Optima Yellow Top Vs Red Top Batteries: The Ultimate Comparison

When it comes to car batteries, you’ll find a few options to choose from. Apart from the brand of the batteries, you’ll also find other essential categories when thinking about the best battery. 

Optima batteries are among the common types of batteries in the market. They use an advanced form of absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. The technology is commonly known as the Spiralcell. 

The role of the glass mat is to hold battery acid by absorbing it like a sponge. And this technology gives the optima batteries up to 15 times better vibration resistance. As a result, Optima batteries last longer as compared to traditional batteries. 

And when you narrow down to optima batteries, you’ll discover that they also come in different categories. Top colours differentiate these categories. They mainly include red, yellow, and blue top batteries. Each of these types has a different level of performance. 

In this article, we’ll compare the Yellow and Red To batteries. 

What Exactly Are Optima Yellow Top Batteries? 

Optima Yellow Top batteries are multi-purpose car batteries. They supply the car with enough current to start the engine and still withstand heavy discharge cycling use. They can power your vehicle with more electrical loads that exceed the normal alternator output. This means they are able to play strong audio systems, power sliding doors, various chargers, and so on. 

Apart from their use in cars, the yellow top batteries can be used on other automobiles such as forklifts, golf carts, and electric scooters. 

However, for better performance, you shouldn’t allow excess discharge of over below 20%. 

Benefits of Optima Yellow Top Batteries

There are lots of benefits of Optima Yellow Top batteries. Let’s know what those are.

  • Multiple purposes car battery that can power other accessories 
  • Lightweight and compact designs make them suitable for easier mounting and a wide range of compatibility.
  • It can store lots of energy without needing a trickle charger.
  • Comes with a longer warranty period
  • Yellow Top has a very good ability to provide enough cranking power.

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What Exactly is An Optima Red To Battery 

The Optima Red Top Batteries are common used as engine starting batteries. With them, an alternator monitors the charge of the battery and provides enough energy to start the engine. It’s the battery that comes with most new cars. 

Red Top Batteries deliver a very high current in a short time—which could last for up to 30 seconds. 

Unlike the yellow top batteries, these are not designed for deep discharge cycling use. They don’t have the capacity to handle car accessories. 

That means the batteries will be drained if you listen to music in your car when the engine is not running. They can comfortably run your car accessories when the engine is running. 

However, if all you need is a good start battery for your car, then the Optima Red Battery is the best option. 

Benefits of Optima Red Top Batteries

Let’s get to know why Red Top batteries are chosen over its competitors.

  • It can operate reliably even in cold weather conditions.
  • The battery model has a huge reserve capacity making it suitable for different vehicles.
  • One of the biggest benefits is that using it in a non-active car won’t have to worry about managing a trickle charger.
  • Red Top can meet the demands of the vehicle even with lots of electronic devices when the engine is running.
  • Installing the battery is very easy, so one can do the replacement without any expert help.

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Who Manufactures Optima Batteries?

Clarios, LLC is the company that produces and markets Optima batteries. Their production facility is in Mexico. They produce high-performance and high-quality automotive, marine, and heavy-duty AGM batteries.

Optima Yellow Top Batteries Vs Red Top Quick Summary 

Here’s a quick summary that differentiates Optima Yellow top and Red Top batteries.  

Optima Yellow TopOptima Red Top
Reserve CapacityMoreLess
Deep CycleYesNo
Vibration ResistanceYesYes
Any Position MountYesNo
Continuous PowerYesNo

Key Factors Before Choosing Between Optima Yellow Top and Red 

If you’re wondering whether to choose between yellow or red top batteries, then consider the following factors. These are simple factors that will 

  • Cranking Ampere

Yellow Top doesn’t have more cranking amps but a higher reserve capacity compared to the Red Top. Also, you can rely on Yellow Top to be deep cycled more frequently at higher amperage. A red top is only good for short bursts of power or especially starting the car engine.

  • Continuous Power

Because of deep-cycle abilities, Yellow Top can provide a good amount of power for a longer time, which is impossible for Red Top.

  • Use

To use a Red Top battery, your vehicle’s electrical system must have an alternator which is not necessary for Yellow Top. That means the yellow top is the best option if you want to use accessories that take more power. 

  • Cost

Optima Yellow Top batteries cost more than Red Top because dual-purpose batteries are always costlier than starting batteries.

frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Are Optima Yellow Top Batteries Worth It?

Yes, it is worth buying an Optima Yellow Top battery when you are planning to use it in a new car or vehicle.

Are Optima Red Top Batteries Worth It?

Those who are looking for something that can reliably deliver 5 seconds of burst power every time starting the vehicle must seriously consider Optima Red Top Batteries.

How Long Do Optima Yellow Top Batteries Last?

You know that it is not possible to predict the service life of a battery as it depends on lots of factors. According to some users, one can expect 4 years of Yellow Top battery service in tough weather conditions.

How Long Do Optima Red Top Batteries Last?

Use case and weather conditions to decide how long your Optima Red Top battery will last. In harsh climate conditions, you can expect at least 4 years of reliable service.

Are Optima Red Top batteries deep-cycle?

No, Optima Red Top batteries are not deep cycle; they are AGM type batteries. Their Yellow Top batteries are deep-cycle ones if you are wondering.

Parting Shot 

Optima batteries are strong and long-lasting options as compared to traditional batteries. However, they come in different categories.

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