Do Battery Brands Matter? Should You Prefer Brand Over The Product?

Key Points:

  • Batteries from high-end brands provide more energy and performance as compared to the comparatively less-known branded batteries.
  • High-performance batteries cost significantly higher than others for the same size of the battery. So, the price to performance ratio balances out. 

Disposable batteries come in different types and from different manufacturers having a few considerable key differences. The question is do you need to buy batteries with a pricey brand tag on them or how much does battery brand matter.

Typically, you won’t find many differences among different brands of the same type of battery. However, there may have big differences among types such as Lithium-ion battery and alkaline. Again, when it comes to packing the most energy, brands like Duracell and Energizer win, but they cost more than average battery brands which actually balances out.

This article will discuss whether it is worth spending more money on battery brands and more related topics. So, let’s get started!

Are Big Battery Brands Worthy to Buy?

Well, there is a common conception of considering high valued battery brands as the superior ones. People often choose to purchase AA or AAA batteries of Duracell or Energizer rather than buying an unbranded one.

There is a reason behind that. It is even proven that batteries of these brands tend to last longer and have more energy density. It means that the fluid inside the battery cell is denser than a random battery cell but there is a catch.

Regular battery costs are significantly less than a branded battery. For example, an AA battery from Duracell costs around $0.68 and an Energizer battery lets you pay $0.64, while a Dollar AA battery costs $0.20. This clearly indicates the high price of branded batteries. So, you may get more battery life and performance from the branded batteries but they will make you pay more.

On the other hand, cheap branded batteries cost less while providing comparatively less performance than branded batteries. So, you aren’t losing much using an unbranded battery.

However, you may need high-performance batteries in different applications. As different appliances demand different capacities, a random battery may not be able to do so which fails.

If you consider smoke detectors, they need high-performance batteries to operate. The battery powered smoke detector batteries should be changed frequently within every six months as they need to stay connected to the main power supply.

I recommend using Energizer Industrial 9V batteries as they are designed to last long maintaining high performance. Again, motion detectors and door contacts need the best batteries that usually brands provide.

However, for normal and moderate usage, for example, tv remote control, toy battery, alarm clock doesn’t require high-performance batteries. You can use any battery for these appliances.

However, it is recommended to remove the batteries when not in use to avoid leakage and ensure an extended period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do branded batteries last longer?

Batteries from brands such as Duracell and Energizer are proven to last longer than generic branded batteries. This is because the fluid inside them is denser.

Are cheap batteries worth buying?

Cheap batteries usually provide less power and performance as compared to high-end batteries such as Duracell and Energizer. However, some appliances don’t require high-performance batteries where these cheap ones can perform. They would be worth buying for those applications.

Which is better lithium or alkaline batteries?

Alkaline is the cheaper option than lithium batteries type with minimal risk of operation. However, with more expense of lithium batteries, they offer a great advantage when used with portable devices, especially in a cold outdoor climate.

Can Lithium AA batteries be used in place of alkaline?

Typically, Lithium AA batteries produce 1.5 volts which can replace regular alkaline AA batteries for most applications. So, Lithium AA batteries may be a great alternative to Alkaline batteries at times.

Final Words

Unbranded batteries usually cost less and work fine with the less demanding devices, for example, remote controls. Buying them in bulk helps you to save a lot of bucks as well.

However, high-performance branded batteries usually serve better that require constant and high energy that regular batteries may fail to provide. Branded batteries make sense in those cases.

However, brand batteries cost you more as well for the performance. So, the equation becomes easy. It doesn’t matter much unless you’re too obsessed with them.

I hope this article regarding does battery brand matter clears your view on different battery brands. If you have any question, feel free to comment below.

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