Eneloop Vs Eneloop Pro Batteries: The Ultimate Comparison

Key points:

  • Both Eneloop and Eneloop Pro batteries are reliable and safe to use in all electronic devices.
  • Eneloop batteries don’t leak and can provide power for a longer time.
  • Eneloop Pro is more suitable for large toys of game controllers, and heavy gamers like them.

You may have heard about Eneloop Pro batteries being one of the most powerful NiMH batteries in the market. And, Eneloop standard ones are one of the most durable ones.

While choosing one, one can easily get puzzled between two. Hence, this Panasonic Eneloop vs Eneloop Pro comparison will help you get a clear picture, and help you decide between the two.

The parameters I have selected to compare these 2 types of batteries are important. At the end of this article, you will know which type is more suitable for your specific needs.

About Eneloop Batteries

When it comes to rechargeable NiMH batteries, Eneloop is among the top 2 or 3 in the market.

For longer shelf life, low discharge rate, and durable build quality, you can rely on Eneloop batteries for powering sensitive equipment.

Though the brand is now owned by Panasonic, Sanyo is the creator of the brand Eneloop.

Compared to regular NiMH batteries, Eneloop batteries can hold charges 0.5% to 4% more.

Due to its amazing characteristics, Eneloop is considered eco-friendly as it can replace a few alkaline batteries in its lifetime.

Benefits of Using Eneloop Batteries

  • More cycle life of up to 2100 recharges make Eneloop batteries one of the best choices.
  • With lower self-discharge rate (only 30% in 10 years) is the reason lots of people choose Eneloop.
  • You can use almost any suitable charger (namely, tickle charger) to recharge these batteries.
  • Even in deep discharge situations, Eneloop batteries can stay strong and not die immediately.

Best Eneloop Batteries

  1. Panasonic BK-4MCCA8BA
  2. Panasonic K-KJ17MCA4BA
  3. Panasonic K-KJ55MC84CZ

About Eneloop Pro Batteries

In this comparison, both battery types belong to the same company, Panasonic. So, I am not going to repeat the details of the manufacturer.

Right now, Eneloop Pro batteries are one of the powerful batteries with NiMH construction. It is entirely made in Japan ensuring the highest possible quality.

Benefits of Using Eneloop Pro Batteries

  • For camera flashes, flashlights, and power-hungry electronic devices, you won’t find a better choice than Eneloop Pro in this price tag.
  • Due to having a higher capacity than regular AA batteries, you will get at least 25% longer runtime with Eneloop Pro.

Best Eneloop Pro Batteries

  1. Panasonic BK-4HCCA16FA
  2. Panasonic K-KJ55KHC4BA
  3. Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH 2550mAh

Eneloop vs Eneloop Pro Batteries: What Are the Main Differences?

Before you read the detailed explanation, have a quick look at the table below for an overview.

 EneloopEneloop Pro
Capacity1900 mAh to 2000 mAh (AA)2500 mAh to 2550 mAh (AA)
Cycle LifeAlmost 2100 timesAlmost 500 times
Shelf Life70% charge for up to 10 years85% charge for up to 1 year
ApplicationLow-drain devicesHigh-drain devices
PriceSlightly lowerHigher than Eneloop

Key Factors Before Choosing Between Eneloop and Eneloop Pro Batteries

Due to having lots of similarities, I couldn’t find much difference between Eneloop Pro and Eneloop batteries.


The first difference you will notice among them is in their capacity. Where Eneloop batteries come with 1900 mAh, Eneloop Pro has 2500 mAh.

You can check the specs out from Panasonic’s official website. For having more capacity, you can get longer runtime with the Pro version.

Cycle Life:

Another noticeable difference between them is in the recharging capacity. Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries can be recharged up to 500 times.

On the other hand, standard Eneloop batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times making it more convenient for less powerful devices.

Shelf Life:

Due to having a higher capacity, Eneloop Pro batteries are more fragile in storage.

The standard ones can last up to 10 years whereas the Pro version can survive up to a few years.

According to the official data, Eneloop batteries lose only 30% charge in 10 years whereas the Pro batteries lose 15% within a year.  


Eneloop Pro batteries are not suitable for applications where the battery is continuously charged and used at the same time.

One example can be DECT phones. Long time charging damages the Pro batteries.

Furthermore, don’t use Eneloop Pro in slower draining electronic devices because of their higher self-discharge rate. Clocks are an example in this scenario and Eneloop is the best fit for these low-drain applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

u003cstrongu003eWhat is the difference between Eneloop and Eneloop Pro?u003c/strongu003e

The main difference between Eneloop and Eneloop Pro batteries is in their capacity. From the comparison above, you have probably got the idea.

u003cstrongu003eAre Eneloop pros worth it?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, Eneloop Pro batteries are worth buying because of their higher capacity and reliability. But you should keep in mind that these batteries are not rechargeable as many times as regular Eneloops.

u003cstrongu003eDoes Eneloop Pro need a special charger?u003c/strongu003e

The answer is no, Eneloop Pro doesn’t need a special charger. However, you must not use fast chargers as they can damage them.

u003cstrongu003eCan Eneloop charger charge Eneloop Pro?u003c/strongu003e

Yes, you can use an Eneloop charger to recharge the Eneloop Pro battery. the best practice is to use the chargers that are meant for certain batteries.

u003cstrongu003eIs Eneloop NiMH Or NiCD?u003c/strongu003e

According to the spec sheet, Eneloop batteries are rechargeable NiMH batteries that are affordable and reliable.

Finally, Eneloop and Eneloop Pro Batteries, Which One Should I Buy?

The answer to the question, Eneloop vs Eneloop Pro, which one is the best must be clear to you now.

Those who are looking for more battery capacity to power heavy-duty electronic devices must go for Eneloop Pro.

But don’t expect longer shelf life or durability here.

On the other hand, those who need a battery pack with longer shelf life and more durability must choose standard Eneloop batteries.

For low-drain devices, Eneloop is one of the best options in the market right now.

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