Differences Between Interstate Vs DieHard Battery: Which one is better?

There are a lot of batteries to choose from for your vehicle. DieHard and Interstate are two companies that make batteries for cars, trucks, watercraft, marine, etc. Which one of them does a better job?

Interstate is one of the leading battery brands in the market. They have a variety of batteries to fit any vehicle including marine. On the other hand, DieHard is manufacturing batteries since 1967. They have a legacy in the battery industry.

In this post, I’ll go over the distinctions between these batteries, as well as the materials they’re made of and how long they last.

What Is Interstate Battery?

Interstate batteries are AGM batteries with a voltage of 12V. These AGM batteries serve both to power your motor and a cranking battery. It has one of the most dependable plate designs, composed of non-alloy lead.

Benefits of Interstate Batteries?

Interstate is one of the best batteries in the market. They are very popular among consumers for their quality, versatility, and, durability. These batteries are trustworthy and can hold value for years.

This brand offers a diverse range of batteries to fulfill a wide range of requirements. They’re known for producing high-quality batteries for golf carts, man lifts, and security system backup.

For example:

The Interstate DCM0100 Group 31 Marine Battery

The VRLA (valve regulated) technology used in the DCM0100 battery minimizes leakage and over-pressurization. This Group 31 battery is 12.99 x 6.81 x 8.35 inches in size and weighs 67.50 pounds.

This 12-volt deep cycle marine battery has 110.00 AH and requires no maintenance. It also has a long life, making it ideal for deep discharge applications. The DCM0100 battery is suitable for a wide range of vehicles and machinery. Furthermore, it is compatible with all 12 volts 100 AH battery applications.

Advantages of Interstate Batteries

  1. They make a great selection of batteries for automobiles, trucks, and other vehicles, both personal and commercial. In addition, batteries for RVs, marine vehicles, utility vehicles, and motorbikes are available.
  2. Provides a 24-month free replacement guarantee from the date the battery was first bought.
  3. Free replacement guarantee for up to 75 months.

Disadvantages of Interstate Batteries

  • Due to the partnerships developed some interstate handlers fail to honor warranties leading to the company’s spoilt reputation
  • There have been some complaints of some interstate batteries going dead before the stipulated period
  • If the device is faulty you may get a replacement you do not want

What Is DieHard Battery?

DieHard batteries are AGM batteries with a voltage of 12V. It comes with 60% more energy flow. It has one of the most dependable plate designs, composed of non-alloy lead. Their build ensures 20% less production of greenhouse gases.

Benefits of DieHard Battery?

DieHard is one brand that offers a wide choice of strong, dependable, and long-lasting batteries. These solutions from the company are frequently made using cutting-edge technology and look to be capable of meeting the power demands of a variety of vehicles.

The DieHard Red 650 CCA

Because it has a high starting power, this battery from the company is designed to suit the driving demands of users. Surprisingly, because it is reasonably priced, this vehicle battery might successfully operate for your budget.

This product will be useful if you are looking for a suitable battery replacement. The DieHard Red, furthermore, looks to be maintenance-free, which is ideal for optimum convenience.

With a cold cranking amperage of 650A, you can count on this battery to provide consistent power throughout the year. Even better, this battery may be purchased and installed for free at your local Carquest or Advanced Auto Parts store.

Advantages of DieHard Batteries

  • Heavy Duty
  • Large Power Reserve
  • Maintenance Free

Disadvantages of DieHard Batteries

  • Warranty Issues
  • Expensive

What Are the Differences Between Interstate V DieHard Battery?

There are some differences between Duracell optimum and Energizer Lithium. The key difference is battery life.

Interstate VS DieHard

Reserve Capacity140 Minutes Reserve Capacity170 Minutes Reserve Capacity
Warranty2 Years2 to 4 Years

Key Factors To Consider Before Choosing Between Interstate and DieHard

There are a few key factors to consider before buying any of these such as cost, maintenance, safety, space, availability, etc.

Consider these factors before buying:

  • Cost: DieHard battery costs more than Interstate battery. DieHard has a larger reserve capacity. Interstate batteries are cheaper than DieHard yet they provide similar performance in various cases, they provide 75 months warranty.
  • Maintenance: None
  • Safety: Wear acid-resistant goggles/face shield, gloves, and if available, an apron, when recharging or handling lead-acid batteries, Keep lead-acid battery vent caps securely in place. Rinse the affected area immediately with large amounts of water if acid gets on your skin.
  • Sizes: Depending on your need, both companies have different sizes of batteries. For example cars, trucks, RVs, boats, etc.
  • Availability: Both the batteries are available. They have international shipping through their website.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I tell if a battery is good or bad?

If you load test a battery or use an electronic battery tester to evaluate its state, you can determine whether it is good or bad. If your battery fails either of these tests, you’ll need to replace it.

What type of replacement battery should I buy?

A normal wet cell battery or an AGM battery can be used to replace your battery.

Can I install a marine battery in my car?

Marine batteries are built to withstand deep drain cycles and reduced current output. They are not suitable for automotive applications unless the vehicle is rarely driven and does not require a large number of amps for cranking or other electrical accessories.

How should I dispose of my old car battery?

Lead (a dangerous heavy metal) and acid are found in car batteries. They should be recycled at all times. Your old battery will be accepted for recycling at most retail shops and service facilities that sell batteries.

Are all car batteries rated at 12 volts?

Yes, for the majority of basic and beginning electrical systems. The voltage of a fully charged 12-volt battery will be around 12.65 volts.


Both of these are made by the same company. They are available for cars,  trucks, lawnmowers, RVs, motorcycles, watercraft, and marine.

Both these batteries are well built, trustworthy, provide great performance, hold their value, and are durable.

So it is safe to say that any of these batteries are trustworthy, durable, and have a great customer review and you can buy either of them.

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