If The Car Battery Is Dead Will Keyless Entry Work?

Key Points:

  • You can lock and unlock your car’s doors without requiring a key using keyless entry systems. There are lots of benefits of using this system.
  • A dead battery may cause the problem with keyless entry
  • You cannot open the door by keyless entry when the battery is dead

A few days back while one of my friends was trying to get into his car, he found that his car battery was dead. But there were some important papers inside the car which he needed that day. So, he tried to open the door with a keyless entry. Is that the same with you? 

Then you must know what keyless entry is. You can lock and unlock your car’s doors without requiring a key using keyless entry systems. There are lots of benefits of using this system. 

However, will it work when the car battery is dead? Let’s find the answer in this article.

What Is the Difference Between Remote Keyless Entry and Keyless Entry?

Although both the terms seem quite the same, there are some differences between them.

Remote keyless entry- To get into your car, a remote keyless entry car kit uses a sensor for detecting the remote keyless key fob inside a set range of your vehicle, rather than a physical button or panel. When you touch the door handle, it opens, but only if the key is closed.

Keyless entry- You don’t have to take out your key to get into your automobile if it has a keyless entry system. Rather, you’ll have a different type of security immediately on your car’s door. A keypad, a card, a key fob reader, or a fingerprint scanner are all examples of this.

How Do You Know If You Have A Keyless Entry?

Well, the best way to identify if you have a keyless entry or not is to check the user manual of the car. You may find it in the key section or any other section related to it.

Or check the key to find out the lock and unlock options on it. And if it works when you are near the car then you have the system in your car.

You can also check the car model on the internet to see if it has the feature. Or, you can call customer service to know if your car has a keyless entry system.

How Do You Use Keyless Entry?

The most popular method for getting keyless entry into a car is to send a radio signal from a distant transmitter to a command control system in the vehicle. This radio wave signal is transferred to the automobile as an encrypted data stream. This way the door opens or closes.

Another sort of keyless entry lets you get into your car without pressing a button; all you have to do is go within five feet of it and the doors will open. Put it in your pocket or on your key ring, and it will open your vehicle’s doors anytime you step within range.

What Factors Affect Keyless Entry?

A dead battery is most likely the reason your key fob has failed to work. To get everything operating again, simply replace the battery with a new one, which can be found at most large box retailers. Use a second key fob to access your automobile door. If it works, the problem is most likely a dead battery.

If switching the batteries in your key fob didn’t solve the problem, your key fob may have to be repaired with your car or may have a fault.

It’s rare that the two remedies described above fail to resolve the issue. However, if your vehicle’s locking mechanisms or electrical system are still malfunctioning, it’s conceivable that they’re at fault.

Will A Dead Battery In A Car Cause Keyless Entry Problem?

If the car’s electrical system isn’t working properly, it might cause major complications. The electric system regulates the power supply to the car’s many components, including the keyless entry sensors. 

The car computer must be turned on for keyless entry to operate. If the electric system is harmed, the keyless entry system will most likely be harmed as well.

The energy is required to run the keyless entry technology. This power comes from your car’s battery. As a result, the state of the automobile battery has a significant impact on the functionality of the keyless entry system. 

Many automobile owners have encountered difficulties as a result of dead car batteries. Several automotive features, such as keyless entry and lights, are powered by the vehicle’s battery.

If The Car Battery Dies Will Keyless Entry Work?

Unfortunately, no. You will face difficulty while opening the door. This is caused due to one of the above-mentioned problems. 

However, there are other ways to open the door if you face this problem.

What To Do After Your Car Key Fob Battery Dies?

If you see an issue related to opening the door via keyless entry, it’s possible that the battery has failed and that replacing it will bring it back to life.

You’ll have to open the fob to get at the battery. To pull the battery cover open, you’ll sometimes need a penny or a little screwdriver. A silver button will be the battery’s appearance. Look for the battery’s serial number and compare it to a replacement.


On many occasions, it may happen that the door will not work properly. And if it is due to the dead battery, it is better to charge it or if the battery is damaged then buy one.

Because a dead car battery will stop the keyless entry to work. Hence, buy a new battery to solve the problem.

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