How to Open Chevy Volt Trunk With Dead Battery? [3 Easy Ways]

Have you kept valuables in the trunk of your car and now it’s dead? That can be quite frustrating. Many people have reportedly asked for a solution to this problem.

So, we’re going to explore how to open chevy volt trunk with dead battery.

You can open your chevy volt trunk battery with the key. If you don’t have the key you can open the trunk from the inside. Get inside the car, pull up the back seat, and use the emergency button. However, if that doesn’t work too the only way to open the trunk is by jump-starting the battery.

Let’s move on to the methods to open your chevy volt trunk with a dead battery.

Can You Open Chevy Volt Trunk With A Dead Battery?

how to open chevy volt trunk with dead battery

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Definitely! You can still open the chevy volt trunk with a dead battery. We’ve found three effective and easy methods to do that. Try the alternative solution if none of them works.

The first and the most simple method is using the key fob. Here, the problem is your key fob won’t work if the battery is dead. So, you need to use the hidden key that comes within the key fob. In older models, you’ll find a button, press it to unlock the key.

In some models, you have to pull the bottom panel of the key fob to unlock the key fob. The second method is opening the trunk by adjusting the backseats. To do that, you’ve to get inside the car, lay the backseats, and access the trunk hole with a screwdriver.

The last method t is jump-starting the battery. You can either use a jump starter box or jumpstart from another car using jumper cables. This method is effective and easy if you have the required tools in your hand.

3 Methods to Open Chevy Volt Trunk With Dead Battery

There are three methods we’ve discussed already. We’ve categorized the three methods based on their difficulty, the time required to complete them, and the tools required. Check the table below.


With the hidden key

From the Inside






Time Required

Less than a minute

A couple of minutes

About 30 minutes

Tools Required



Jumper cables

Method 1: With The Hidden Key

The first method to open the chevy volt trunk is using the key that comes hidden within the fob. Older models have a button in the key fob, their hidden key will come out when you press the button. In new models, you’ve to pull out the key since there’s no switch

image 4

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If you have this key as shown in the picture above, follow the simple steps as follows.

Step 1: Unlock The Key

Start by unlocking the key fob by pressing the small button on the left. Never try to unlock the key without pressing the button or it can break the lock mechanism.

Step 2: Open The Trunk

Now go ahead and unlock the trunk with the key. Manually override both the right and left to see which way it works. You’ll hear a sound when the trunk unlocks.

Now, let’s check out the pros and cons of using the key to unlock the Chevy volt trunk.


  • Basic and simple way.
  • Takes less than a minute.


  • If there’s any electrical error the key override won’t work.
  • Trying to unlock forcefully can break the lock system.

How Long Does It Take To Open The chevy Trunk With The Key?

With the car key, you can open the trunk effortlessly. It takes only a minute to open the trunk even if the battery is lying completely dead.

Method 2: From The Inside Of The Car

 From The Inside Of The Car

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The second method to open your chevy volt trunk with a dead battery is from the inside. This method is a lifesaver when the valuables in your trunk get locked. In this method, you can unlock the trunk within just 5 minutes. Let’s find out more.

Tools Required

Step 1: Get Inside The Car

Get inside the back of your car and locate a lever at the upper back part of the back seats. Pull the lever to fold and adjust the back seats.

Step 2: Locate The Keyhole

After adjusting the back seats, crawl over the back space of your car. Then take your flashlight to locate a small cover that looks like a keyhole. Open the cover using the screwdriver. Once it’s opened, use the flashlight to locate the lever inside the keyhole.

Step 3: Unlock The Trunk

Once you’ve located the lever, use your screwdriver to press the lever. Pressing the lever will unlock the trunk instantly. Now you can access your valuables. Check the below picture for reference if you can’t find the lever. It looks something like this.

image 7

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Now, let’s have an overview of the pros and cons of this method.


  • Simple and easy to follow.
  • No need for technical knowledge.


  • Cannot help if you’re locked out of the car.
  • You need extra tools.

How Long Does It Take to Jump Start Trunk With Dead Battery?

If you have the required tools in hand, it will only take a couple of minutes to perform this method. However, if you don’t have the tools it may be difficult to reach the keyhole.

Method 3: Jump-starting The Battery

The last and only method left to open the trunk of your chevy volt is by jump-starting the battery. Make sure the battery is not too dead to be jump-started.

It is actually a battery-reviving process. So, if you don’t have luck with the previous methods, proceed with the jump-start. However, 

You can jump-start your car in two ways, either using another car or using a jump-starter box. For now, we’ll talk about how to jump-start with a donor car. Meanwhile, if you’re interested to know how to use a jump-starter box check this out.

How to Jump Start Your Car with a Portable Jump Starter 

Tools Required

You can jumpstart the battery of your car with another car’s battery. The method is a lifesaver in an emergency, but a donor vehicle must be available.


  • Proceed with this method in a well-ventilated area.
  • Make sure you wear protective clothes and eye goggles.
  • Double-check if there are any ignition sources nearby. KEEP IT AWAY!
  • Make sure the battery terminals are clean and don’t contain rust.
  • Make sure the batteries don’t have any cracks, damage, or leaked fluid.

Step 1: Position The Cars

The first step is to position both cars face-to-face with the hoods open. Now, put both of the cars in parking gear. Make sure the car’s engine and other electronics are completely turned off.

Note: Always jumpstart from the engine compartment rather than jump-starting directly from the battery

Step 2: Connect the Cable

Remove the plastic caps or covers from both the cars’ batteries first. Take the jumper cable and connect the positive(+) or red cable to your car’s positive terminal.

image 5

Image Source: Insider

Then connect the other side of the positive(+) cable to the donor car’s positive terminal,

Now, connect one side of the negative(-) or black cable on the negative terminal of the donor car’s battery. 

And, the other negative cable to the grounding terminal of your car. Use any metal part of your car if you can’t find the grounding terminal. Make sure it’s away from the battery.

Step 3: Jump-start The Car

Now, start the donor car’s engine, and wait for 2-3 minutes. It will automatically charge your car’s dead battery. Attempt to start the car after 5 minutes. However, don’t use this method to fully charge the car battery rather just to revive the battery.

Note: See the above image to follow the correct wiring order if the steps are confusing. When removing cable clams from the batteries follow the exact opposite order.

Now you can start your car and unlock the trunk with your key fob.  

How Long Does It Take to Open the Trunk With a Key?

Jump-starting procedures only take about 15-30 minutes if you follow the above steps correctly. With a jump-starter box, it takes less than that since it does everything automatically. It is up to you which method is most convenient for you.


  • How Do You Disconnect the Battery From Chevy Volt?

To disconnect the 12V battery from the chevy volt, simply remove the panel or covers first. Then, remove the negative cable from the battery using an adjustable wrench. Now, locate the round orange plug under the armrest. Simply pull up the orange nob by turning it counterclockwise.

  • What Happens When a Chevy Volt Battery Dies?

When a Chevy Volt battery dies, you can’t start the car. Also, the car’s smart fob won’t work with a dead battery. Your battery must either be replaced or reconditioned. In addition, you can jump-start your car and use its alternator to charge the battery.

  • How to Start a Chevy Impala Without Keys?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to start a chevy impala without the keys. The car will not run even if you start it without its keys. The engine won’t run for more than 10 seconds. Try hiring a locksmith or contacting the manufacturer for a solution.


That was all about only our query about how to open chevy volt trunk with dead battery. I hope the methods worked and you have successfully unlocked your chevy volt trunk. Let us know if you have any other queries.

Don’t drink and drive and always wear your seatbelts while driving. I’ll see you at the next one. So, Goodbye for now!

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