires are connected in series.

If you’re really pushing the tool to its limits using a FlexVolt in a 20-volt tool, you might have some troubles (or beyond).

This isn’t due to the battery overpowering the tool. It’s simply a case of you exploiting the extra power reserve and pushing the tool harder than it should be pushed.

Can A DeWalt 60V Work with a 20V Charger?

Technically, yes. This charger will charge any Dewalt FlexVolt batteries as well as Dewalt 20 volt slide-in batteries. It’s just that the larger batteries take longer to charge.

There’s a reason that all 20/60 FlexVolt tools come with a DCB118 charger. It is designed to charge FlexVolt batteries quickly and without hurting them.

The manufacturing of these batteries comprises a lot of technology. Such as a warm-up cycle, real charging, and load balancing of all of the little batteries that make up the total output.

The DCB118 charger for the 20/60 FlexVolt that’s fan-cooled, 8 amps (four times this charger’s 2 amps), and backward compatible with 20V is perfect for 60V.

Can You Use a 20V Battery in a 60V Tool?

No, they cannot power the tool because of their lower amp. Moreover, It’s not going to fit.

All 60 and 120-volt equipment includes plastic tabs that prevent 20-volt batteries from being used. FlexVolt batteries contain unique ports that enable them to be used.

Is DeWalt XR Compatible with FlexVolt?

Yes and No. And you already know why if you’ve read this far. But let me explain for your benefit.

According to DeWalt, the XR range of batteries lasts 33% longer than the 20v “max” brand of batteries of the same size.

The XR on the tool denotes brushless motors, which are more efficient and result in longer battery life. (Therefore, the terms XR tools and XR batteries are not interchangeable.)

DeWalt has released the DCB204 lithium ion battery pack, which has a 4.0Ah charge capacity and a 20V Max “XR” rating. The new XR 4.0Ah battery packs have fuel meters built-in and may be used with any Dewalt 20V Max tool or charger.

This means XR batteries go with XR tools. All DeWalt 20-volt tools, as well as all 20-volt chargers. They accept standard DeWalt 20-volt batteries.

As a result, once you’ve signed up for the DeWalt platform, you’ll have access to over 100 items that all use the same battery technology.

But, DeWalt 20V MAX batteries will not work in FlexVolt 60V and 120V MAX tools. The reason is the capacity of the battery vs. the tool as explained earlier. But the FlexVolt batteries can power

 both the 20V MAX and 18V XR tool range.

Do DeWalt Batteries Work In Brushless Tools?

DeWalt batteries will work in all DeWalt brushed and brushless tools that are the correct voltage.

The term “brushless” relates to the motor’s structure. Brushless tools use batteries more efficiently than brushed tools. This allows them to last longer between charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is The mAh Of A 60V DeWalt Battery?

Available in two mAh. 6.0 or 9.0 mAh.

Are DeWalt 12V and 20V Batteries Interchangeable?

No, DeWalt 12V batteries are only compatible with DeWalt 12V tools and vice versa.

Final Words

Battery compatibility refers to a lot of jargon. The voltage, the AH, size, tools and many more. This article is an attempt to simplify a part of that question.

Hopefully, this article broke down for you can you use a 60V DeWalt battery on a 20V tool.

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