Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries? Brand History and FAQs

If you own a car, no matter how lavish or down-to-earth it is, you need to know about Motorcraft batteries. Motorcraft batteries and their usage are well-reputed in the car industry. Learning a bit about it can save you from tons of bizarre. 

But the question is, who makes Motorcraft batteries?

Let’s read below to know all about the battery brand and its manufacturer.

Who Owns Motorcraft Batteries?

Johnson Controls, a worldwide multinational company owns Motorcraft Batteries. This company is one of the most well-known companies for batteries in every sector. The company has merged with Tyco Internation in 2016 and named itself Johnson Controls International plc. 

Johnson Controls is an Irish multinational company. It mainly produces power equipment, building, and fire equipment. It has its headquarters in Ireland. 105,000 employees 2,000 around the globe works for this company. 

Where are Motorcraft Batteries made?

Motorcraft batteries are manufactured it in Monterrey, Mexico, like many other similar car batteries.

Johnson Controls is known to produce batteries from companies like Energizer, Interstate, and Delco. The brand takes inspiration from the latest technology and engineering to manufacturing these beasts. No wonder why high-brow brands rely on the batteries by Johnsons. 

History of Johnsons Control

Warren S. Johnson, with the first electric room thermostat, discovered Johnson Electric Service Company in 1885. William Plankinton was also a part of the incorporation of the company. After the demise of Johson, the company decided to focus on the temperature control business and changes its name. 

However, from 1974 people again came to know the company as Johnson’s Control. This company took over Standard Electric Time Company, a clock manufacture brand, in 1978.

Globe-Union went under the power of Johnsons as well. Hoover Universal and Ferro Manufacturing became a part of this multinational brand within years. 

Keith Wandell, the president of Johnson’s Control then, decided to lobby Congress for a ballout of the brands under Johnsons. In March 2010, the Lakeshore, Ontario outlet of this company was closed. 

January 2016 was an important date for the company, as it merged with Tyco International. They planned to develop a company in Ireland. Authority enlisted it as 389th in the Fortune Global 500. But the headquarter being out of the US made it quite the list. 

Are Motorcraft Batteries Any Good?

Johnson Controls markets Motorcraft Batteries for ruling the market forever. You may not believe that this battery lasts longer than many high-brow batteries. Be it for agriculture, marine, cars, industry, or any other sector, Motorcraft proves it worth everywhere. 

The brand is most famous among its purchasers for its top-class car batteries. But this brand never puts down its faithful believers in other sectors as well. 

Where to buy Motorcraft Batteries?

There are tons of physical stores in every state where you can find Motorcraft Battery. You don’t know have to stroll hard to find this battery in the United States. And the showroom near is the best place to purchase it. 

Online sites and platforms are also a great way of bringing your Motorcraft battery. They’ll not make you wait long to deliver it. Sears outlet is a reliable place for making a purchase. Besides Sears, Carquest is also a trustworthy platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to check the date of a Motorcraft Battery?

Many customers are unaware of how to check Motorcraft battery date. Johnson Control inscribes this battery’s code in their body. It will inform you about the manufacture date of your battery. 

How long does to charge a Motorcraft Battery?

It depends on the age of your battery. Usually, your battery may take hours to charge fully. However, never miss a chance to charge your battery overnight for safety. 

How often should you replace a car battery?

According to the experts, replacing a car battery within 3-5 years is a safe estimation. If you notice that your battery’s charge is weakening, it’s time for a new one. 

Does a Motorcraft battery offer a longer lifespan?

Motorcraft batteries are famous for offering excellent performance within a longer lifespan. You also get a three-year replacement warranty and a five-year prorated warranty. 


This article will let you be aware of every information about Motorcraft battery. Motorcraft batteries are so famous that almost everybody knows who makes Motorcraft Batteries. You get to enjoy brand value and reliability by buying this battery. In case you face any trouble purchasing, the brand will be answerable to you.

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