Who Makes Crown Batteries? Brand History and FAQs

Reliable power with a reliable charging method- that’s what you’ll get in our latest addition of Crown batteries. As the name suggests, this pact of wholesome batteries is nothing but a combination of durable functionality and trust. But do you know who makes crown batteries?

In this article, we are going to enhance all those sources of crown batteries that might have crossed your mind at least once. With our profound researchers and experts, we would walk you through the ins and outs of this specific tool and suggest it to you at the end!

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Who makes Crown batteries?

Battery Wholesale Inc. is the core manufacturer and distributor of Crown batteries. In some Asian markets, Crown and Energizer are marketed as separate brands. As a result, both “Crown Gold” Alkaline batteries and Energizer Alkaline batteries are now available on store shelves. 

However, both are marketed to different market segments, with Eveready batteries marketed to lower end devices and priced accordingly, whereas Crown batteries are marketed to power-hungry devices and priced accordingly. 

Wholesale Battery Company Inc is a company that operates in the Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wholesale Battery Company Inc employs 15 people across all of its locations and earns $4.13 million in revenue (USD).

The company’s current US battery and battery part production facilities are in Asheboro, North Carolina.

About the Manufacturer

Battery Wholesale Inc. has had to make numerous changes over the years in order to maintain its competitive edge in the market, which is one of the reasons for opening retail stores. It has also had to adapt to new technologies such as lead-acid, sealed, AGM, lithium, and many others. 

The predecessor company was founded in New York in 1890 and renamed in 1905. Today, the company manufactures batteries in the United States and China, and it has manufacturing facilities all over the world. The EBL Company was acquired by National Carbon Company in 1914.

BWI has joined some of the largest battery buying groups in the United States in order to purchase all of these different products while maintaining a competitive edge on the market. BWI is able to purchase at the same price level as many big box stores thanks to these buying groups.

How will BWI improve the production of EBL Batteries?

The establishment of Battery Wholesale Inc. Outlet stores has increased BWI’s competitiveness in the end-user market. BWI has made significant progress in gaining new customers through stores such as schools, city garages, and many small businesses in the surrounding area. 

With stores located throughout the state, the wholesale division’s footprint and service have grown. Wholesale customers are welcome to pick up their products from retail stores and still receive wholesale pricing.

Battery Wholesale Inc. has established itself as a major scrap battery recycler in the area. BWI recycled 3.1 million pounds of scrap batteries in 2011. The batteries are collected throughout the state and returned to a US smelter to ensure that they are processed properly in accordance with US EPA regulations.

The company’s goals are to expand retail store locations while also expanding on the wholesale side.

Are Crown batteries made in the USA?

When factories relocate their operations overseas, it affects not only the families who rely on those jobs, but also the community as a whole. Crown Battery has been bringing jobs to the United States for over a decade, and they proudly manufacture all lead batteries in Fremont, OH, USA.

One of the main reasons they can achieve this level of quality is that they have a well-educated, hardworking local workforce. They make it simple to “shop local,” which benefits the local economy.

What Types of Batteries does Crown produce?

Following are some of those collections that Crown can offer-

Specimen Batteries

The Minnesota Battery Wholesale locations have a large inventory of batteries on hand. They stock everything from automobile batteries to watch batteries.

Typical Household Batteries

You can go into one of their Minnesota locations and get your household batteries for less than any of the big box stores.

Batteries for cordless phones

They have the batteries for your cordless phone. They have the best selection of cordless phone batteries in their Bemidji and Willmar locations, and they will have you talking again in no time.

Watch Batteries 

Battery Wholesale Inc has the right watch battery for you. They will also replace the majority of your watch batteries.

Batteries for cameras

Crown tries to keep a small supply of camera batteries on hand. Camera batteries are extremely expensive, so it is difficult to ensure that you cover all of the batteries that are required. They can have the ones we don’t have in stock ordered in.

Are Crown Batteries worth your Money?

They knew that bringing more manufacturing to Fremont over the last 11 years would improve quality and consistency. What surprised them was that the cost differential for Ohio-based manufacturing was much smaller than expected.

Furthermore, they’ve created a culture that encourages continuous improvement and the elimination of inefficiencies. When we consider quality, performance, and support, it’s a no-brainer for us and our customers.


Crown is able to closely monitor and constantly improve battery quality at our Fremont, OH plant. The quality and engineering teams are housed within the plant and can collaborate with manufacturing to ensure that batteries meet exacting specifications.

Furthermore, they can achieve economies of scale for advanced quality control tools ranging from aerospace vision systems to automated voltage testers. These computer-controlled systems work in tandem with our trained on-site technicians to provide you with long-lasting batteries on which you can rely.


Crown customers receive direct technical support from their customer service team and on-site engineers, rather than help from a call center thousands of miles away. That means you’ll get better assistance faster and more easily.


Because they conduct so much of their business under one roof – from engineering, receiving, and manufacturing to technical support, sales, and customer service. They can communicate more effectively and make improvements more quickly. When key business functions are centralized, shipping costs are reduced and efficiency is increased.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Is Crown a good golf cart battery?

Crown batteries are not as powerful as Trojan batteries, but they provide a consistent charge that rarely runs out.

How long do Crown batteries last?

The crown batteries have an estimated cycle life of 1200 cycles at 50% depth of discharge.

Are Crown batteries any good?

Yes, in terms of reliability and durability.

Who manufactures Crown batteries?

Battery wholesale Inc. manufactures crown batteries.


After analyzing all the important aspects of Crown batteries, you can at least be content that you will not be spending your money in the wrong term- that’s for sure! Still, I would suggest you go through this article once again and find out more about who makes crown batteries.

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