Who Makes Amazon Batteries? A Complete Information

We rely on Amazon and have known it for the last 10 years as a brand of fame. But do you know who makes Amazon batteries? Probably yes, probably no. These batteries are well- structured and easily reachable to the common people and that’s why they are popular among them!

Though Amazon would barely reveal its origin, structuralism and other details, we have still conquered your preferable ones. In this article, we will walk you through all those hot queries, abouts and all ins and outs for a detailed inspection.

Stay with us if you are an Amazon fan too!

Who makes Amazon Batteries?

As per our profound research, AmazonBasics is an authorized distributor of its batteries. Their partnership requires at least $100,000 of its product annually. Amazon later confirmed that FDK is a partner with AmazonBasics.

These Alkaline batteries are ideal for a variety of applications, and are frequently chosen as the best batteries for game controllers, battery lights, and other devices. Alkaline cells come in a wide range of types and sizes, ensuring that we always have the right product for your needs.

But also, batteries are an essential component of many electronic devices, and it is strongly advised that you do not purchase batteries from Amazon. If you buy a stockpile at Costco, you’ll pay about $0.56 per AA battery.

About the Manufacturer

AmazonBasics creates enterprise trading technology for retail brokers, wholesale brokers, banks, and liquidity providers across multiple asset classes. The Amazon platform is made up of three parts: the Hub, the EcoSystem, and the Data Source.

Individually, they address specific organizational issues. They work together to provide a comprehensive solution for trading technology, distribution, and analytics.

Andrew Ralich and Jesse Johnson, two technology experts, founded the company in Cambridge, MA in 2009. Since then, they have been liquidity neutral and self-sufficient. Their technology is capable of handling $100B+ ADV, 6M+ transactions per day, and billions of quotes per day.

From development and operations centers in Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and the United Kingdom, they have 100+ global employees delivering superior results for 200+ customers. Lovell Minnick Partners, a top-tier growth private equity firm, has invested in AmazonBasics.

Are Amazon Batteries any good?

The Amazon battery is a surprisingly good battery. You’ll probably barely notice the difference in capacity, so it’s a good choice if you don’t want to waste time shopping around. So don’t squander your money on these batteries, which are significantly more expensive per unit of capacity.

Amazon batteries are manufactured under the AmazonBasics brand. The label has been around for about a dozen years and has steadily grown in popularity among shoppers. The batteries produced by the label have become one of the most popular items sold.

Second, the results revealed that the Amazon battery has approximately 88 percent the capacity of the Duracell battery. The same test was performed on Duracell Copper Top and Energizer Max. Their performance was almost identical to that of the Procell.

Energizer is well-known in the industry for producing the longest-lasting AA batteries, but tests have revealed that Amazon batteries outperform Energizer batteries. These batteries are consistently less expensive than Duracell and Energizer while maintaining the high quality standards associated with name brand batteries.

Where are Amazon Batteries made?

Finding out where the battery’s materials came from was a much more difficult task that never came to fruition. Amazon’s manufacturing secrecy has recently sparked a lot of speculation, not only about their batteries, but also about many other products designed under their personal brands and labels.

Because of this secrecy, Amazon has been able to sell many of their products at significantly lower prices than their competitors.

The actual construction of the battery is in the hands of Indonesians. Fujitsu is a Japanese company, but its subsidiary, FDK, runs the Indonesian alkaline factory where the batteries are manufactured.

Although Amazon tries to keep their information under wraps, an FDK employee confirmed that they do have a contract with AmazonBasics in which Amazon will purchase $100,000 of its batteries per year.

Are Amazon Batteries better than Duracell and Energizer?

Because it isn’t Energizer or Duracell, the name alone should be cause for concern. It may even raise some eyebrows because it isn’t even a Rayovac. However, one would be surprised to learn that the Amazon Basic brand of batteries is a good product.

In fact, one out of every ten dollars sold by AmazonBasics is a battery sale, and AA Amazon batteries alone account for nearly 4% of all AmazonBasics sales. This figure is sufficient to overtake larger, more established brands such as Energizer and Panasonic.

Neither Duracell or Energizer can touch the AmazonBasic rechargeable batteries. On Amazon, an 8-pack of Duracell rechargeable AA batteries costs $26.99. The Energizer 8-pack of rechargeable batteries costs $21.41. The AmazonBasic rechargeable AA battery will set you back $22.99 for a 16-pack.

So, the next time your remote fails or your wireless mouse decides to stop working in the middle of a task, you might want to check out Amazon batteries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Where are Amazon batteries made?

The item is made in Indonesia, but not by Amazon.

How long do Amazon batteries last?

When not in use, Amazon batteries can last up to ten years.

Who produces batteries for Amazon?

AmazonBasics AA Batteries are manufactured in Indonesia using Japanese technology, and their rechargeable AA batteries are made in Japan.

Which Amazon rechargeable batteries are made in Japan?

My Amazon basics black AAA batteries are Japanese-made.


Everything you need in a good, dependable battery, at an unbeatable price in the upper tiers of good batteries- you’ll get all in Amazon. Now as you know who makes Amazon Batteries, we can assume you are all set to decide!

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