Does O’Reilly Charge Batteries For Free?

You have most probably come across an AutoZone promotion offering free car battery recharge. And, you are wondering, does O’Reilly charge batteries for free?

According to their official statement, they test and charge most of the batteries for free even if the batteries have little life left.

Now, read this article to know how much they charge to recharge a battery and what other free services are available. From my discussions, you may be able to save some money.

Does O’Reilly Charge Batteries for Free?

You have already got the answer from my introduction. Most car batteries can get a free recharge at O’Reilly.

But I can’t tell you which models or battery conditions are eligible for it. Also, the cost to recharge a car battery is not a fixed amount.

You have to take your vehicle to a nearby store, let them have a look, and give you the estimation.

However, the testing is completely free. So, don’t hesitate to visit an O’Reilly store.

Usually, anyone can get hyped easily by seeing a free battery testing offer. But you should hold your horses because things may be different in real life.

According to a customer, the free tests sometimes don’t make any sense.

Hearing a dead battery means that either the salesman is tricking you or the battery is really faulty.

If I were you, I would be learning to do the tests by myself watching YouTube videos.

Also, buy the necessary tools so that I don’t have to spend another 100 bucks buying new batteries every time I visit an O’Reilly store.

Please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not blaming the company or their store representatives. Due to some bad customer experiences, it is better to rely on ourselves.

How Much Does O’Reilly Charge to Charge A Battery?

I have searched through both official and unofficial resources but can’t find a definite answer to the question.

It is probably because the cost depends largely on the condition of the battery.

So, there is no way to tell or estimate before testing the battery with proper diagnostic tools.

Does O’Reilly Do Free Battery Checks?

The company believes that a healthy car battery is very important for smooth running.

That is why anyone can bring their car batteries to any of the O’Reilly Auto Parts stores and get a free diagnostic check.

You have probably known that extreme heat or cold can take a toll on the overall battery life.

Therefore, evaluating the condition of the battery can let you prepare for the worst-case scenario.

If you don’t believe my words, you can check out their official website and see for yourself.

What Are O’Reilly Auto Parts Store Services for Free?

Besides the battery, do you know that you can test the alternator and starter for free?

Yes, it is completely free and I think that you should take full advantage of it.

The alternator and starter motor are very important parts that need to be in good condition.

Without a good and fully-functioning alternator, your car battery won’t be able to keep up with the constant demand for the accessories.

On the other hand, the starter motor ensures smooth starting. If you notice something is not right, you don’t have to bring the vehicle. Just remove the starter and bring it to the store for bench testing.

Furthermore, I would like to mention that O’Reilly is generous enough to install a wiper blade and bulb without any charge.

Their team of professionals is happy to replace both front and rear wiper blades, headlights, or tail lights.

Now, I have got another good news for new car owners. Seeing engine light can be frightening for beginners and O’Reilly can relieve you from the tension.

Their stores have the diagnostic tools and necessary expertise to find the cause of the problem that has turned the engine light on.

Hence, it will be possible to solve the issue before it is too late or becomes too expensive to repair.

Finally, O’Reilly offers to take care of the old lubricant fluid and oil filter without any charge.

The company takes care of the parts without hurting the environment. Also, you can give unbroken battery to them and get a $10 gift card instantly.

Disclaimer: According to O’Reilly, all of the free services are not currently available at all store locations. Here, you can check the availability of the services near your desired location and see more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does O’Reilly Test Batteries For Free?

Yes, they are generous enough to test the health of your vehicle’s battery without any charge. It can give you enough time to prepare for the next battery replacement cost.

Does O’Reilly Take Old Batteries?

Yes, O’Reilly takes older car or truck batteries and recycles them to make things environmentally friendly.

How Much Does O’Reilly Charge To Charge A Battery?

According to the company, they recharge most of the batteries for free. But based on model and condition, O’Reilly charges some of the batteries with some payment. The amount is not fixed. You have to take it to a nearby O’Reilly store, and let them evaluate it.

Does O’Reilly Give Credit For Old Batteries?

Yes, O’Reilly gives credit after taking older batteries. The current offer is a $10 gift card from the company. Check their official website to see the latest campaigns and offers.  

Does It Cost To Charge A Battery At AutoZone?

No, there is no charge involved in recharging automobile batteries at AutoZone. The brand clearly states this fact on its official website.


Does O’Reilly charge batteries for free? That is the main question of this article, and the answer is yes for most car batteries.

I have also answered several other relevant questions for your convenience. I hope that those are helpful.

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