Who Makes Kirkland Batteries? History and FAQs

Whenever the discussion is about batteries it rarely ends without the name of Kirkland being unuttered. Reports state that Kirkland Signature batteries are the best of the kind in its field according to the leading consumer’s magazine.

To be precise it came third in the world ranking which pretty much proceeds to keep on earning an increasing number of recommendations.

In this article, we will discover who makes Kirkland batteries, their manufacturers, and all their products. Kirkland batteries belong to the alkaline group which is titled all-purpose and durable.

Who Makes Kirkland Batteries?

Who makes Kirkland Batteries?

As mentioned above, Kirkland batteries are a product made by the well-known Duracell company. If you ask who makes Kirkland automotive batteries, the answer still remains the same.

Kirkland batteries show identical output in the test lab, almost pretty similar to the Procell Batteries. They have been used in a wide range of variety including mostly toys and flashlights.

Just like Duracell, these batteries were made in a certain kind of way that is supposed to mimic the household flashlights. Even though it is, by all means, a signature product of Duracell it comes at a much cheaper price. This is why consumers are skeptical of its capacity.

Where is Kirkland Batteries Made?

After all the digging up you might have already guessed it. Kirkland batteries are made by none other than the famous Duracell. The representative of Costco’s; Craig Jelinek himself has assured the consumers via an interview about the source of Kirkland batteries.

To bring an end to all the skepticism he later on added “Kirkland batteries are a pretty good deal too”. With the price being friendly and accessible to all the consumers it has surely made fans all over the world. Besides, who else would choose anything else when one is getting the best of performance without spending more.

Are Kirkland Batteries Good?

The reviews are rather intertwined with both sorts, positive and negative. We will rather let the readers decide which is the best according to your need and application purpose.

  • Long-lasting with no slacking off.
  • Cheaper than the usual Duracell batteries.
  • The Kirkland batteries share about 88% of the capacity compared with the regular Duracell batteries.

However, there have been mixed speculations and counter-responses to Kirkland claiming what it is known for. Even though it assures the users of the same kind of performance a Duracell battery would have provided yet it doesn’t seem to match what it promises. In many reported cases consumers have presented several accusations that dismiss all the pros of Kirkland batteries.

Main features of Kirkland Batteries

Kirkland has been one of the leading brands in the market whenever it comes to value your automotive vehicles.

In consideration of technology and quality Kirkland has been produced to meet all the requirements with approved speculations. Kirkland C batteries and Kirkland AAA batteries use top technologies available in the market.

 Here are some of the advanced features that make Kirkland unique among its kind-

  • Kirkland comes along with unique recharging batteries. Since it has a calcium and silver plate for electrical conduction, the added plates in the car batteries are quick to get fully charged within no time.
  • Has a long life. Kirkland consists of plates made out of calcium or silver which eventually prevents it from flaking. Thus, making the car battery stable and stretches its life expectancy.
  • Has advanced technology to tackle any sort of battery failure. Vehicles at times go through a lot of rough roads with sudden breaks and starts. In order for the batteries to long last Kirkland has perfected patented round corners.
  • Has an excellent warranty. The Kirkland car battery warranty will ensure to replace the battery if any fault arises within 3 years.

Biggest Flex of Kirkland Batteries

Kirkland Signature batteries made by Duracell are known for the same kind of performance without the extra price. Kirkland has been holding its name among the ranking for a long time with its overall coverage.

It is not only durable but affordable with a spectacular warranty life and service. It assures the health of your beloved ride and corresponds to the lacking to keep the internal parts of your car working in order.

Types of Kirkland Batteries

In a marketplace where manufacturers present you with a huge range of new batteries, it is easy to get perplexed. But fear not, here is the list of top Kirkland batteries.

TypeFeaturesPackage Dimension LWHShelf life
Kirkland AA Alkaline BatteriesAA sized, Alkaline composition, 1.5 volts, 72 units10.04 x 4.49 x 1.5 inches10 years
Kirkland SignatureMercury-free, easy fit, lasts long, very durable8.9 x 6.5 x 0.35 inches7 years
Kirkland AAA Alkaline BatteriesAAA sized, Alkaline composition, very durable 1.5 volts, 64 units,13 x 3.5 x 1.2 inches10 years
Kirkland Signature Hearing Aid BatteriesSize 312, mercury free, 1.45 volts, Zinc composition, 48 units8.94 x 6.5 x 0.35 inches7 years
Kirkland Signature AALong shelf life, 1.5 volt, No mercury, Very durable, lasts a long time6.69 x 3.15 x 2.36 inches7 Year

Here Is What You Need To Know-

Seems like there have been several cases consisting both negative and positive outcome. However, with the price range, it is worth a try for there is not much room for risk. Nevertheless, regular checks have to be made to make sure no damage is caused to the device for it has been aforementioned of its fatal results. Lastly, with the title of Duracell and being third in the ranking, Kirkland batteries have been given a thumbs up from many.

  • Before buying a battery you should check the remaining life in the pre-existing battery.
  • You must go through the manual to find out whether the Kirkland batteries will suit your particular version.
  • Always have a rough sketch of your budget. For it will help you narrow down your search and maintain restrictions.

Best Kirkland battery

Kirkland AA Alkaline Batteries 1.5-V

Click to See Price

Kirkland ranks among the top companies when it comes to making battery. Their batteries are proven, tested, and very reliable.

If you are looking for AA alkaline battery then look no further. This battery has alkaline composition inside. On top of that, they are mercury-free. Which means there is less chance of harm in case the battery leaks. The company confirms this battery’s shelf life is from 7 to 10 years. You can use this 1.5 Volt battery in any household item that fits.

Thanks to their long-lasting performance, you will have to change them after very long intervals. Combine the 72 units that come in the package with 10 years of shelf life. Now you won’t have to invest in AA batteries anytime soon.

The Verdict

With everything being said it is up to you to decide whether Kirkland batteries are the right ones for your car or not. Now you know everything about it from who makes Kirkland batteries to its pros and cons.

In the end, giving heed to all claims and reviews deserves a trial for you never know it might be one of your greatest experiences while dealing with these batteries.

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