Do You Know Who Makes Deka Batteries? 

As we already know Deka has been in the market for over seven decades now. They are well known for their diverse product line and excellent manufacturing processes.

They are providing power to the industries like transportation, motive, and power reserves. Although they have started making some accessories for your batteries and pieces of machinery. In this article let’s get to know all about the brand Deka.

Who Makes Deka Batteries

Who Makes the Batteries? 

East Penn Manufacturing Company is the manufacturer of the Deka Batteries which they have been producing since 1946. Surprisingly, they are the largest single-site battery manufacturer to date.

Who Owns Deka Batteries?

East Penn Manufacturing Co. is the owner of Deka Battery. East Penn Manufacturing is a global consumer product company. The company was founded and is wholly owned by Kurt H. Smith.

Later on, Lut H. Smith also founded Battery Giant – a retail battery store franchise.

Where Are the Deka Batteries Made?

As East Penn Company is a USA-based company, the Deka Batteries are manufactured in the United States.

The facility in the US is ISO certified and they distribute their products through various global distributors from Berks County, Pennsylvania. They also operate a facility in Corydon which is located in Indiana.

About the Manufacturer

East Penn Manufacturing company started from a family business. For Seven decades they are expanding their company to service customers in all corners of the world. 

East Penn Manufacture Co. is the world’s leading manufacturer of lead-acid, accessories, and wire and cable products for every virtual application.

East Penn also manufactures specialist batteries for mobile phone transmitters, military ammunition, backup power for solar and other renewable energy generators, golf carts, floor machines, wheelchairs, and alarm systems, among other applications.

Battery accessories, such as battery terminals, battery cables, and booster cables, are also manufactured by the firm.

History of Deka

The Beginning of Deka Batteries started as a family dream when the Breidegam family initiated a battery small business with just one room in 1946. The then owners were young Air Force veteran DeLight Junior and his father DeLight Senior.

They started from the village of Bowers when the demand for refurbished batteries was large. It was during wartime and their product resulted in returning GIs’ vehicles function.

 In 1947, a former associate of DeLight Senior, Karl Gasche partnered with the Breidegams. The journey of the East Penn Manufacturing company started from there. That is how the name Deka formed from the first two alphabets of their names “DeLight” and “Karl”.

Karl then was promoted to the position of vice president of the company and stayed with them until 1966 before retiring.

They have grown from a one-room company with only five automotive battery production to one of the world’s largest battery producers in just 75 years. Currently, they have more than ten thousand employees and 515 operations and product designs in the world.

The Deka battery manufacturers have won hundreds of awards in their seven-decade lifetime as their core values remain the same as they were in their beginning.

Who Sells Deka Batteries?

As Deka batteries are made in the USA, they can be found in Amazon, Walmart, and some retail sellers.

You have to depend on the warranty by the sellers. Although you can purchase the batteries directly from their website. You can find their stores by scanning the zip code or simply selecting your location. 

Are Deka Batteries Good?

We already have gained the idea about their products. And their 75 years of legacy.  They provide high-quality batteries at a very affordable price.

Deka’s batteries can survive and function in the toughest situations and any electrical circumstances. They are powerful and last longer than your expectations.

They are maintenance-free. So, if you worry about filling water on a battery monthly basis, you should get Deka Battery for your specific machine.

Types of Batteries Deka Sells

Deka produces all kinds of batteries you would need for any of your machines. Their batteries line ups are:

*You can also check each of the products by clicking on them

TypeFeaturesDimension LWHWarranty
Automotive BatteriesMaintenance-free, Spill-proof, Durable, Power-Perform plates10.75 x 6.875 x 8 inches36 months
Marine BatteriesFlush cover, Vibration resistant, Built-in protection273x171x238 mm336 months
Trucks, Buses & EquipmentDeep-pocket envelope, Anchor lock13 x 6.75 x 9.5 mm312 months
Power Sports BatteriesSpill-proof, Lower self-discharge, Superior durability6.88 x 3.44 x 6.13 inches12 months
Lawn & Garden  Short prevention, Vibration-resistant, Tough case7.25 x 5.125 x 7.75 inches24 months
Recreational VehiclesBuilt-in protection, Vibration resistant, Deep cycle10.75 x 6.75 x 9.375 inches24 months
Golf Car/EVPolypropylene Case, Premium glass mat, Durable, Solid posts10.25 x 7.13 x 10.88 inches12 months
AgriculturalEnhanced durability, Short prevention system, Polypropylene case13 x 6.75 x 9.5 inches18 months
Floor Care EquipmentEnvelope separators, Fortified post, Premium glass mat10.25 x 7.13 x 10.88 inches12 months

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long do Deka batteries last?

According to our research, Deka batteries should last over 4 years. Although We have seen some people have the luck of lasting Deka batteries over 6 years.

What are the different brands of Deka batteries?

These are Master, Dominator, Intimidator, AUX AGM, and Deka.

How long is the warranty on a Deka battery?

From the policy of Westrac Ltd, you will get 2 years (24-months) of warranty at the date of purchasing A Deka battery.

How to claim the warranty?

You will find the manufacture date stamped on the back of the shell of the battery. You just have to protect it. If anything happens you need to go to the store and show the date and claim the warranty.

How often do I need to fill water in Deka Batteries?

Lucky for you, you don’t need to fill water in your Deka batteries. They need zero maintenance.

What is the alternative to Deka batteries?

In terms of battery, there are very few differences among them. Different brands can have the same manufacturer. Brands are mainly focused on their customer support and services.

Champion is a good alternative for the Deka battery as they have similar product lines as Deka. Like Deka, Champion is also made in the USA. 

The Verdict

Top of ForBottom of FormBatteries power everything we can see around us. It’s a technological blessing to power this world. Deka is been delivering power to their customers for over decades and owns their trust. But we didn’t know Who makes Deka batteries.

Hopefully, I have discussed every possible thing about Deka and there will be no more confusion for them.

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