Who Makes Autocraft Batteries – Detailed Brand Information

AutoCraft Battery is a line of automotive batteries which you need as an Advance Auto Parts. There is a wide range of autocraft battery types available in the market. It’ll provide your greatest power even in the harshest weather. Do you know what’s the part about it? 

These batteries need no maintenance and last longer than ever. As this is the best battery for a low-maintenance vehicle, you should buy one. But you can’t get a profitable bid without knowing who makes AutoCraft batteries. Now let’s get to know all about Autocraft batteries.

Who Makes Autocraft Batteries

Who Carries AutoCraft Batteries?

Autocraft batteries are the product Johnson Controls can offer you till now. They are sold by Advanced Auto Parts. The company has been manufacturing lead-acid batteries all over the world with stamp grating. And the PowerFrame® technology has enhanced its perfection to another level. 

The brand is striving hard to meet the needs of its customers. Its PowerFrame positive grid technology cuts out premature failure.

This astounding technology resists corrosions for up to 66%. This battery is made keeping the power requirements of a vehicle in consideration. 

Who Makes Autocraft Marine Batteries?

Johnson Controls (Clarios) is the manufacturer of AutoCraft Batteries. This battery is also famous for manufacturing Everstart, Duracell, Optima, DieHard, Interstate batteries. Autocraft Marine Batteries are the best choice for your yachts, ships, and boats.

Johnson Controls is one of the best battery manufacturers in the USA. This brand is also known to process Walmart batteries.

You can find the marine batteries at Advance Auto Parts under the brand name ‘AutoCraft’. These batteries come in the smallest size and weight. So, they perform more efficiently and have a high cyclicity. 

Where To Buy Autocraft Batteries?

You’ll find Autocraft Batteries from any physical store of Advance Auto Parts all over the United States. You can also buy a battery by visiting any Advance Auto Parts retail showroom in your area. You can also get your product delivered at your doorsteps. 

If you’re into online shopping Advance Auto Parts is the best place to get your Autocraft battery from. You can also visit their stores to buy the product physically. They offer coupons with 15-30% on every purchase. 

Are Autocraft Batteries Any good?

Autocraft batteries are one of the biggest and popular battery companies in the world. They produce very decent batteries like their competitors Optima and DieHard. Here are some top-class batteries from Autocraft below. Read this and get an idea about how good are AutoCraft batteries are.

AutoCraft Platinum Battery

The longer life span and non-flooded design make AutoCraft Platinum one of the best AGM batteries. If you have a generous budget for investing, go for it! Enjoying a smooth performance will no longer be your dream after purchasing it. 

Most of the AGM batteries cost high maintenance. But this A-1 product demands no extra conservation. Autocraft Platinum has a reserve capacity of 120 mins, and its ability to deep cycle has no comparison. 

This one is the best AGM battery for premium vehicles. The company offers flattering electrical reliability and non-flooded design it.

Autocraft Platinum features Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Cranking Amps (CA). As a result, they can run ever your vehicle even in scorching sun or freezing winter.

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AutoCraft Gold Battery

Finding a battery that can execute any application is a bridge too far. But with Autocraft

Gold Battery, this struggle has come to an end. If you’re scouring for A-1 performance, Autocraft Gold is 15% cheaper than the platinum one. 

Its PowerFrame positive grid technology defends premature failure through curtailing corrosion. The highest reserve capacity of 130 minutes makes it out of the league from random batteries. 

Usually, this battery has a 3 year of warranty. It enables you to use the battery for a longer period as well. By far, it’s the best Autocraft battery for any application. 

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AutoCraft Silver Battery

AutoCraft Silver is probably the best pick for the budget finders. This battery has less power and capacity compared to the gold battery, but it’s the best at this price. As it lacks in PowerFrame technology, we can’t get high consistency and durability from it. 

You also get a warranty of 2 years with it. If you have a small engine for optional usage, you can put your hands on this battery. The quality of the stock battery will easily match this one. 

With a reserved capacity of 110 minutes, this lead-acid battery is by the best within budget. Even though the gold battery is shippable, AutoCraft Silver is not. You may face issues if the car is parked for a month or more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Autocraft Battery any good?

I can’t assure you whether Johnson Controls manufactures the best auto part batteries or not. But they are a famous brand known for long-lasting batteries. The brand is well-known to customers are for having the best-quality automotive batteries on business. 
So, Autocraft batteries have the quality worth trying. 

How Long Does AutoCraft Battery Last?

Unlike other mainstream batteries, Autocraft Batteries have a reputation for offering long-lasting batteries. The batteries by Autocraft survive a lifespan of 4-5 years on average. The Autocraft Batteries type Silver, Gold, Platinum come with a warranty of 2,3,4 years respectively.
So, you can assure yourself that these batteries will withstand in the long run. 

Does Warranty Cover All AutoCraft Batteries?

Yes, every Autocraft Battery comes with a specific warranty period. The warranty period is different based on which product you’re paying for. 
Autocraft Silver battery has a warranty of 2 years. Autocraft Golden battery offers a warranty of 3 years and the platinum battery has a 4-year warranty. 

What’s the difference between Autocraft Gold and Silver battery?

Autocraft Gold and Silver batteries are two batteries with different warranty periods. However, the main difference lies in AutoCraft Economy(CA), Cold-Cranking Amperage (CCA), Reserve Capacity, and Hour/Amp rating.

Ending Notes

This article has already cleared who makes AutoCraft batteries. I have explained every bit of an AutoCraft Battery. I have also explained many variations of the Automotive battery here. Going through this article will encourage you to give it a try. 

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